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Monday 29 June 2009

West St

In West St the improvements are going ahead and largely unnoticed as so far they have concentrated on new car parks at the rear of the paper shop so know one has really seen very much happening. The car park is now finished and this week they will move out and start causing traffic jams as they carry out road works and pavement improvments. This is set to go on for weeks so avoid West St
Around the corner in Oxford St at the site of the old chapel which was burnt down the land has been cleared and the foundation have started to go in for the six new houses. They have been working every day on this project much to everyones annoyance as we were woken by the jack hammer going on a Sunday morning. The concrete has given up without a fight as its been several feet thick.

Town Update

On the square the new lighting is now installed with its unusual shape and the square top end should be open very soon. It does seem to be taking forever to get this done
Around the corner Wimpy closed down and Ozzys has now opened which to me looks just the same as it ever did but with a new name. Its now open so you can pop in for a cuppa

Thursday 25 June 2009

Queens Park

There was a meeting today with the Lottery to discuss the Queens Park restoration So I went to the park to see if anything was happening. In terms of the meeting not a lot was going on and we should find out what happened in the near future. I did grab some snaps of the last of the summer bedding going out.
The gardeners were buzy finishing off the planting in their little orange truck. It will be a couple of weeks before it can be seen in its full color.
Over on the North wall I wondered what the black plastic was for as that is the only place the railings havent been finished. The plastic is to stop the Bats making nest in the wall apparently they have delayed any work on the area as they had nested there. They have had to wait for them to go before they could do any work. The plastic lets them fly onto the wall but not make nest so hopefully work can now begin on the wall

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Good Bye Thorntons

I couldn't help but notice this lovely young lady posed in Thorntons shop. It seems she and 6 others need new jobs as the shop is closing after a very long time in the area.
I must be well over 10 years that we have had a Thorntons in the area maybe even 20 years and its one of those shops you expect to be there forever. So if anyone has any jobs on offer for these six girls let them know. They are hoping to get jobs at the card shop around the corner or in the new Big Apple so best of luck girls

Leighton Park Play Area

Work i sunder way on the Leighton Park Play area the old basketball courts have been removed and the area is being dug up. I assume the new play area will soon be underway and there was talk of CCTV for the area. The area has had several new play areas over the years and they all seem to get vandalized so we hope if there is CCTV this will stop it. Having said that the SK8 park has CCTV and the kids managed to remove a 15 foot rail bolted to the floor and CCTV never spotted it was even gone until I told them

Tuesday 23 June 2009

Step back in time

Visit Crewe Market on a Monday and you may think you have stepped back in time. On the outside market is a new traveling sweet shop selling old sweets like we had when we were kids. I wonder if he has the old gob stoppers, lucky bags mint imperials? If he visits the site he may wish to leave comments at the bottom of the article as to what he has on offer.

He will be there every Monday so pop down and take a look at this unique shop I couldnt resist taking a picture as it reminds you what sweet shops used to be like

Burglary warning

Please be aware that there were two distraction burglaries - 1 in Crewe & 1 in Nantwich - on Friday 19th June 2009.

In both cases two males approached properties with an elderly occupant and claimed that they needed to check the taps. In each instance the men also mentioned putting blue dye into the water as part of a test. Male 1 is described as being 5'2" with short, blonde, scruffy hair, light clothes and a slim build. Male 2 is described as being 6'3" with short, brown hair, late 20's, dark blue t-shirt / trousers and a large build.

In Nantwich, in the St Mary's Road area of the town, they stated that they were working on the neighbour's boiler and needed to check the occupants taps.

In Crewe, in the Smallman Road area of the town, they stated that there had been a water leak and needed to check the occupants taps.

Please make your neighbours aware of these incidents and the details provided about their MO and descriptions. It is particularly important to warn any elderly or more vulnerable neighbours/family members about this as unfortunately it is often properties with elderly residents that are approached. If anyone witnesses any suspicious behaviour or believe that they have been approached by the above individuals please contact the police via 0845 458 0000 immediately.

