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Sunday 25 November 2018

Santa’s Grotto celebrates a decade of fundraising in Nantwich

Reporter Jonathan White

Santa Claus has once again taken time off from his busy schedule to meet and hand out presents to boys and girls.

He has setup a Nantwich branch of his Grotto upstairs in the attic of the Nantwich Bookshop & Coffee Lounge - - at 46 High Street in the centre of Nantwich.

Santa will be in Nantwich from 10am to 3pm every Saturday and Sunday in December, from 8th to 22nd December 2018.

Price = £3 per child and each child will receive a small gift from Santa.

It’s the tenth year that Santa has setup his Grotto in the premises.

The event is organised by the Rotary Club of Nantwich

A representative from the Rotary Club of Nantwich said, “The money raised from both Santa's Grotto and his trips around the town will be donated to The Wingate Centre, St. Luke's Hospice, Nantwich Museum, The Alms Houses, Guy Harvey Youth Club and other local good causes." 

Denise Lawson from Nantwich Bookshop & Coffee Lounge said, “Santa’s Grotto is one of our favourite things we do at the Bookshop. Inspired by a family trip to Lapland many years ago, we look forward to continuing this tradition with Rotary. It’s just lovely seeing the happy little faces leaving the shop after having seen Santa.”

Publicity photo - Rotary Club of Nantwich – Santas Grotto

Crewe welcomes Christmas with a Lumen light fantastic!

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston

The festive season began in Crewe on Friday 23rd November 2018 with the town’s Christmas Lights switch-on and a winter fairy story projected onto Municipal Building as a new month-long attraction.

The event featured a lantern parade led by Spark! – a street show with drumming and dancing to a kaleidoscopic lighting design - from Lyceum Square to Memorial Square. On arrival at Memorial Square Mayor of Crewe, Cllr Brian Roberts, switched on the Christmas lights at 6.30pm.

The switch-on was followed by an inaugural video mapping projection show – ‘Lumen - Crewe’s Night of Lights’ - onto the façade of Municipal Buildings. This stunning projection took viewers through a spectacular snowy, sooty, Victorian Crewe telling the story of an unlikely pairing, a chance encounter and amorous pursuit. The video projection will run every evening until 23rd December. The projection show was followed by a spectacular fireworks display.

Crewe’s Memorial Square was lit by a magical glow of woodland creatures, giant flowers, luminous stars and ice drops and a ‘Fox Lady’ puppet who delighted children with walkabout performances around the town centre.

A winter market offered food and a wide range of festive gifts as well as a chance for children to meet Santa in his grotto.

‘Peal’ - a laser-triggered emulation of a church bell tower blending state-of-the-art technology with 300 year-old ringing patterns - offered visitors a chance to ‘ring’ bells by cutting beams of light with their hands.

Channel 5 filmed the event for a forthcoming TV show on 21st December. 

The event was organised by Crewe Town Council and supported by local business and partners including: Cheshire East Council,  Crewe Lyceum Theatre, Crewe Library, TheCat 107.9FM, The Market, Design Office, ArtReach, Double Take Projection, Same Sky, Blitz Fireworks,  Air Products, Prestige Motors Crewe, Crewe Engineering & Design UTC and ABC Childcare Services Crewe.

Lumen - Crewes Night of Lights - fireworks finale

Lumen - Crewes Night of Lights decoration (2)

Christ Church - art installation (2)

Council urges employers to ‘Open the Door’ and tackle domestic abuse

A campaign to help employers spot the signs of domestic abuse in work colleagues has been launched to help raise awareness of the issue. 

A ‘White Ribbon’ event took place today (Friday) at Holmes Chapel Community Centre, which discussed domestic abuse and ways in which businesses and the community can encourage people to speak out about it.

White Ribbon Day, which takes place on Sunday 25 November, is an annual event that aims to end male violence against women, once and for all..

This new phase of the wider pan-Cheshire domestic abuse campaign, called ‘Open the Door’, is specifically targeted to tackle domestic abuse in the workplace.

A national report, published in July, supported by Public Health England, found that an estimated 1.9 million adults aged 16-59 experienced domestic abuse in the last year but only five per cent of organisations have a specific policy or guidelines on the issue. This report features a useful toolkit that aims to equip employers and employees with the knowledge to feel confident speaking about unhealthy relationships.

The Open the Door campaign focusses on a collective responsibility to tackle domestic abuse and employers have an important role to play in society’s response to it. Employers have a duty of care to employees and a legal responsibility to provide a safe and effective working environment.

The campaign encourages friends, colleagues and employers to look out for signs and symptoms of abuse, such as:

● Changes in work productivity; frequent absence, lateness, reduced quality of work, spending an increased time at work for no reason;

● Changes in behaviour or demeanour; out of character conduct, being isolated, becoming quiet, anxious, frightful, aggressive, obsession with leaving work on time;

● Physical indicators; bruising, repeated injury with unlikely explanations, change in pattern or amount of make-up used, wearing clothes that don’t suit the climate which may be used to hide injuries, substance misuse, fatigue;

● A partner or ex-partner stalking an employee in or around workplace or exerting an unusual amount of control over their work schedule; and

● Isolation from family and friends.

One survivor of domestic violence said: “My ex-husband became abusive soon after we were married. Without the support of my employer I would have struggled to get through my darkest days and I would not be here today.”

For some people, work can be a helpful and supportive environment where their value and contribution is fully recognised. It can also be a place to get support for anything that happens at home. However, without a clear policy and procedure, employers might not recognise they have responsibilities to provide a safe working environment. Additionally, survivors may not feel able to be open about the difficulties that may affect their attendance and productivity.

Julian Cobley, managing director of Cheshire East’s wholly-owned Skills and Growth Company, said: “By making a commitment to respond to domestic abuse, more people will be introduced to support that they didn’t know was available.

“We are here to support businesses to introduce work-based policies in their organisations and will be available to anyone that needs assistance in taking positive action. Providing proper support to employees has a hugely positive effect on businesses and the economy as a whole.

“When signs of domestic abuse are not acted upon, the cost to everyone is great. Productivity drops, absences become more commonplace but, most importantly, the health of those directly impacted often deteriorates.”

Councillor Jos Saunders, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for children and families, said: “Our work to tackle domestic abuse in the workplace is a critical part of the Open the Door campaign and linking in with local businesses will help us spread the message further afield. That message is that we will never tolerate domestic abuse and, by uniting in this way, we are going to do everything in our power to stamp it out.”

If you are affected by domestic abuse, or concerned for someone else, call 0300 123 5101 at any time or visit:

In an emergency, always call 999.

For Britain Movements response to Theresa May’s Brexit Proposal

The latest Brexit Betrayal by the Prime Minister is, amazingly, actually worse than staying in the EU. She wants us to stay in the EU Customs Union. We would then be stuck in the EU Customs Union and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, with no way out, ever, unless the EU allowed us to LEAVE. The EU would NEVER do that because EU does not want competition on trade from a neighbouring large economic power like the UK. We would then be stuck in the EU forever with no way out.

What Mrs May is proposing is the exact opposite of Brexit.

