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Monday 28 April 2014

Council Leader accused of acting amorally


Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor Brian Silvester has accused the Leader of Cheshire East Council (CEC) Cllr. Jones, of acting amorally when his Easter message was issued by the Council's media staff.

He said," The press release is clearly political calling for residents to support Cllr.Jone's political party and not to support other local political parties.

Firstly it is clearly wrong for a Council officer and Council facilities to be used in a political way to issue a press release calling on residents to keep faith with the Conservatives and giving reasons why they should not vote for UKIP or Labour. Secondly  we are now in the purdah period for the European Elections and in that period the law prohibits the Council from publishing or assisting others to publish “any material which, in whole or in part, appears to be designed to affect public support for a political party”. It is clear that from the content of the press release that the Council Leader and the Council have broken that law. I have written  an official complaint to the Council's Monitoring Officer  and asked her to investigate and then take action."

Cllr Brian Silvester BA (Hons)

Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor

11 Rimsdale Close

Cheshire East Council



Tel/fax 01270 567757

Twitter @CllrBSilvester

Facebook Cllr Brian Silvester

Sandbach Transport Festival 2014.

Reporter  Jonathan White, Crewe

Sandbach Transport Festival - - took place over the weekend of Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th April 2014. This free event included live music on The Cobbles (both days), entertainment in the park (both days), a classic car show on Scotch Common (Saturday), BBQ/Hog Roast by Sandbach Round Table (both days), Sandbach Fire Station Open Day (Sunday) and a 250 vehicle parade through the town (Sunday). The parade was led by Foden’s Band and featured a wide range of trucks, buses, classic and vintage cars, motorbikes, tractors, steam engines and an electric car called ‘Dougal’ from Sandbach High School. Numerous shops and pubs were open in the town over the weekend.

I’ve uploaded all my photos to a Flickr page:

A visitor inspects a classic carFoden bus at the front of the vehicle parade

Tuesday 22 April 2014

The 18th Nantwich Jazz, Blues and Music Festival

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston

The 18th Nantwich Jazz, Blues and Music Festival - - took place over the Easter weekend.

Organisers expected up to 40,000 people to attend the Festival over its five day period (Thursday 17th to Monday 21st April 2014) with over 120 performances at eighteen venues in Nantwich.

Entry to the majority of the festival pub gigs was via a £7 wristband.

Headline acts included Thea Gilmore, Deborah Bonham, Bruce Foxton’s From the Jam, and Martin Turner plays the music of Wishbone Ash.

Musical genres included jazz, blues, swing, pop and rock.

Over £1 million was expected to be injected into the town’s economy.

The Railway Hotel - - on Pillory Street provided their own Easter live entertainment, with free entry to all events.

I’ve uploaded all my photos to a Flickr page: 

South Cheshire George Formby Ukulele Society at Nantwich Civic Hall The Indigo Kings at The Residence

Friday 18 April 2014

The 18th Nantwich Jazz, Blues and Music Festival

The Studio Nightclub & Entertainment Venue in Nantwich - . today is the first day of five days. Reporter Jonathan White, Crewe

The 18th Nantwich Jazz, Blues and Music Festival - - takes place over the Easter weekend.

Organisers are expecting up to 40,000 people to attend the Festival over its five day period (Thursday 17th to Monday 21st April 2014) with over 120 performances at sixteen venues in Nantwich.

Entry to the majority of the festival pub gigs is via a £7 wristband on sale from the Crown Hotel reception, a wristband booth on Nantwich Square, Nantwich Civic Hall & Tourist Information Centre, and online.

Headline acts include Thea Gilmore, Deborah Bonham, Bruce Foxton’s From the Jam, and Martin Turner plays the music of Wishbone Ash.

Musical genres will include jazz, blues, swing, pop and rock.

Over £1 million is expected to be injected into the town’s economy.

The Railway Hotel - - on Pillory Street will provide their own Easter live entertainment, with free entry to all events.

SWaY perform at The Studio in Nantwich on Thurs 17-4-14

Happy Easter! – Leader’s message


“Easter is always such a lovely time – the daffodils are out, children are excited about all the chocolate they’ll be given and the summertime is just around the corner. It represents a time of faith and the knowing that things are about to get brighter and, hopefully, better.