Remember, you are never obligated to allow entry into your property if you do not feel comfortable doing so, if in any doubt keep them out! If people claim to be from official companies such as gas / water firms then you can ask them to make an appointment in writing (so someone can be with you if elderly/vulnerable) or can keep them outside until you have chance to ring up the firm they claim to be from and check their credentials/story. However, many such companies now operate a 'password' scheme where residents can pre arrange a password that anyone from the company will state when calling so it is worthwhile enquiring with your provider if they operate this service.
Summer floral display of Hypericum canariense above I know its sad taking pictures of roundabouts but its such a nice display and I bet hundreds of people drive past and never notice it outside Morrisions in Dunwoody way

Same plant and the bush which is just dull and not noticed for 9 months of the year suddenly comes alive and a blaze of color. There is lots of color around Morrisons so take alook next time you pass

Monday 22 June 2009

New development

A trip down Henry st and I came across this new development of Wulverns down there of 9 three bedroom houses. The land down there had been a mess for a long time but there used to be the odd garage doing odd repairs in the area. They will be good house if you are into football with the pitch to the rear

Sunday 21 June 2009

Town Centre

The square is progressing very slowly and there are complaints in the local rag from shops in the area that its taking to long. Now we have the chess board in place so people will be able to play chess. Its not clear if there will actual be chess pieces for the public to use as what happens at night they will be thrown all around the town?
A trip up town show we are having a revamp week with both McDonald's and Wimpy having a refit. How will people survive with out these cafes? We seem to have more places to eat than we do shoppers with the new Apple bar opening soon.

Thursday 18 June 2009

British Heart Foundation New Shop Opening

For weeks people have been looking in to the new heart foundation shop waiting for it to open. Today it opened selling electrical goods, 3 piece suites, and furniture. It was like a gold rush with people fighting to get in and they even got a free ice cream.

The store was packed with people trying to get a bargain. If you have any old furniture, washing machines, tv's dvd's etc you can ring 0844 248 9130 and they will come an collect it from you.

They are also after volunteers so if you feel like giving up some of your free time pop in and see them

Monday 15 June 2009

Queens Park

At the Queens Park the summer bedding is going in and in a few weeks the main walkway will be a blaze of color. We are still waiting desperately for news when the work will start again.There is a meeting with the heritage lottery and Execs from Cheshire
East on Wed 24th June - we are hoping this will clarify things so an announcement can be made.

Home Watch News

Crewe & Nantwich News May 2009

Exceptional Qualities Recognized Quick thinking, decisiveness and tenacity by nearly fifty Police Officers and Police Staff from Cheshire Police Eastern Area were recognized at an awards ceremony. Among people receiving Chief Superintendent’s Commendations were a team which spent two years tracking down criminals after a jewellery store robbery in Crewe and officers who arrested two men about to commit a robbery in the Wilmslow area, Police Officers and Crime Scene Investigators who dealt with two violent street attacks in Macclesfield and a Police Community Support Officer from Nantwich whose persistence and compassion saved a man’s life. Chief Superintendent Paul McHugh, the Cheshire Police Eastern Area Commander said, “Policing often involves dealing with people at times when they are under stress. It makes a great deal of demands on our people. These commendations highlight occasions when they have demonstrated exceptional qualities and skills.”

Striking Out the Dealers Police Officers say they are pleased with a number of convictions of drug dealers in East Cheshire over the past few months. P.C. Kevin Williams said, “Fewer dealers on the streets reduces the chances of people destroying their lives with cocaine or other drugs.” He was speaking after a 29 years old dealer was sent to prison for 18 months. £500 worth of cocaine was discovered at the man’s his home in Congleton after he was arrested during a disturbance in Crewe.

A 43 years old man from Sandbach has been charged with possessing heroin with intent to supply. The man was arrested in Alsager.

Landlords Warned Again Two cannabis farms in the West Street area of Crewe have been closed down. One, with 400 plants in two rooms of a house, was found after a fire broke out. The other, above a takeaway business, was discovered by Police Officers investigating reports of intruders at an adjacent empty property. Police have repeated their warning that organized criminal gangs, often based in the Far East, are setting up the “farms” as a major source of income. They have warned landlords to make sure they know exactly who is renting their property and what it is being used for.