The Tories have also said that the open borders with the EU will close after Brexit. That is not true either. Immigration will INCREASE after Brexit. 'Migration Watch' estimates that the REDUCTION in the level of skill required for entry to the UK will open up 2 MILLION more jobs to overseas applicants. But the major change, however, will be the total abolition of the cap on work permits.
There is absolutely no need for this supine surrender of the Tories to the EU.

'For Britain' says we should LEAVE now with 'No Deal' and no delay. If the EU want a free trade deal they can come and knock on our door. Otherwise we will trade on World Trade Tariffs and the UK would be £8,000,000,000 a year BETTER off because the UK has such an enormous trade deficit with the EU.

What Mrs May is proposing is nothing short of a total betrayal of the biggest democratic vote in the history of our great country.

'For Britain' is standing up for the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit.

We are calling on people to support us, to join us and to vote for us to deliver the Brexit we voted for.

Unless Brexit is delivered, unless we are a fully free independent country again, then democracy in this country is dead.
Cllr. Brian Silvester
The For Britain Movement
Brexit Spokesman

Contact:  Brian Silvester can be contacted on 07760 147609 and email

On For Britain & Anne Marie Waters:

Anne Marie Waters is the articulate Leader of the British political party The For Britain Movement (For Britain) and is also the author of the new book; Beyond Terror: Islam’s slow erosion of Western Democracy. She is a lead figure and voice within the Patriotic and anti-EU arm of British politics. She is in strongly favour of a ‘Brexit now’ no ifs no buts.

Founder of Sharia Watch, Anne Marie Waters has a deep knowledge and understanding of the operational influence of Sharia Law & Sharia Courts in the UK and growing damaging impact that Islam has on British society, culture and its people; specifically the industrialised rape and damage of young white working class and Sikh girls over the past 30 years. To this end she is busy ‘sounding the alarm’.

Anne Marie Waters is available for television, radio and print media etc. for discussions and interviews of relevant political topics.

My name is Ian Mack, I am the Press Officer here at For Britain, and I would be very happy to discuss Anne Marie Waters’ availability with you.
For further insight you may wish to search Anne Marie Waters on Youtube.

Ian Mack
Press Officer
For Britain Movement
Tel: 07419 193 878

For the forgotten majority

Step into Christmas

Reporter Jonathan White

Live music concert ‘Step into Christmas’ takes place on Saturday 1st December 2018 at St Mary’s Church in Nantwich. Doors open at 7pm with the concert commencing at 7:30pm. The concert will feature Crewe Brass, European mezzo soprano Emma Brown, and Acton CE Primary Academy Choir, accompanied by Lydia Price on piano.

Tickets = £10 adults, under 16’s a donation. Tickets available from the St Mary’s Church parish office, Crewe Brass members, the office at Acton CE Primary Academy or by calling 07866076926. Tickets will also be available on the door at the concert.

Concert organiser Robert Richardson said, “We are delighted to have the immensely talented Emma Brown, who is flying in from Holland especially for this concert, Crewe Brass, the choir from Acton and accompanist Lydia Price to join us in the Cathedral of South Cheshire, for what promises to be the musical highlight of the holiday season.”

Proceeds will be split between Crewe Brass and St Mary’s Church, Nantwich with a donation to Acton CE Primary Academy.

Publicity poster

Crewe Brass

Thursday 22 November 2018

Ofsted inspectors praise council for work with children in care

Cheshire East Council has been praised by two government inspectors over improvements to its children’s social care service.

The Ofsted focused visit took place over two days at the end of October and found that:

· Social workers know the children in care very well and meet with them regularly;

· Managers and staff have a strengthened focus on getting children and young people into their permanent homes earlier

· Cheshire East is more focused on identifying potential carers within children’s families;

· There is increased confidence from the courts in social workers’ practice;

· Children are well-supported with their education through a virtual schools team; and

· The council has very positive working relationships with neighbouring authorities

The visit was not a full Ofsted inspection but was a follow-up to the last full visit from inspectors in 2015.

The two-day visit included case discussions with social workers, meetings with senior managers and reviewing officers and an audit of recent case records. The council’s performance management and quality assurance information was also evaluated.

Cheshire East currently has more than 500 cared for children and young people. The council’s responsibilities range from producing effective care plans, assessing children’s needs, identifying carers and assessing their suitability through to liaising with the courts over appropriate supervision and parental visiting rights.

Councillor Jos Saunders, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for children and families, said: “We know that our work in this area continues and we certainly won’t be resting on our laurels but it’s also important to celebrate successes, as well. This report is a welcome boost to the many dedicated staff working in our cared for children services.

“A key area of improvement for us has been our partnership working, particularly with neighbouring authorities. This has led to the creation of a new collaborative fostering agency ‘Foster4’, which is already providing more homes for our children and young people.

“The inspectors also recognised that we are doing some excellent work providing young people with a more permanent caring and stable home environment – and that’s something I am especially proud of.”

Support for care leavers praised and shortlisted for national award

A national adviser for care leavers has praised the work of Cheshire East Council for their work in supporting young people leaving care for the second time.

Mark Riddell MBE, a national implementation adviser for care leavers, made a follow-up visit in October, after a two-day formal visit earlier this year. He praised the further progress the council has made regarding care leavers since his visit in January.

He found that:

● The progress made regarding the new corporate parenting duties that came into force on April 1 was rapid and supported the offer made to care leavers;

● Elected members have embraced a ‘championing’ approach, which in essence, enabled elected members to get into the detail of the offer to care leavers;

● Care leavers now have an offer from health up to the age of 25 that is based on a needs-led approach;

● There are closer working relationships with the key partner agencies – the Department of Work and Pensions, Family Nurse Partnership and Mentors for care leavers; and

● The housing offers and opportunities for care leavers as a result of the Ignition Panel are good and data relating to employment, education and training has improved.

Since Mark’s revisit, the council’s ‘ignition panel’ has been shortlisted for a national award. The ignition panel provides young people with a sense of ownership about their future plans regarding where they live now and where they’re going to live in the future.

The Local Government Chronicle award recognises the success of councils that adopt a strategic approach to meeting the needs of children and young people who need help and protection, including providing early intervention. The ignition panel has been shortlisted in the public/private partnerships category.

Councillor Jos Saunders, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for children and families, said: “This follow up report is extremely positive and demonstrates what great work we do. The people working within our service for cared for children and care leavers are incredibly dedicated and work hard to provide the best possible support.”

Black Friday - How To Shop Online Safely

Action Fraud (NFIB)

Message Type Icon

Black Friday - How To Shop Online Safely

Plain text: How to shop online safely...

Software updates
Make sure you’ve installed the latest software & app updates. Criminals use weaknesses in software to attack your devices and steal information, such as your payment details.

Email accounts
Use a strong, separate password for your email account. Criminals can use your email to access other online accounts, such as those you use for online shopping.

Don’t click on a link in an unexpected email or text. The volume of online shopping related phishing emails increases significantly during the holiday period. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Payment methods
Don’t pay for goods or services by bank transfer unless you know and trust the person. Payments via bank transfer offer you no protection if you become a victim of fraud.

For more information on how to stay secure online, visit

£98,000 investment restores seven Nantwich footbridges

Cheshire East Council has revamped seven footbridges across the River Weaver in Nantwich.