“Many of us will go to church over the holidays to think about the deeper meaning of Easter too.

“It is a time for us to be thankful for what the resurrection represents and it’s a poignant opportunity to think about our family and future.

“It is also a time to think about our own goals in life. Personally, this will be a time for me to use this short break to revitalise the Council’s key goals.

“We will have some major announcements next week on housing as we all know this is a very big issue for our communities.

“I ask that the people of Cheshire East keep faith that the Conservatives will – and are -  delivering the very best for our communities.

“Voting for UKIP is a vote for Labour, a party that would like to see an extra 200,000 homes in our communities built each year – yes! Each year!

“That would mean Cheshire East Council taking on some of Manchester’s housing quota which would be a disaster.

“So, voting UKIP or Labour means you are voting for unprecedented concrete across our countryside.

“That is something none of us here in Cheshire East want, so I promise I will personally deliver and fight for what is right for the people of Cheshire East.”

Bumper car wash for Audlem firefighters


Firefighters want to thank the people of Audlem for their generosity following their successful charity car wash on April 12.

Drivers turned out in force to support The Fire Fighters Charity. Watch Manager Richard Meadows said: "Firefighters, fire cadets and teams of helpers with their buckets and sponges raised money for this worthy cause as well as handing out road safety advice at Crewe Fire Station. We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped us raise an amazing £486, beating our previous best by £100!"

Chair of the Fire Fighters Charity and Deputy Chief Fire Officer Mark Cashin said, "It is testament to the support we have from the public when events such as this show how generous people can be as a magnificent total of £486 was raised on the day.

"It costs over £9 million every year to keep The Fire Fighters Charity running and, with no government funding, it is completely reliant on donations from the general public and fire community.”

For media information please contact Sarah on 01606 868451, email

All aboard for HS2 but don't forget the Hospital

I am proud to represent the people of Leighton... I am also proud that our Hospital is based in my ward.

For many years my Father proudly worked at the Hospital as a porter, and in the early days he relied on buses to and from the Hospital every day.

I am a big supporter of HS2; imagine 20,000 new jobs and a transit link to and from the vital Bentley factory, via the town centre and the current station to the new station. Wow. More trains to Nantwich, a new station at Middlewich. Connectivity all round.

The Council’s plans for a new station include a new start for the whole of Crewe but let's not forget the Hospital.

3000 staff, 1000's of weekly visitors and all are vital, so we need to connect the Hospital.
Recently, some bus companies have cut the numbers of buses travelling to the Hospital, particularly in the early mornings and evenings, making it difficult for those who work at Hospital who rely the bus, and equally difficult for people relying on the bus at visiting times.
Leighton Hospital needs a new bus hub to connect all parts of Crewe to the Hospital, which would allow for more frequent buses.

Equally as important though, I believe we need a multi storey car park for the Hospital, to ensure there are enough parking spaces for every one visiting the Hospital by car, and keeping nearby streets free from the overflow parking my residents often contact me about.
In the council proposals I have seen they include a new bus hub to the University, the town centre and we must ensure the Hospital is connected too.
I am all for improving the roads and a new Sydney bridge, a new station and the growth that brings. More cycle ways and more buses and needed to too.
So I will ask the developers around the Hospital to provide new bus and car parking solutions and as the Council own some of the lands, we will make this happen.

Councillor Derek Bebbington

Leighton Ward, Crewe

Cheshire East Council

Call for Council Leaders to resign after, yet again, Government Inspector rules that Cheshire East does not have a 5 year housing supply.


Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor Brian Silvester is calling on the Leader  and Deputy Leader of Cheshire East Council (CE)to resign after yet another planning fiasco.  A Government Inspector ruled on the 11/4/14  that Cheshire East does not have a 5 year housing supply and has allowed  a planning application for  96  homes in Sandbach. (See link to decision letter below)

Cllr. Silvester said ," Time after time, Cllr.Jones and Cllr Brown have assured the good people of Cheshire East that they had no need to worry because the Council now has a 5 year supply of housing land and the 'evil' developers would not be able to win applications on appeal. Last year Cllr Jones even said the Council  had a 7 year supply. As with most of Cllr Jones promises  this proved to be an empty promise.

In the decision letter the Inspector is very damning of the Council.