Remaining Focused Inspector Bob Hassall, in charge of Nantwich Neighbourhood Policing Team, says the issues causing people most concern remain unchanged: the town centre’s busy night-time economy and speeding offences in rural areas. He says the NPT will continue to focus on these issues. All types of recorded crime in the Nantwich NPT area are on or below target so far this year, except for two incidents of serious violence.

Action against Drug Drivers Cheshire Police Officers have warned they are stepping up action against people who drive after taking drugs. Twenty four people arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs and another 23 cases are still pending. P.C. Robbie Burns said more officers have now been trained to carry out tests for drugs and the issue is being treated as seriously as drink-driving.

Damage Charge A man charged with committing criminal damage to a motorcycle dealership in Crewe and with two burglaries on separate occasions has been sent to Chester Crown Court.

Fishing Contest Widens Net The annual fishing contest run by the emergency services in East Cheshire will have some new features this year. Some of the heats will be held between 2pm and 8pm, instead of the usual 9am start with a 3pm finish. Constable Mick Shaw, who founded the contest three years ago said, “It will give a chance to some young people who cannot make the earlier start.” The grand final at Gawsworth Fisheries on August 26th will also be from 2pm to 8pm. Last year the competition attracted more than 800 entries from young people aged between seven and seventeen.

Change of Day for Shoppers A police surgery in the ASDA store in Crewe is being switched from Sundays to Tuesdays, to cater for older customers. Police Community Support Officer Vikki McKenna said, “The Sunday surgeries have been very successful but it is a family shopping day and we felt older people were missing out. We know a lot of them shop on a Tuesday morning, so we are going to try then. It will give them a chance to talk to us about anything that is causing concern.” The first Tuesday surgery will be between 10am and 12 noon on June 30th, with others at the same time on July 14th and 28th

Rogue Traders Warning at Crewe

More than a hundred warning letters are being delivered to homes in part of Crewe after cold-calling builders took £5,000 from a woman for three hours work on the roof of her house.
The men also asked her for another £10,000 to carry out further repairs which they claimed were necessary but they failed to show up after the woman reported them to the Police.
Police and Trading Standards Officers are now carrying out an investigation to track down the builders.
P.C. Matt Dutton, from the Crewe neighbourhood Policing Team, said, “A man called at the door of the house and said the roof needed some repairs. He was in a van carrying the sign “A.J’s Home Improvements”, with two contact telephone numbers.
He offered to do the work and took £2,860 in advance for it. He returned a week later and said there was woodworm in the roof which would cost another £1900 to rectify.
“The men came and did about three hours work. The results were cosmetic and very poor quality. Some days later they phoned again. They said more work was needed and they would be round to set up scaffolding. This work would cost another £10,000. They wanted the money paid into a particular bank account. By this time the lady had contacted us. The “workmen” never appeared.
“We believe these men are based in Manchester, but they may try this sort of activity in this area again, so we are warning as many people as possible, while we and Cheshire East Trading Standards Service investigate.
Paul Barrow, the Team Manager for regulation and Compliance with the Trading Standards Service of Cheshire East Council said, “Trading Standards advice is never to agree to work on the doorstep. If you think that work is needed to your property get quotes from two or three traders and compare them. Ask for references and check the trader out by speaking to previous customers.
If you do agree to work on the doorstep, you have the right to cancel
The contract at any time within seven days. The trader must by law give you a written notice of your right to cancel the contract.
“If you are suspicious of a trader who calls at your home contact Trading standards by calling Consumer Direct on 0845 404 0506”
P.C. Matt Dutton added, “We do not get a large number of rogue trader incidents in this area but even one is one too many.
“If you have any information about this or any similar incident contact us on the Crewe Neighbourhood Policing Team line 0845 458 6370 or the Cheshire Police Information Line 0845 458 0000.