The £98,000 scheme provides a major boost to the network of walking routes for residents, visitors and shoppers.

The Riverside Park area of Nantwich, and the wider open green space, offers a number of footpaths linking the town centre with residential areas and car parks. The council has carried out the repairs to maintain a pleasant walking experience for residents and visitors.

Some of the bridges became vandalised or had fallen into disrepair and, therefore, with the opportunity of using some developer contributions, the council scheduled a programme of works to restore seven footbridges in the Manor Road, Mill Island, Queens Drive and Brine Baths areas of the town.

Cheshire East Council leader, Rachel Bailey, said: “We are really happy with the outcome of these restorations. Not only do they make the area look much more attractive and safer but they have also increased access for everyone and provided more green space for local residents.”

Manor Road footbridge and Brine Baths footbridge have undergone a substantial restoration, which has transformed their appearance. Handrails have been reinstalled and corroded parapet rail connections have also been replaced.

The footbridge over the weir had become almost inaccessible to wheelchair users but, since the works have been carried out, decayed timber decking has been replaced and entry points to the bridge have been cleared so that access is now much easier.

The physical structures of the footbridges have been improved and the surrounding areas have also been restored. Mill Island to St Anne’s footbridge was severely overgrown and covered in graffiti and this has now been removed, making the area more attractive to encourage greater use by pedestrians and walkers.

Weston Christmas Light Display 2018

Reporter J White

With Halloween and Bonfire Night over for another year, most people are now thinking about Christmas, and that couldn’t be truer for the Witter family who are once again preparing to transform their family home into a Winter Wonderland.

Carters Green Farm in Weston, Crewe will be decorated with thousands of twinkling lights and decorations for the sixth year, by Graham Witter and his family, in memory of Graham’s sister, Jessica, who had a great fascination for colour, light and sound and received respite care at The Donna Louise Hospice.

This event means so much to Graham and his family and, over the last five years, he has raised an incredible £65,550 for the families, like his, who rely on The Donna Louise.

Graham said, “I feel proud that our event has helped to support families who are experiencing difficult times in their lives. I absolutely love doing this event, especially the preparation in the months before, organising the light display and getting excited when I come up with new, ideas to make it even better and more attractive than the last year. I also enjoy working closely with local businesses and building partnerships that will help ensure the continued success of the light display.”

Thanks to Graham’s hard work, and months of planning, the Weston Light Display gets bigger, better and more animated every year with tens of thousands of bulbs across the display and 1,600 LEDs on the Christmas tree alone. And, the event has become hugely popular, with more than 40,000 people visiting the farm over the last 5 years.

The opening evening for this year’s light display will be on Saturday 1st December. This year’s light spectacular is promised to be even bigger and better than ever before, as visitors will be able to have a #sleighselfie with Santa, enjoy the festive music, visit Santa’s Grotto and indulge on a #festiveicecream!

Graham added, “The true spirit of Christmas is alive in Weston and we’re proud to bring local families and children together at Christmas, to help make some lovely Christmassy memories for our community! The whole event just brings a smile to my face and I absolutely love it.”

Simon Fuller, Chief Executive of The Donna Louise, added, “Graham’s support for The Donna Louise over the last five years has been truly incredible. He’s raised a staggering £65,550 which has made a massive difference to the lives of hundreds of families across Staffordshire and Cheshire, supporting them in their home, at the hospice and in hospital.

“I’ll be at the opening evening on 1st December and, after hearing so much about it, I’m really looking forward to seeing the display for myself. I hope that the local community will support Graham, and The Donna Louise, by visiting his magical Christmas wonderland this year.”

The Weston Light Display will shine bright between 1st – 28th December (6.15pm-9pm) at Carters Green Farm, Jack Lane, Weston. For more information email

Publicity photo - Weston Christmas Light Display 2018 (6)

Publicity photo - Weston Christmas Light Display 2018 (1)

Publicity photo - Weston Christmas Light Display 2018 - Graham Witter

Tuesday 20 November 2018

Recording the renovation of Crewe

Paul McCartney tribute act Neil Tudor

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston

Paul McCartney tribute act Neil Tudor - - performed at a fundraising concert at St Mary’s Church Hall in Wistaston on Friday 16th November 2018.

Neil has re-learned to play left-hand bass for his work as Paul and like Paul he was also born in Liverpool.

Neil sang and played several of Paul McCartney’s solo hit records along with hit songs from his rock bands Wings and The Beatles.

Neil also fronts five-piece band ‘The Paul McCartney Anthology’ who play an array of numbers from The Beatles, Wings, and Paul McCartney's solo career.

There was a licensed bar as well as pies and snacks, along with a prize raffle.

Proceeds will go to St Mary’s Wistaston church funds.

St Mary's Wistaston Rector Revd Mike Turnbull said, “It was a fantastic night with many members of the local community coming together for a very entertaining concert by Neil. Many thanks to Neil who didn’t charge for the concert, which we really appreciate.”

Paul McCartney tribute act Neil Tudor - Wistaston (1)

Paul McCartney tribute act Neil Tudor - Wistaston (2)


Volunteers and swimmers at Crewe's Seahorse Swimming Club gave their support to Children in Need during their swimming session on 15th November 2018.

The swimmers had lots of fun in the pool while dressed in their yellow T-shirts and a duck race sweepstake raised £105 on the night. After the swimming session everyone was treated to some delicious Pudsey cakes, which had been baked by Elaine and Helen Evans.


Bogus injury claim against council ‘shot to pieces’ by social media

A cyclist, who attempted to sue Cheshire East Council for up to £140,000 by lying about an accident has had his case thrown out by a judge – after his extensive keep fit exploits emerged on social media.

Gary Lucking, 44, claimed he had to give up cycling and sell his bike after hitting an exposed manhole in Pochin Way, Middlewich. However, his own social media posts showed he had subsequently taken part in a charity ride to Blackpool, completed circuit training in the gym, was lifting heavy weights, had been rowing and had competed in a ‘Tough Mudder’ race – described as having the ‘best obstacle-packed course on the planet’.  

He claimed he suffered a loss of strength in his elbow, with continuing pain but his attempt to sue the council for injuries and financial loss was thrown out by the judge at the court hearing (on 5 November). His initial six-figure sum was challenged at an earlier hearing by lawyers acting for the council. It was reduced to a maximum of just £20,000 for legal reasons. 

Lucking, of Thornfields, Crewe, was said to have suffered a serious fracture after falling from his bike at 6.45am on 20 January, 2014. He claimed he had hit an exposed manhole when, in fact, he had fallen off when mounting a kerb. In addition to the social media evidence, two work colleagues, who went to his aid, gave evidence contradicting his claim.

Dismissing the claim at Crewe County Court, Deputy District Judge Peter Causton described Lucking’s evidence as ‘unreliable, implausible and inconsistent’, saying his

credibility had been ‘shot to pieces’ by the social media evidence.

He made findings of fundamental dishonesty and ordered Lucking to pay the council’s costs, which are yet to be determined.

Councillor Don Stockton, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for environment, said: “This was a blatant attempt to defraud the council and the borough’s taxpayers with a bogus claim for an accident that was in no way connected with the authority or any defect in the road.