'Para 23 About 40% of the houses that are assumed to be delivered within

five years do not have planning permission.

Para 24 There was a distinct lack of credible hard evidence to justify the projections for

some of these (strategic)sites and consequently it would be unwise to place too much

reliance on the potential for delivering a significant amount of the housing'

requirement from such sources.

It is essential that Cheshire East can demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing land, plus 20% to compensate for the historic undersupply, if it is to successfully fight off the flood of major housing applications that the Borough is experiencing. The political leadership of the Council have been going around for over a year stating that CE had a 5 year supply of housing land and telling concerned residents that they had no need to worry about the proposed huge developments on their doorstep. This has proved to be incorrect, as I have been stating for a long time. Those politicians that have being giving those false reassurances have badly let down the residents of CE and should now be examining their position. The Council now needs to inform residents how they intend to fill the gap in the housing land supply. There should be no more bluff and bluster and futile threats of legal action.The Local Plan has only recently been agreed by the Council but it has no chance of being approved by the Minister if  a 5 year supply of housing cannot be demonstrated to his satisfaction. "

Call for measures to stop anti-social parking in Willaston

After pressure from Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor Brian Silvester, Cheshire East Council(CEC) are to have a meeting with the developers of Meadow View,Willaston (Jones Homes) with a view to sorting out the parking problems before the development is adopted by the Council.

He said," This cul de sac was allowed to be built with insufficeint parking space initially.As a consequence there have been severe parking problems since the houses were occupied. Cars park on the grass verges and double park at the junction which makes it very difficult for an emergency vehicle ansd sometimes the bin wagon to obtain access. (See photos and e-mails below)The Police have been involved and they have written to all the residents but the problems continue.

I have asked CEC to draw up some options for their meeting with the developers,with plans,to show how more car parking provision could be provided using some of the grassed areas,protecting the remaining grass verges from being cut up by by irresponsible parking and something to deter the dangerous parking at the junction with Wistaston Road. Once possible solutions have been agreed I could then survey the residents and ascertain the preferred option."

Cllr Brian Silvester BA (Hons)  

Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor

Cheshire East Council

11 Rimsdale Close



Tel/fax 01270 567757

Twitter @CllrBSilvester

Facebook Cllr Brian Silvester

Friday 11 April 2014

MP,s 149th news bulletin.


Edward Timpson MP

Friday, 11 April 2014


Welcome to this, my 149th news bulletin.

Last month we saw the Chancellor unveil the Budget, and the thing that really caught my eye was the dramatic new help that was announced for savers.

The Budget will help those people in Crewe and Nantwich who want to save for a home, save for their family or save for their retirement by:

  • Merging the existing types of ISA into a single account with an annual limit of £15,000 - this will make saving simpler and more flexible. 674,000 ISA holders in the North West could benefit from the New ISA.
  • Abolishing the 10p starting rate of tax for savings income - the 10p band will become a zero rate band and will be extended to the first £5,000 of savings income. This will benefit 1.5 million low income savers.
  • Creating a new pensioner bond that will offer a return that is better than anything pensioners can get now - helping pensioners who have worked hard and saved.
  • The biggest reform of pensions taxation in a century.

This pension reform will mean no-one will have to buy an annuity if they don't want to. There will be no punitive 55% tax rate if you try and take more than your tax-free lump sum. And everyone who retires on these schemes will now be offered free, impartial, face-to-face advice.

Savers have had a hard time in recent years and it's time Britain helped them out.

That's why whether you want to save for a house, save for your family or save for your retirement, this year's is a Budget that can help you.

It will help boost economic security for people who work hard and save hard, and it shows, I hope, that despite having so few public funds to work with while we continue overhauling the economy, that the Government is trying to help your pockets as much as it can.

Edward Timpson

Edward Timpson MP
Member of Parliament for Crewe and Nantwich and Minister of the Year

Please remember, you can always contact me directly if you have any questions for me, or if there is anything I can do to assist you.

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Locally, I have...

