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Saturday 28 March 2015


Following a number of thefts of catalytic converters across East Cheshire in recent weeks, police are warning car and van owners to be vigilant.
Since the beginning of February, there have been ten reports of catalytic converter thefts in Crewe.
Thieves have struck across the town, including the Morton Road, Milton Road and Wistaston Road areas. On each occasion, Mercedes Sprinter or Veto vans have been targeted.
Detective Inspector Glyn Leech said: “Several vehicles in the Crewe area, all of which were parked on the roadside overnight, appear to have been targeted by thieves intent on stealing the devices, we presume to sell on as scrap metal. While we are investigating the pattern of these thefts we would urge car & van owners to take some simple steps to protect their vehicles.”

DI Leech continued “Catalytic converter theft can go unnoticed until the vehicle makes a louder noise than usual, so regular checks should be made and anything suspicious reported to police. There are several devices available on the market that can be affixed to the converter/exhaust itself to prevent it being removed. Similarly, catalytic converters can be etched with a serial number or a UV pen and vehicle owners or businesses can apply some form of sign or sticker on the vehicle to show that the property has been marked.  If the catalytic converter is etched it is identifiable, this makes it more difficult for the thief to sell the item on, and also make it easier for us to trace it. We would also ask scrap metal dealers to be mindful if they are offered a catalytic converter or exhaust system, and if in doubt, contact police.”

Similarly, police urge members of the community to report to Police anyone seen behaving suspiciously around vans or cars, particularly during the night.
PC Shelley Wood
Crewe Police Station
Crewe Neigbourhood Policing Team
T: 01606 365334

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