“I agree with our legal representatives, Weightmans LLP, who stated the claim was fraudulent to the core. This case was an example of how local authorities faced significant fraud challenges.

“I would like to pay tribute to the two members of the public whose honesty and evidence in court enabled the council to challenge this cynical claim.

“We, like all local authorities, are required to protect public funds and this sends out the message that we will challenge claims that we feel are fraudulent.”

The 63rd Cancer Research UK 'Xmas Fair’

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston

The 63rd Cancer Research UK 'Xmas Fair’ took place at Wistaston Memorial Hall, Church Lane, Wistaston on Saturday 17th November 2018. This annual event was organised by the Crewe & Nantwich Cancer Research UK Group.

There were numerous stalls with cakes, chutneys, cheese & pickles, sweets, chocolate Santas, books, handbags, scarves, jewellery, toiletries, cards, candles, plants, a wine tombola, a teddy tombola and Christmas themed games. A tea room served drinks and snacks. Children were able to visit Father Christmas and receive a present from him.

Over £3,500 was raised at the event, which will go to Cancer Research UK: . Cancer Research UK pioneers life-saving research to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.

John Pass, Committee Chairman, said, “The support has been overwhelming for the sixty-three years we have held the event. It is amazing that one event has been so vibrant for such a period of time and long may it continue. We give a big thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors and for everyone who came to the event.”

If you would like to learn more about the work of the Crewe & Nantwich Cancer Research UK Group or would like to volunteer at any of their events please contact Lesley Rowlands, Treasurer, on 07496756447.

Plant stall

Santa Claus and John Pass open the Xmas Fair


Mid Cheshire Hospitals Charity Team are holding their first ever ‘Merry Mile’ in the beautiful Queens Park on Saturday 8th December.

The one mile sprint, jog or amble will take place at 11am and festive fancy dress is a must.
Entry to the run is just £5 per adult and comes with a free child place. There is also a discount for groups with over 5 people. The energising warm up will be by Andy Lewis from Ride! and each person taking part will get a finishers medal.

It is also the park's free Festive Fun Day so there are lots of activities, music and of course the chance to meet the main man himself, Santa between 11am - 1pm. If you really want to go for it, Festive Parkrun is at 9am too.

Carole Salmon, MCH Community Fundraiser said; ‘Our Merry Mile event is not to be missed. We have already had registrations from staff from Mid Cheshire Hospitals Trust and local individuals and businesses. It is a community event for the whole family to enjoy and chances to win prizes. The money raised will support multiple projects across our hospitals that will improve the care and experience of people living with dementia.’

Park 4

Wistaston Singers.

Reporter . Jonathan White, Wistaston

Wistaston Singers annual ‘Gala Carol Concert’ takes place on Saturday 15th December 2018 (3pm start) at St Stephen’s Methodist Church, Gainsborough Road, Crewe. Parking available at Ruskin Community High School. Tickets = £6 including a buffet during the interval. Come along and join us in singing your favourite Christmas carols. All proceeds to Church & Choir funds.

Wistaston Singers were originally formed by members of the choir at St Mary's Parish Church, Wistaston in May 2000 and now number over forty members singing four-part harmony music. The choir perform a variety and eclectic choice of music ranging from choral church music and anthems, Gilbert and Sullivan items, music from the shows, music from modern composers such as John Rutter encompassing from the 15th century to the 21st century. They perform up to five concerts a year at various venues in south Cheshire, plus one concert out of area. The choir rehearse weekly in the parish rooms of St Mary's Church, Nantwich on a Wednesday evening from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Publicity photo - Musical Director Phil Houghton conducts The Wistaston Singers

A Band night success raises £5,600 for Crewe & District Parkinson’s UK

A Band night success raises £5,600 for Crewe & District Parkinson’s UK

Sue Pickup, Vice Chairman of Crewe and District Parkinson’s UK together her family and committee members organised a fund-raising event at the Civic Hall, Nantwich and raised an amazing £5,600.

The branch hosted the A Band and lead singers Natalie McGrath and Alex Stewart. The A Band is ranked among Britain’s premier function bands with a 9 strong line up of musicians.

Sue said “As well as generating vital funds for Parkinson's UK research, these events help raise awareness and fund the activities we organise to support local people affected by Parkinsons. This was our 5th event since 2010 and this year we sold 240 tickets. Following the success of the night we already have plans ready to fund research projects and sessions on mindfulness and physiotherapy.”

I would like to thank local sponsors CTC Healthcare, Right at Home and Watts Mortgages and supporters who donated items for our silent auction which in total raised £2,700, with prizes including a VIP tour of Bentley Motors, a framed photo and signed glove by Gordon Banks and a signed McLaren cap.

For anyone affected by Parkinson’s further information about the branch visit

Parkys Party Nov 2018 IMG_2835

Monday 12 November 2018

New YouTube Channel for Queens Park Crewe


Queens Park Crewe Youtube channel now live

When the Light Goes Out

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston

A free outdoor family arts event commemorating the First World War took place in Crewe on Saturday 10th November 2018. The event included a parade through the town inspired by Crewe’s 1918 Tank Week to Memorial Square, a speech from Mayor of Cheshire East - Councillor Lesley Smetham and live music performances from Foden's Brass Band and TCTC Group Band. A second event took place took place the following day at Tatton Park.

When the Light Goes Out draws together the four-year Cheshire East Reflects programme of activities and events created by Cheshire East Council to commemorate the First World War. For further information visit:

Mayor of Cheshire East - Councillor Lesley Smetham addresses the audience

Crewe 4

Crewe 3

Audience on Memorial Square listen to Fodens Brass Band

'Ultra 90's'

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston

'Ultra 90's' - – returned by popular demand to the Crosville Club on Chester Street in Crewe on Friday 9th November 2018.

Ultra 90’s are the UK's first and only 90's dance tribute show. The band featured vocalists, a keyboardist, a guitarist, and a drummer. Musical genres covered during their two-hour set were dance anthems, club classics, old skool garage, house, happy hardcore, drum & bass and hip hop.

Their set recreated songs by artists including Rhythm Is a Dancer by Snap!, Technotronic's Pump Up the Jam, Beats International, Faithless, Robert Miles, Corona, 2 Unlimited, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, Daniel Bedingfield, Craig David, Livin' Joy, Robin S, Ultrabeat, Urban Cookie Collective, Baby D and The Prodigy. The concert reached a crescendo with N-Trance’s ‘Set You Free’.

The show was accompanied by video projections and a light & laser display.

There was also a DJ set preceding and following the show.

This is Ultra 90’s tenth year of touring and they have performed alongside Chesney Hawkes, D:Ream, Damage, 911, East 17, Kelly Llorena, Livin’ Joy, N-Trance, Snap! and So Solid Crew.

Ultra 90’s will return to the Crosville Club in 2019.Ultra 90s - Kelly Borkertas entertains the audience

Ultra 90s - Kelly Borkertas and Chris Wade on vocals

Simon Weston CBE

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston

Simon Weston CBE unveiled the new crest of the new national memorial engine at Crewe Heritage Centre on Saturday 10th November 2018.