Image thumbnail
  • Paid a visit to the Joseph Heler dairy to learn more about how the Nantwich cheesemaker is now exporting to Europe, America and the Far East.
  • Spoken at the official opening of the new Visitor Information Point at Crewe Station.
  • Been interviewed at Bentley Motors by BBC Radio Stoke, to discuss manufacturing and industry in Crewe and how High Speed Rail will benefit our area.
  • Completed the 2014 Sandstone Run (pictured, right), a 10 kilometre cross-country run along the Sandstone Trail. Organised by the NSPCC Nantwich District Committee, the run raised money in support of Rainbow House in Crewe.
  • Held two of my regular constituency advice surgeries at my office in Crewe.
  • Attended the Prince's Trust Team graduation for Crewe cadets at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.  Held at South Cheshire College, the graduation ceremony celebrates young people's contribution over a 12-week personal development course, recognised by a certificate from the Prince's Trust.
  • Met with the Chief Executive of Cheshire East Council to talk about the work of the Borough Council and some of the Council issues that Crewe and Nantwich constituents have brought to me.
  • Visited Crewe-based Baywater Healthcare to learn more about the services they provide and to talk to staff and directors about how the company is developing.  From its headquarters here in Crewe, Baywater delivers respiratory therapy services and equipment across the UK.

...and this Sunday I will be running the London Marathon, to raise awareness of the need to recruit more adopters, to help find loving family homes for the over 6,000 children in care witing to be adopted.

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Award winning Crewe cycling scheme peddles its way to London

Photo - Edward Timpson MP










Crewe and Nantwich Guardian: A Crewe Christian Concern initiative that refurbishes unwanted old bikes for use by working commuters has gained national recognition for its good work.

A team from St Paul's Centre-based CC-Cycles peddled their way to London to meet local MP Edward Timpson, before being awarded a Sustainable City Award at a ceremony in Mansion House on Thursday, March 27.

In less than 12 months CC-Cycles has been able to refurbish more than 250 cycles, with most being used by Crewe locals to get to work.

Their workshop is a fully equipped skills development hub for young and old alike, and has recently been expanded. And it is common to see retired Bentley engineers teaching young adults traditional mechanical skills on site, with young people gaining positive attitudes towards work by working alongside experienced engineers.

"With a tiny budget and local residents volunteering this recognition is great for Crewe and brilliant for the team that achieved it' said Rob Wykes, director of Christian Concern.

Edward Timpson, Crewe and Nantwich MP, said the award was 'positive for Crewe and a clear message to the country that we are serious about sustainable travel'.

Ben Wye, CC-Cycles project manager added: "Cycling is cleaner, leaner, cheaper; it's good for you and good for Crewe.

"We need more cycles to refurbish. Please call us on 01270 586186 and we will collect, in any condition."

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Support for project's early arrival

HS2 artists impression

Crewe Chronicle: Crewe and Nantwich MP Edward Timpson has repeated his support for HS2's proposed early arrival in Crewe.

The government minister believes it will reap huge economic dividends for Crewe and Cheshire. Mr Timpson was speaking after a debate in the House of Commons on HS2.

Chester MP Stephen Mosley had asked Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin whether he agreed a new regional hub at Crewe 'will allow the benefits of HS2 to roll out to places like Liverpool, like North Wales, like Chester, and support economic growth in those areas'?

The Secretary of State had replied: "I think it [Chester] will get the benefits from Crewe, as my honourable friend the member for Crewe and Nantwich who joins me on the front bench today has made clear; that this will be a very important station not only for his constituency, but also serving the whole of the North West."

Speaking afterwards Mr Timpson said: "I am delighted that the Secretary of State feels so strongly about not only the benefits that HS2 will bring to Crewe, but also about the benefits that Crewe can bring to surrounding areas and regions.

"This is fantastic news for our local economy, fantastic news for local jobs, and fantastic news for rail users.

"The importance of Crewe in terms of national transport infrastructure and economic development will increase immeasurably.

"It's always good to see a campaign come to fruition when you've worked so hard on it, and I'm proud to have done my bit. I await the outcome of the consultation with bated breath."

The comments come after HS2 chief executive Sir David Higgins announced an earlier timetable for building HS2 in the North.

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MP backs cheap energy

The Big Deal logo

Crewe Chronicle: Edward Timpson, Crewe and Nantwich MP has urged residents to sign up to the campaign to beat the Big Six energy companies and save hundreds of pounds on their energy bills. Edward has himself signed up to the deal because the more people that get involved the more money that can be saved for everyone. is a national campaign for cheaper energy. It brings people together to harness their collective buying power and deliver lower bills.