Saturday 13 June 2009

West St its all happening

One again West st is all action this week and if it caries on it will be the new town centre. The £400,000 improvements is under way but has gone unnoticed by many as its behind the shops creating a car park so far so there has been little disruption to traffic
Further down 2 new shops are opening Bellas and Jacques Catering Sandwich & Buffet Delivery they have a website here so it continues to flourish in West St and we hope they do well

In Oxford St just off West St they started today building new houses on the site that has been a mess for a long time. It was a church for many years but was burnt down a few years ago and has been a mess ever since
The Lion and Swan is now just a passing memory and the site is now fenced off and no doubt flats will be built there as well

DR Bike

Dr Bike was on the square giving free bike checks today. This was to promote cycle week and they were extensive checks of bike brought in. They had on display old bikes and tandems. Crewe is not such a bike town anymore at one time a knocking off time West St was full of hundreds of bikes as work men returned from Crewe works but that is a thing of the past now.
Details of bike week can be found on and runs from 13-21st June

Monday 8 June 2009

Queens Park Update

The main site for the Queens Park has been revamped and updated. It now has over 35 old pictures of the park dating back to the 1800. There are old documents about the park, the history and pictures as it is today including behind the barriers pictures.
We need more pictures and any information or stories about the park so keep them coming in

Send your pictures

Sunday 7 June 2009

Taking the Mickey

We have had complaints before about Samuel st and the pavement being blocked by rubbish. But now the charity is taking the mickey as they have moved all their shop onto the pavement and activity selling goods from the pavement making it imposable for anyone to walk on the pavement and so forcing everyone onto the road. This is a dangerous activity as the road is a mess at the best of times. We have asked our local councilor Derek Bebbington, to investigate.

Friday 5 June 2009

Power Cuts

Thursday morning at 8:20 all power in and around West St Underwood lane went off. Shops and dentist had to close due to lack of power. The engineers were running about everywhere trying to fix the problem.

In some streets some of the house had power and other didnt. Power came back on at 12 O'Clock for a short while and went off again until gone 2 pm. Its surprising how stuck you are without power no kettle for tea no telly. Luckily we have gas to heat food and its not cold.
Thankfully its was back on before Emerdale and East Enders

Thursday 4 June 2009

West St Revamp gets under way

The West St £400,000 revamp got under way at last today. It should have started weeks ago but was put back to 1st June but even then nothing happened. But round the back of the shops in West St the new car park is taking shape be it very slowly. There are 3 areas behind the paper shop/ bookies were there is wast ground that is to be made into car parks.

There are loads of car parks all along West St you see them used every day, there is the pavement outside the Late shop, the pavement outside the Post office and loads of pavements all down the road were idle gets park their cars as its to far to walk for them from around the corner in the car park. They would sooner park on the pavement than walk a few yards. I cant see the car parks being used as people will still park on the pavements which is the reason they are in such a state in the first place.

Brown wheelie bin madness

Another crazy idea from our council or how to waste loads a money. Have you had a note through your door about brown wheelie bins they are now free. Before you had to pay for them to be emptied but thats all gone. Now you can dump your garden waste for free great. The note tells you to keep a look out for your bin in July so get ready to watch for it. In small print it says if you dont want one you must ring up and tell them.

How many people have read the note? If you are like us in our area no one has a garden or if they do its so small that the rubbish would only be once a year or so. So we dont need a bin and dont want one. So I tried to stop mine and I tried and then I tried some more but all you get is an engaged tone from the number 01270 537826.

Can you imagine how few people have read the note and how many bins will be sent out to people who dont want one costing us the tax payer even more money for a service we dont want or need. Half a million bins?

The end of the LMR?

Members of the LMR were shocked to see the building is up for letting is this the end? members I saw were going made as they pay subs to be members and they had heard nothing of the closure and believe as members they should be informed what is happening.

More news on this as we get it as the sign only went up today. The committee have gone to ground and the members cant find out if they have a club or not. Concerns have been expressed by members that they havent had a AGM for years

The end of the Lion and Swan

The final hours of the Lion and Swan pub corner of Underwood lane and West St. It has now been finally flattened. Its been empty for some time and it was rumored to be knocked down for flats.

Strangely after the planning application went in it was burnt out one night and has stood empty for some time. The old builders yard next to it is also up for sale so we will see if its all made into flats. Do we really need more flats the ones by Morrisons haven't been finished yet and work on them has come to a stand still