Simon Weston CBE, the Welsh Guardsman who survived an attack on his ship the ‘Sir Galahad’ during the Falklands War and overcame his devastating burn injuries, has become a tireless charity worker, public speaker, author and businessman. Simon is a patron of The LMS-Patriot Project.

The new build Patriot class steam locomotive, numbered 5551 and named The Unknown Warrior, commemorates the lives of those lost in the two world wars and in more recent conflicts. On completion, it will be a lasting, moving memorial for the British public to see and cherish.

It is being built by The LMS-Patriot Project who have trial fitted the part-finished boiler to the chassis of the loco. The boiler is the first standard gauge boiler to be built in the UK since 1962.

It is hoped that the engine will be completed to re-enact the journey of the Cavell Van from Dover to London Victoria on its Centenary in November 2020. For further information visit:

There was also a ‘Rails and Remembrance’ exhibition telling the story of the role railways played during the Great War and how several Remembrance engines were built as a memorial to the employees of railway companies who gave their lives in the conflict.

Simon Weston CBE with dignitaries after the unveiling

Simon Weston CBE views the new crest after the unveiling

The Remembrance Sunday

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston

The Remembrance Sunday parade and service in Crewe took place on the morning of Sunday 11th November 2018 - the centenary of the end of World War 1.

There was a parade through the town to Memorial Square led by Cheshire Drums and Bugles along with Crewe Brass, dozens of local cadets from the RAF, Army, Police, Fire and Sea Cadets plus local Scout groups, the Red Cross and a contingent from The Royal British Legion.

The Parade Marshall was M. Kay QCBC COLDM GDS RBL, the service was led by the Reverend Ken Sambrook, with a Bible reading from Councillor Brian Roberts, Mayor of Crewe. There was the sounding of the Last Post, a two minute silence, and hymns. Deputy Mayor of Macon (one of Crewe's twin towns) Mr Herve’ Reynard and Mr Jean-Claude Bernardet, president of the French War Veterans Association both gave speeches in French at the service. The Union Flag and French Tricolour were flown either side of the Crewe War Memorial.

Several local organisations, groups and schools were also present and placed wreaths at Crewe War Memorial during the ceremony.

The event commemorates the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts such as the Falklands War, the Gulf War, and other conflicts such as those in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Cheshire Drums and Bugles at Memorial Square

Cheshire Drums and Bugles lead the parade along Market Street

Remembrance Sunday service on Memorial Square (1)

Cheshire East Council spearheads key HS2 action plan

Cheshire East Council is spearheading an action plan to maximise the potential benefits of an enhanced HS2 hub station at Crewe.

The development framework, called the Crewe station hub area action plan, will support the growth and regeneration opportunities for the town and wider region.

As part of a consultation, the council will engage with residents, business and landowners to help develop this key planning document.

Councillor Rachel Bailey, leader of Cheshire East Council said: “The Crewe station hub area action plan builds on our previous work for the Crewe masterplan.

“This also continues to show government that the right hub at Crewe station will bring many opportunities to Crewe and the borough as a whole.

“As a council, we have not decided what the opportunities are going to be in the area when HS2 arrives. We want to work with the community and local businesses to identify them, so we have a plan that reflects the local area.

“This plan will then give us the framework we need to allow future growth when the station arrives.”

As part of the development of the area action plan, a HS2 issues paper has been published and the council will invite comments as to what the considerations should be, when planning for this nationally important infrastructure.

For local businesses with an interest in HS2, a business engagement breakfast session will be held on 16 November from 8am-9.30am at Crewe Alexander Football Club.

A community drop-in session will be held on 29 November 2018 between 4pm and 8pm at Crewe Alexander Football Club.

The council’s planning policy team will attend local meetings with a variety of other stakeholders.

The issues paper can be downloaded online and comments can be made in person at the events, or by visiting: and clicking on current consultations. Comments can be submitted until 5pm on 5 December 2018.

If you have any additional questions about document or the sessions taking place please email

Building communities – £2m in grants up for grabs

Community groups from seven areas across Cheshire East are set to benefit from a £2m pot of funding over the next two years – thanks to the New Homes Bonus Community Fund.

The fund is open to not-for-profit organisations, including town and parish councils as well as voluntary, community and faith groups in Congleton, Crewe, Knutsford, Macclesfield, Nantwich, Poynton and Wilmslow.

The scheme is designed to achieve positive benefits based on locally-identified needs. The priorities for each of the areas have been set by seven geographical award groups, made up of elected members and a representative from the town and parish councils.

Cheshire East Council’s cabinet approved a £2m New Homes Bonus (NHB) fund to assist communities where new housing developments have been built between 2011 and 2017. Each group can bid for a minimum of £10,000.

Councillor Paul Bates, portfolio holder for finance and communications, at Cheshire East Council, said: “This £2m fund is great news for the people of Cheshire East – seven areas are set to benefit considerably to the total tune of £2m over two years.

“The fund will make it possible for local councils and the voluntary, community and faith sectors to apply for projects that can make a lasting difference to their community.”

The Community and Voluntary Services (CVS) has been working in partnership with Cheshire East Council on the New Homes Bonus and is offering free funding support to all organisations wishing to bid to the first round of this fund.

For further information please visit the CVS website Application forms for the NHB are available on the council’s website:

Lollipop lady Pamela Pearson saluted for 40 years helping to keep children safe

Cheshire East lollipop lady Pam Pearson has collected her British Empire Medal – awarded in recognition of her 40 years helping children get to school safely.

She received the honour in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in June and was presented with her medal by the Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire at an investiture ceremony at Tatton Park (on 7 November).

Now nearly 80, Mrs Pearson still continues her crossing patrol duties for young children attending Parkroyal Community School, Macclesfield. She has been their regular lollipop lady for nearly 35 years and says she loves every minute of it.

Even on bitterly cold mornings in winter, the grandmother of four is stopping traffic on Bond Street, a busy commuter route in the town, and is back there again in the afternoon.

Mrs Pearson said: “We have a lot of protective clothing to wear, which is good in the winter but in the summer it does get a bit hot. The drivers are usually very good but the boys on bikes sometimes ignore me.

“I was encouraged to take it up by a policeman neighbour of mine. That was more than 40 years ago.

“Receiving the medal from the Lord Lieutenant was wonderful. The whole thing was just out of this world.”

Mrs Pearson is employed by Transport Services Solutions (TSS), a Cheshire East Council wholly-owned company. Councillor Gail Wait, chair of TSS, said: “We are very honoured to have Pam at TSS. She takes such pride in her work and genuinely loves helping the children and community.

“We have some fantastic, long-serving and loyal crossing patrols but we always need more people for these fulfilling roles.”

Councillor Jos Saunders, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for children and families, said: “I congratulate Mrs Pearson on her many years of loyal service. She is clearly well-deserving of this honour. 

“I echo Gail’s words – that we need more people like Mrs Pearson to come forward. The work of our school crossing patrols is extremely valuable to us and to the children and parents involved.”

Headteacher at Parkroyal Community School, Caroline Beaumont, said: “I would like to extend a huge Parkroyal thank you to Pam for the invaluable services she has provided to our families over the years.”

The British Empire Medal was introduced by King George V in 1917 and was awarded to people who had contributed outstanding services during the war effort.  It was reintroduced as part of the Queen’s birthday celebrations in 2012.