Mr Timpson said: "Energy bills are one of the biggest worries for Crewe and Nantwich residents, who often feel frustrated after years of price rises. It's all about people power."

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Edward Timpson: 'I wouldn't be children's minister if my parents hadn't fostered'

Edward Timpson MP

Interview, The Guardian: One night in the House of Commons, trying to stay awake for a vote, Edward Timpson picked up Harold Macmillan's diaries in the library. "He was complaining about what an imposition it was to have to go back to his constituency once a month, and harking back to the halcyon days when it was an annual visit. You turned up on the train and there was a brass band on the platform and you waved out of the window, made a speech and disappeared back to London."

Politics in 2014 could not be more different. Timpson, like most MPs, lives in his constituency, Crewe and Nantwich. The 40-year-old Conservative children's minister is a weekend dad, staying in London during the week, and doesn't like it. "I miss those impromptu, intimate moments that just being together brings. I voted for more family-friendly hours and I think we could go a lot further."

In some ways, Timpson is a traditional Tory: public-school educated, from a rich family (his great-great-grandfather started the Timpson shoe repair business), former barrister. His wife, Julia, gave up her job as an accountant to look after Sam, 10, Elizabeth, eight, and Lydia, six, though she is now retraining. When he was elected in a 2008 byelection, Labour activists donned top hats and mocked him as an out-of-touch toff.

But Timpson's upbringing was unusual. His parents fostered nearly 90 children and adopted two, and these relationships shaped his life. "I've obviously thought about this a lot and I've come to the conclusion that I wouldn't be children's minister and I wouldn't have gone into family law if my parents hadn't fostered," he says.

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5 ways to contact Edward Timpson

Crewe & Nantwich

Cash in on government scheme to heat your home


Cheshire East Council is urging residents to cash-in on the government’s new renewable energy initiative.

Householders in Cheshire East can now grab a slice of seven years worth of payments to heat their homes with renewable energy from the government.

The scheme called the Renewable Heat Incentive is aimed at encouraging householders to switch to a heating system like wood fuel, heat pumps or solar hot water.

It is particularly attractive to people who currently have no connection to mains gas and who heat their homes with oil, LPG or solid fuel.

The area west of Crewe has one of the highest proportions of homes without mains gas connection in northern England.

Cheshire East Council Leader Councillor Michael Jones said, “For people like me who have to heat their homes on heating oil, this represents a real saving. It fits in well with Cheshire East’s aspirations to make energy more affordable and renewable.”

Those interested will need to undertake an accredited Green Deal home energy assessment which will also advise on insulation measures to save further money and energy.

Help to offset the capital costs of these new renewable heating systems and any insulation may also be available via Green Deal. This will be particularly helpful for rural residents struggling with large heating bills.

Further details of the Renewable Heat Incentive for domestic properties go to the OfGEM website

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Ecrime Scam

The information below has been circulated by Trading Standards.  This type of problem has been reported frequently by Home Watch Coordinators over recent years.  Trading Standards have achieved a good result however residents should continue to be wary of cold calls of this nature.
‘Microsoft’ Computer Scammer Brought to Justice
Specialist investigators from the National Trading Standards ecrime Team have been successful in prosecuting a trader involved in the Microsoft computer scam. The scam involved people from overseas call centres cold calling claiming to be ‘Microsoft Certified’ engineers or from a company working for the software giant.
Mr Mohammed Khalid Jamil was brought to justice after his company ‘Smart Support Guys’ tricked a large number of consumers into parting with money after being told they had serious faults on their computer and if not fixed could crash.  The call centre cold callers persuaded consumers that they could fix the problem if given remote access. They then charged between £35 and £150 for installing anti-malware software that Microsoft makes available free of charge.  
Mr Jamil was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months and fined £5000. He was also ordered to pay £5665 in compensation to his victims, many elderly, and £13929 in prosecution costs.
To report a scam or for general consumer advice please contact Citizen’s Advice Consumer Service on 08454 04 05 06 or visit
Please advise members that they can also report concerns about fraud where computers/technology are involved to the national police Action Fraud.     0300 123 2040



A new company – formed and owned by neighbouring councils – has started trading with the aim of saving millions of pounds for Cheshire’s council taxpayers.

CoSocius Ltd, has been launched by Cheshire West and Chester and Cheshire East Councils, to deliver essential business services to both local authorities and market services to outside organisations.

Transfer of contracts and over 300 members of council staff from East and West – formerly working in Cheshire Shared Services providing payroll, payments and IT functions – become effective from May 1.

This will allow the company to sell services and solutions to other local authorities to improve productivity. This will then reduce the running costs for both Cheshire West and Cheshire East.

Sharing services over the past five years has already saved council taxpayers in East and West Cheshire in the region of £18m.

Once established the company is expected to generate savings in excess of £5m after the first five years, rising to £1.6m annually.

Today Board Member Councillor David Brown, Deputy Leader of Cheshire East Council said: “The purpose of forming these companies is to ensure that productivity is increased and will attract further customers and/or partners to provide the best service for our local residents and businesses.”

Fellow Board Member Councillor Les Ford, Deputy Leader of Cheshire West and Chester Council, said: “CoSocius will need to deliver value to both councils, as its shareholders and ultimately, of course, to the public.

“We are seeking to create an innovative, sustainable and highly competitive business able to trade profitably with other organisations, in addition to providing council services.”

Added Councillor Ford: “CoSocius will play its part in an ongoing process designed to cut costs by eliminating waste and improving efficiency – a process which has enabled this authority to save £133m in five years.”

Both Deputy Leaders, together with Mike Suarez, Chief Executive of Cheshire East and Julie Gill, CWAC Director of Resources, will serve on a transitional board to oversee the crucial opening stage of the company’s operations.

An independent chairman will be appointed at a later stage.

Road Improvments

Work starts on delivering multi-million-pound road improvements scheme – to help unlock jobs, growth and better connectivity

Works has started to deliver a multi-million-pound scheme to improve the A500 near Crewe.

Vegetation clearance is being carried out on the verge and roundabout area of the A500, near to Junction 16 of the M6, as part of advance works by the Highways Agency for the widening of the A500 near Junction 16, that is due to be carried out this year.

This is part of a joint scheme between Cheshire East Council and the Highways Agency that will see the installation of traffic signals on Junction 16 and the widening of the A500 to two lanes approaching the junction.

Funding for this joint scheme has been received from the Department for Transport’s (DfT) ‘pinch point’ programme and the project will be managed by the Highways Agency under agreement with the Council.  

The scheme is due to commence early in June, with completion set for Christmas. 

For safety reasons, construction work will be carried out under a 50mph speed limit restriction and overnight closures, which will be co-ordinated with other road schemes planned on the wider road network to minimise disruption to traffic.

Councillor Michael Jones, Leader of Cheshire East Council, said: “Getting this scheme under way is more great news for future jobs and the economic regeneration of Crewe.

“Cheshire East Council’s bid for road infrastructure improvements in and around Crewe has been highly successful, with the final piece in the jigsaw secured last June, when it was awarded £2m of funding by the DfT for local ‘pinch points’.

“This work is part of the Council’s vision for a less-congested and better-integrated road network that will help transform Crewe and surrounding areas into an economic powerhouse by 2030. This Council is continuing to deliver on that ambition.

“This scheme is the culmination of several years of hard work and lobbying by the Council and is the latest in a series of successful road bids for the Council to deliver better connectivity and jobs-led, plan-led growth for the people of Cheshire East.

“One of our key aims is for Cheshire East to have a strong and resilient economy and improving the roads in and around the Borough ensures that we will gain an even greater reputation as an excellent place to do business.”

The A500 scheme will see a 600 metre-long widening of the A500 on the approach to the M6 at junction 16 on the Crewe side.

This will create an additional full-length lane along that stretch of the A500, which will then taper into a shorter third lane. It will help ease traffic congestion to the proposed Basford East and West development sites.

These are strategic employment sites that are a key part in the council’s vision to help create up to 12,500 jobs over the next two decades as part of the ambitious ‘All Change for Crewe’ programme.