If you have the time to devote to being a school crossing patrol and road safety officer in Cheshire East then visit:

Autumn Concert

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston

An ‘Autumn Concert’ took place on the evening of Thursday 8th November 2018 at Wistaston Memorial Hall and Community Centre, Church Lane, Wistaston.

The concert featured Crewe Concert Band conducted by their new Musical Director, Adam Shilton, on his inaugural performance. Crewe Concert Band performed a variety of music including Royal Air Force March Past (Davies & Dayson, Arr: Harold R Gore), Songs of the Great War (a medley of popular songs 1914-1918, Arr: Rob Wiffin), and Nimrod (Edward Elgar, Arr: Alfred Reed). The audience was encouraged to wave their Union flags during Pomp and Circumstance (Edward Elgar). The evening finished with an encore of a medley of music from Queen. The band played in its usual enthusiastic, energetic and professional manner to the appreciative audience.

Welcome refreshments were provided during the interval by Audrey Astbury and her team.

There was also an information stall, staffed by George Edge-Robinson, for advice about the numerous groups and societies that use Wistaston Memorial Hall throughout the year.

A raffle was organised by Glenys White and Meurig Jones and raised £66.

This most memorable occasion was enjoyed by a responsive audience, who were able to participate with the well-known tunes.

Crewe Concert Band perform conducted by their new Musical Director Adam Shilton

Money raised will be shared between the Wistaston Memorial Hall and Crewe Concert Band.

A member of the hall’s management committee commented, “The concert showed what good, live music can do to inspire the players and audience to enjoy and appreciate popular tunes together.”

Crewe Concert Band rehearse on Thursday evenings from 7:30pm - 9:30pm at Wistaston Memorial Hall, Church Lane, Crewe, CW2 8EZ. For further information please visit: or phone: 07933916212

Crewe Concert Band perform Pomp and Circumstance

Wednesday 7 November 2018

Autumn Colour in Crewe Town Centre

Cheshire East Council takes tough stance on anti-Semitism

Cheshire East Council has taken a robust stance on the blight of anti-Semitism.

The authority’s cabinet today adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Anti-Semitism.

It follows a notice of motion proposing the adoption by Councillor Stewart Gardiner and seconded by Councillor Martin Deakin at a meeting of full council on 18 October.

The motion, adopted in full by cabinet, stated:

“We call upon this council to adopt formally the definition of anti-Semitism adopted by the IHRA in 2016 and to ensure that the equality and diversity policies clearly state that there will be no tolerance of anti-Semitism by its officers or elected members.

“Additionally, we call on the council to declare that it stands four-square behind all Jewish people living in Cheshire East; together with their family members, in these difficult times for their community.

“Furthermore, we request that the director of people be charged with putting in place community cohesion strategies that will help and support any victims of anti-Semitism or other religious intolerances that may manifest themselves within this borough.”

Councillor Rachel Bailey, leader of Cheshire East Council, said: “The despicable attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue last week, in which defenceless members of the Jewish community were gunned down as they prayed, is a shocking reminder of the real threat posed to modern society by anti-Semitism, intolerance and hatred.

“Today, this council is sending out a clear message that anti-Semitism, or discrimination of any kind against any group or individual, is totally unacceptable, has no place in civilised society – and will not be tolerated by our officers and elected members.”

Unfortunately anti-Semitic incidents have reached a record level in the UK with 1,382 recorded nationwide in 2017.

Councillor Liz Wardlaw, Cheshire East Council cabinet member with responsibility for diversity and equality, said: “Adopting a clear and consistent definition of anti-Semitism supports the council’s equality objectives and equality and diversity strategy, providing our residents and visitors with assurance that hate crime of this nature will not be tolerated.

“There is no place for discrimination or hatred in our borough and we stand four square behind any individual or community that experiences prejudice, hatred and abuse of

any kind.”

The IHRA definition of anti-semitism states:

“Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred towards Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed towards Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish institutions and religious facilities.”

‘Everybody’ delivers healthy annual report showing big upturn in leisure use across the borough

The trust that delivers sports facilities for Cheshire East residents has once again returned a healthy annual report showing a big increase in take up of leisure centre use and membership.

Now in its fifth year, Everybody Sport and Recreation has streamlined its service and reduced its overheads, increasing leisure membership and footfall.

Cheshire East Council is to extend the existing contract with Everybody for a further five years, until April 2029, after a year of increased revenue, customer use and improved facilities.  This follows efficiencies worth £7m in its first four years of operation. The trust’s existing contract continues to 2024.

Everybody was set up in 2014 to run the borough’s leisure services and has now expanded its delivery offer to include other public and private sector organisations on a purely commercial basis.

Attendance and leisure use has improved again, with an increase of eight per cent in the number of visits during 2017/18 from 3.1million to 3.3 million. When attendance at the new Holmes Chapel Community Centre is taken into account, the increase is 13 per cent.

Membership of leisure centres rose from 14,872 to 17,938 in the same year.

Independent sports clubs and local groups can access support from Everybody and the trust has given more than 7,000 volunteer hours to independent clubs and schools, while the government-funded ‘Bikeability’ scheme saw 6,020 young people learn safe cycling skills – an increase of 23 per cent.

More than 8,000 customers are involved in the ‘learn to swim’ scheme, which also gives them access to free swim times. But most rewarding for the trust is the number of people – 5,000 – signed up to the new ‘One You’ healthy lifestyle programme, aimed at encouraging the inactive to get active.

Councillor Liz Wardlaw, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for health, said: “We are extremely pleased with the performance of Everybody.  The trust continues to improve on its targets, year on year, helping the council to achieve a key core objective – that people should live well and for longer.

“I am particularly pleased to see the take-up in the One You programme. This is about helping people to stay fit and healthy, reducing the risk of ill-health and serious illness later in life.

“The trust, through the Everybody Foundation, a registered grant-making charity, is also delivering very important work in our schools, with a healthy eating programme, moves to tackle childhood obesity, grants to attend international sports trials and purchases of equipment for sports clubs. 

“This is a great success story for the council and the trust but, more importantly, for our residents too. The report demonstrates that people in Cheshire East take their leisure time seriously and want to be fit, healthy and active.  It also shows that the services and facilities on offer through the trust are delivering what our local residents want.”

Although the trust delivers the borough’s leisure services, it is the council which is responsible for repairs and maintenance of buildings. The year 2017/18 saw significant improvements at facilities in Macclesfield, Sandbach, Nantwich, Wilmslow, Poynton and Knutsford, with Congleton and Alsager leisure centres next in line for fresh investment.

Frank Jordan, Cheshire East Council executive director of place, said: “By extending this contract now, it will give the trust the confidence to invest further in the facilities and services being delivered.

“In turn, this will bring future benefits to both the council, in terms of value for money through a reduced cost for the service, and for our residents, who will have access to a high-quality leisure provision across Cheshire East.”

Councillor Andrew Kolker, chairman of the trust, which has a board of independent trustees, said: “Our purpose is to provide leisure for life – across all age groups. We want to help local people to take part in sport and recreation so they can enjoy a long and healthy life.