Recent successful bids to the DfT also include:

● £7.5m to ease congestion around Junction 16, with the widening and installation of traffic signals on the A500 and M6 approaches to the junction;

● £2.7m of ‘local pinch point’ funding towards the Basford West spine road linking the A500 at Shavington with Gresty Road in Crewe, with work proposed to begin in summer 2014;

●Up to £15.7m of funding for our planned Crewe Green Link Road scheme, which will further improve access to Crewe’s strategic investment sites;

● £6m investment at Crewe Rail Exchange to improve pedestrian access and provide a new entrance, parking and improved retail facilities at the rail station.

Regular press releases will be issued throughout the construction period, which will include traffic management proposals. Details will also be available on the Council’s web site at

Monday 7 April 2014

Bizarre Decisions by Cllr. Jones

For two reasons I was very surprised that Cllr. Jones, the Leader of Cheshire East Council, had offered the Crewe and Nantwich Chronicle office space. Firstly the Chronicle are carrying out a trial  of home working  and Cllr Jones does not seem to understand the concept of home working. You don't do home working from an office, it kind of defeats the object.

Secondly, he offers office space to the Chronicle but will not allow the democratically elected Crewe Town Council to rent space in the Municipal Buildings in Crewe, which has been the centre of local government in the town for over a century. The Town Council should obviously  be located in the Municipal Buildings and not be forced to rent alternative office space in the town.

The long list of bizarre decisions by Cllr. Jones continues to grow.

Yours faithfully ,

Brian Silvester
Cllr Brian Silvester BA (Hons)

Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor

Cheshire East Council

11 Rimsdale Close



Tel/fax 01270 567757

Twitter @CllrBSilvester

Facebook Cllr Brian Silvester


Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston

George Raiswell, aged 13 from Wistaston, played for 12 hours during a fundraising 'Tennisathon' from 7am to 7pm at Wistaston Jubilee Tennis Club (WJTC) on Saturday 5th April 2014.

Younger brother James, Mum Julie and Dad Chris, friends and members of WJTC helped out George by playing with and against him over the course of the day. His friend Jack Whalley, aged 14 and the current WJTC Junior Boys singles champion, played for 5 of the 12 hours.

Results were recorded onto a large board and 184 games were played in total, which comprised 19 and a bit sets. George recorded 10 net cords over the day.

12-hour Tennisathon is completed

George also raised money at a celebrity sweepstake and his Mum made cakes to sell during the Tennisathon. In total he has raised £187. George, who is a Year 8 student at Shavington High School, organised the event to raise money for Sport Relief - . The money will help people in the UK and in some of the world's poorest countries.

George said, "It was a painful but enjoyable experience and I would like to thank everyone who gave up their time to help me and to people who sponsored me".

'Spring Concert' at Willaston Primary School.

Reporter  Jonathan White, Crewe

A hundred people watched Willaston Junior Choir and the Wistaston Singers choir perform a joint ‘Spring Concert’ at Willaston Primary School ( on the evening of Wednesday 2nd April 2014. It was the first time that the choirs had combined to perform a concert.

The Willaston Junior Choir sang Babethandaza (South African Trad), Freedom Train (Trad Spiritual), Believe (Liz Marsh), Groovy Grandma (Chris Williams), Sunshine in my Heart (Alison Burns), Catch Me If You Can (Lin Marsh), and Splish Splash (Bobby Darin). Their Conductor/Accompanists were Tania Lloyd and Elaine West.

The Wistaston Singers sang 42nd Street (Harry Warren), Phantom of the Opera (Lloyd Webber), and All in the April Evening (Hugh Roberton). Their Conductor was Phil Houghton and their Accompanist was Jane Hale.

The Choirs jointly sang Can You Feel The Love Tonight (John/Rice) and Oliver (Bart). The concert finished with the combined singing of The Teddy Bears’ Picnic (John Bratton) which involved both choirs waving their teddy bears in the air.

Spring Concert at Willaston Primary School (3)

The programme also included soloists Jane Hale (flute) performing Tambourin (Gossec) and Christopher White (ukulele) encouraged audience participation whilst performing It’s in the Air (G Formby).

Refreshments were served during the interval.

Willaston Primary School Headteacher Clare Grehan gave her thanks to all involved and to the amount of time spent in rehearsing for the concert.