“I am delighted that we have a remarkable increase in the number and frequency of residents using our centres and services.”   

Read the 2017/18 annual report from Everybody Sport and Recreation

Council’s latest land supply figure a further boost to house building and home seekers in the borough

Cheshire East Council can now demonstrate a housing land supply figure of more than seven years – giving a further boost to the house building sector and home buyers.

It will mean greater opportunity for people wanting to get on the housing ladder, access affordable housing or move into a new home. It should also mean a smoother passage for planning applications and a ‘red line’ for unplanned, uncoordinated schemes in the wrong place.

The figure of 7.2 years supply of housing land places the council comfortably above the five-year threshold, which all councils are expected to demonstrate when contesting undesirable planning applications.

Under national planning policy, planning inspectors can approve controversial applications where a planning authority, such as Cheshire East, cannot prove that it

has a five-year housing land supply – an issue which has led to a number of unpopular housing schemes on green belt or in the green gap in previous years.

Assessments of housing supply normally take place annually and recent changes in national policy, together with a record number of housing completions in Cheshire East, have combined to create a far more favourable position for the council, when demonstrating its development land provision in 2018.

Councillor Ainsley Arnold, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for housing, planning and regeneration, said: “This assessment means we can properly provide for the market and the affordable homes that local people need, as well as maintaining a sustainable workforce for our thriving economy. This gives us a sufficient margin to ensure we have full control over our planning decisions in future.

“I’m encouraged that many house builders are working positively with us and cracking on with getting new homes built in a prompt and planned manner. We can now focus on ensuring that the remaining sites in our local plan are implemented as soon as possible.”

As of 31 March 2018, the council had a requirement of 12,630 new dwellings over five years. It is now able to deliver 18,250 new homes – the equivalent of a 7.2-year housing land supply.

Tuesday 6 November 2018

The annual Crewe and Nantwich Lions Bonfire & Fireworks Display

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston

Fireworks display (4)

The annual Crewe and Nantwich Lions Bonfire & Fireworks Display took place on Monday 5th November 2018 at Queens Park in Crewe.

The park gates were opened at 5pm, the bonfire was lit at 7pm and the fireworks started shortly after 8pm.

The weather was dry and clear and the crowd were treated to a twelve minute display involving over 1,000 fireworks. The fireworks were supplied and choreographed by the multi award-winning Crewe-based firework company Blitz Fireworks. Music played in sync with the fireworks during the display included the Thunderbirds TV theme tune, music from the movie Star Wars, Babylon Zoo’s Spaceman, Elton John’s Rocket Man, with the display reaching a crescendo with music from War of the Worlds – during which several aliens appeared! Blitz Fireworks also setup the fireworks display at the Nantwich Spooktacular at Nantwich Show Ground in late-October.

Local community radio station The Cat 107.9 FM kept visitors entertained throughout the event with a range of upbeat music.

The Friends of Queens Park sold sparklers to raise money for further projects and improvements within the park. 

Refreshments were available in the Park Life Cafe and numerous stalls and there was also a funfair.

The Bonfire and Fireworks Display was enjoyed by thousands of people.

The event was organised by Crewe and Nantwich Lions Club: . All funds raised are distributed by Crewe and Nantwich Lions Club to the local community and worldwide.

A funfair ride

Fireworks display (1)

The 41st annual Wistaston Fireworks Display

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston

Bagpiper Reg Flower and drummer Rob Richardson

The 41st annual Wistaston Fireworks Display took place on Saturday 3rd November 2018 at the Eric Swan Sports Ground off Church Lane (behind Wistaston Church Lane Academy) in Wistaston.

It began with a parade - led by bagpiper Reg Flower and drummer Rob Richardson - from the Park Drive/Westfield Drive junction to the Eric Swan Sports Ground. The parade was supported by Dutton Contractors and Pochin Construction.

The judging of the children’s best pumpkin and best fancy dress competitions then took place and were followed by the fireworks display.

The results of the children's best fancy dress competition, judged by Dane Chaplow and RedShift Radio presenter Kelly-Ann Davies, were:

1st prize – Logan Siddall as a ‘Headless man’.

2nd prize – Poppy Tomkinson as a ‘Catherine wheel’.

3rd prize – Esme John as a ‘Zombie bride’.

Fancy dress costumes also included a pirate, cowgirl, unicorn, Honey Monster and a pumpkin.

The results of the children's best pumpkin competition, judged by and Eileen Bamber and Gwyneth Brown, were:

1st prize – Noah John who designed a wolf pumpkin.

2nd prize – Felicity Rolands with her pumpkin in a pram.

3rd prize – Annabel Johnston with her hedgehog design.

It was a double celebration for the John household as twins Esme and Noah, who are pupils at Wistaston Church Lane Academy, won prizes in both competitions.

Locally-based online community radio station RedShift Radio - - for the ninth year running generously provided, setup and staffed the PA system before the fireworks and played music during the display.

Professional fireworks display specialist Gekostar Fireworks - - setup and operated the twelve minute fireworks display.

The 35th South West Cheshire, Wistaston Scout Group served hot and cold drinks and food, Coffee On Wheels served hot and cold drinks, Wistaston Community Council served candyfloss, and Glow’s North West sold children's flashing novelties.

Entry was by donation and several hundred people attended the event.

The event was organised by the Wistaston Community Council and supported by Wistaston Parish Council.

Dane Chaplow, Wistaston Community Council, said, "The whole Wistaston Community Council parade and fireworks display was spectacular – a fantastic evening. I would like to thank everyone from the Community Council and to myriad others who came to help and make it our most successful street parade and fireworks event to date – we could not do it without you. My thanks also to go Wistaston Sports and Leisure for the use of the Brittles Sports ground, Gekostar Fireworks for the fabulous fireworks display, RedShift Radio for providing the sound and commentary and Kelly-Ann Davies, our wicked witch. Finally, to the community of Wistaston who came in their many hundreds to watch.”

The Wistaston Community Council requires new members to help organise next year’s Fireworks Display, as well as other Wistaston-based events such as the Summer Fete, Flower and Produce Show and the Christmas concerts. Please visit or search Wistaston Community Council on Facebook for further information.

Fireworks display (3)

'Holly Fair'

Reporter Jonathan White

The annual 'Holly Fair' took place on Saturday 3rd November 2018 at Wells Green Methodist Church on Brookland Avenue in Wistaston.

In the entrance hall there was a Fairtrade goods stall with many food items, a hamper to be raffled, a book stall and Christmas cards for sale.

Santa Claus was kept very busy in his Grotto providing gifts to all the boys and girls with the help of his Elf helper.

The stalls in the church hall included toys, books, costume jewellery, a Christmas stall, cakes, a green & gold stall, crafts and preserves.

The cafe offered a wide variety of refreshments for sale, including soup, quiches, sandwiches, rolls, cakes, trifles and jellies.

Teresa Hoper and Myra Wood co-ordinated the refreshments and Pat Nott organised the publicity and the stalls.

The event raised £1,937.23 including donations, and over £280 was raised for Fairtrade from the sale of their goods.

Pat Nott, Wells Green Methodist Church, said, “Our annual Holly Fair is always held on the first Saturday in November. It's a very popular and traditional fair and people come back each year to find their Christmas bargains, sample our delicious refreshments and enjoy the fellowship. Setting up for the event is a team effort, whether it is arranging the stalls, making cakes and sandwiches, donating items for sale or coming along and enjoying the day. I am very grateful to everyone who helped or supported the event. Hope to see you next year!”

Future events at Wells Green Methodist Church include:

-Sunday 18th November (5pm) – a showing of the movie, ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’. Admission is free.

-Sunday 2nd December (10:30am) – Annual toy and gift service – donate toys and gifts to help ensure others are not without some joy at Christmas.

-Friday 7th December (7pm) – Wistaston Community Christmas concert with Wells Green Church Choir, the Shavington Academy Band and the Church Lane Academy Choir.

-Saturday 8th December (3pm) at Shavington – ‘A time to remember’ service recalling the love of those no longer with us. All welcome to come and place a named tag on a Christmas tree.

-Wednesday 12th December (7:30pm) – choir and young musicians present a concert in aid of Action for Children. Come and support them as they raise money to enable children in difficult circumstances to live a more fulfilling life.

-Sunday 23rd December (6pm) – Carol Service.

-Monday 24th December (4pm) – Nativity and Christingle Service – something for all the family.

-Monday 24th December (11:15pm) – Midnight Communion - at Shavington Methodist Church.

-Tuesday 25th December – Christmas Day family worship – join in to celebrate the birth of Christ. 9:15am at Shavington Methodist Church. 10:30am at Wells Green Methodist Church -

-Sunday 30th December (10:30am) – a united service with other churches in the area at St John’s Willaston Methodist Church followed by lunch and table games.

-Sunday 6th January 2019 (9:15am) – bacon butties followed at 9:30am by a lively Energise service. Annual covenant service at 10:30am.

For further information relating to Wells Green Methodist Church please visit: , or contact Rev'd Den Harding via phone 01270 666156 ,

Wells Green Methodist Church hall is available for hire for meetings, celebrations, displays etc. WiFi is installed. For further information please contact Doreen Jones on 01270 652458.

Grotto - Santa Claus and Elf helper

Green and gold stall - Gwyneth Brown and Sylvia Ashley



Crewe swimmer Zack Beeston won a gold medal at the Halliwick National championship at Sevenoaks, Kent, recently as part of the North West team who competed against swimmers from all over the UK.

Zack was one of ten swimmers from Seahorse Swimming Club, with many making their debut at national level. Three members of the team came away with medals and Seahorse chairman, Rob Dutton, was more than pleased with the Crewe swimmers.

He said: “The overall winners from Wales set very high standards, but it was pleasing that Zack Beeston gave a fantastic performance to win a gold medal in the Boys 25m race. Tracy Jones was impressive in the Ladies 100m race to win a silver medal, while Ethan Carroll was pleased with his performance to win a bronze medal in the Boys 100m race.

All Seahorse swimmers, who made up the North West team, also deserve to be congratulated as they gave an excellent account of themselves. They competed with lots of effort and enjoyed the experience."

The other Seahorse representatives were: Dan Adcock, Carson Bruce, Shea Dutton, Charlotte Hassall, Annabelle Marriott, Amelia Pirzadeh and Sean Savage.

Seahorse, who are based at the Lifestyle Centre, are affiliated to the Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy. The club encourages people with disabilities to gain confidence in the water, learn to swim and develop their skills.

Sunday 4 November 2018

Winter Wellbeing – prepare your home for winter

Cheshire East Council and its partners are offering a range of advice and support to residents on how to keep warm, well and safe this winter.

This week, we remind people that there are numerous checks that can be completed, which can minimise the effects of bad weather.

Our advice includes:

● Insulate pipes and drain off outside taps to prevent frozen pipes.

● Know where your stop tap is and make sure you can turn it on and off with ease.

● If you are going away, consider asking a friend or neighbour to check on your house regularly. That way, if you have a burst, it will be discovered early.

● Leave your heating on if the weather is forecast to be freezing.

● Insulate your loft or walls to keep the heat in. Free and impartial advice about energy saving measures, grants and discounts is available from the Save Energy Advice Line on 0800 043 0151 or visit:

● Fit draught proofing to seal any gaps around doors and windows.

● Get your boiler serviced regularly by a qualified engineer. Remember, for gas boilers, check that your engineer is Gas Safe registered. Oil-fired heating needs servicing too.

● Be prepared for clearing ice and snow this winter – have a snow shovel, brush and grit or salt ready.

● If a member of your household is of pensionable age, has a disability, is chronically sick, has hearing and/or visual difficulties or you have a child under eight-years-old, you may be eligible for free or priority services. You can contact your energy supplier to check.

● If electricity supplies go down in your area, do not assume that your supplier knows – call them and have your name, postcode, house number and telephone number handy.

● If you have a burst pipe, collect the water in a bucket and switch off your central heating. Turn off your stop tap and turn on your sink taps to drain your water system. Do not touch wiring or switches which you suspect may have been affected. If in doubt, turn off your electricity at the mains and call a plumber. For more information, contact United Utilities on 0845 746 2200 or visit:

Councillor Liz Wardlaw, cabinet member for health, said: “We know that winter can be a daunting time of the year for some people but there are simple things that residents can do themselves, to help them stay warm, well and safe.

“For those that do need a little extra help, there is lots of support out there and we’ll be issuing advice and information throughout the winter period.

“I’d also like to encourage residents to keep an eye on friends, family members and neighbours during the colder weather, as some people can find it quite isolating.”

For further winter-related advice, visit: and scroll down to the winter wellbeing section. Advice can also be found on the council’s Facebook page: and on Twitter: @CheshireEast

Residents can help friends and neighbours, who are unable to access the internet, by downloading and printing off information and giving it to them.


Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston

I saw several ghoulishly good Halloween houses on 31st October in Crewe this year. They were all a spooktacular sight, but I particularly liked the houses on Capenhurst Avenue with its hanging corpses and monster maze, Nevis Drive with inflatables and animatronics, Barn Croft Road with a giant spider & web and projector showing different Halloween songs and Verdin Court - raising money for Cheshire Dogs Home - with its cauldron and tombstones. A special mention to the window displays at Blitz Fireworks on Hightown in Crewe - genuinely terrifying! House features included skeletons, witches, scarily-dressed mannequins - some headless, ghosts, clowns, cobwebs, coffins, elaborately carved pumpkins, and scary sounds. Dozens of families dressed up to trick or treat with costumes including ghosts, witches, bats, werewolves, skeletons, zombies and even a vampire dog!

Local events during the Halloween period included an adult party with live band and children’s party at The Woodside (Wistaston), Carnevil party and fireworks at The Sydney Arms (Crewe), spooky craft fair and the movie Goosebumps at Crewe Lyceum Theatre, Halloween Howler ten mile cross country run from Crewe Vagrants (Willaston) organised by South Cheshire Harriers, a Spooktacular fireworks display at Dorfold Hall (Nantwich), spooky art and tours at Nantwich Museum and Nantwich Police with a display of pumpkins and police officers handing out sweets.

Halloween Hellraiser 2018 - runners in costume

Verdin Court - coffin

The Woodside - adult Halloween party (1)