Phil Houghton said, “I have been totally blown away by the enthusiasm and enjoyment that the children have shown in learning the music and words for the pieces we jointly sang. Their concentration and attention to detail was exemplary. They are a credit to the school. All this could not have been achieved without the help and guidance of school staff and I am particularly grateful to Tania Lloyd and Elaine West for their sterling work with their choir in what I know has been a busy period for them. This concert was the brainchild of a member of the Wistaston Singers, Brian Simpson, who has family members at the school and I am grateful for his hard work in making this concert possible.”

Proceeds from the concert will go to Willaston Primary School.

Saturday 5 April 2014

Bentley Staff Put Lives at Risk


Bentley staff park on the pavement across the road from the factory as they are to idle to walk. This happens on a daily basis and as you can see its right on the bridge and there is no room to get a a push chair or walk past safely with young children. I have watched mother struggle to get past with young children and I cant even get past with a dog without going into the road. Its only a matter of time until someone is seriously injured. They have there own car parks or could park away from the factory in a safe place

Spring Concert in Wistaston.

Photos by Christopher White. Reporter John White, Wistaston.

The main room at Wistaston Memorial Hall was full with music lovers for the Spring Concert on Saturday 29th March 2014.

The Crewe Concert Band (, under their Musical Director and Conductor Albert Dunseath, performed an eclectic mix of music ranging from jazz, via musicals, to a tribute to Frank Sinatra.

There were two solo performances: Wyn Barnett who played a trombone solo entitled 'Misty' as arranged by Marcel Peeters, and John Priest who played 'The Concertino For Clarinet Opus 26'.

The audience were able to clap along with the 'Radetzy March'. Crewe Concert Band - Wistaston - Sat 29-3-14 (1)

At the end of the Concert the Band was given a spontaneous standing ovation.

A surprise item was 'The Londonderry Air' which was first played by Jane Ross in Limavady, Northern Ireland.

The raffle was organised by Glenys White, Christopher White, Tom Jones and Bill Heath.

The refreshments were organised by Audrey Astbury, Eileen Robertson and a team of helpers.

The Organiser John White said, "The evening proved to be a memorable and enjoyable variety concert of live music. The proceeds were shared between the Band and the Hall. It was another great success at the Hall".

Crewe Concert Band - Wistaston - Sat 29-3-14 (2)

Friday 4 April 2014

Cheshire Fire And Rescue Service

April 2014 E-Newsletter - Firelink

This is a message sent via The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England & Wales). This information has been sent on behalf of Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service

(Please do not reply directly to this email, please use the Reply button at the bottom of this message)

Message sent by

Ashley Lawton (Cheshire Fire , Administrator, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service)

Welcome to the April edition of the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service e-Newsletter.

Plans published for 2014/15

Cheshire Fire Authority has now published the Integrated Risk Management (IRMP) for 2014/15.
This plan contains a list of proposals and plans for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service over the next 12-months.
Read our plans for 2014/15

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service wins Business Transformation at the LGC Awards

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service has won the Business Transformation category at the 2014 Local Government Chronicle Awards, the biggest celebration of innovation and talent across British councils.
A ceremony was held in London on Wednesday, 12 March featuring over 80 organisations which had been shortlisted for their work to improve services.
The Service was recognised by the judges for the Risk Reduction project.
Find out more about how Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service wins Business Transformation at the LGC Awards

Could you be an on-call firefighter in Middlewich?

Fire chiefs are looking for enthusiastic and willing people who live or work near to Middlewich Fire Station to work as on-call firefighters. They want to meet people who are keen to work in a team environment and who would like to earn an additional income of around £5000 each year.
They are particularly looking for on-call firefighters who can provide cover and can be called upon between the hours of 0700 and 1800.
Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the roles is welcome to come to one of two special open days being held at the Station to find out what being an on-call firefighter is all about.
Find out more about becoming an on-call firefighters at Middlewich

High Sheriff's award for Fire and Rescue Service youth manager

The High Sheriff of Cheshire, Martin Beaumont, has honoured a member of Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service with a High Sheriff Award in recognition of extraordinary service to the community of Cheshire.
Nick Evans, the Service's Youth and Communities Cohesion Manager, was awarded the accolade for his work with young people, in particular, the Prince's Trust Team (PTT) programme. He, along with Chief Fire Officer Paul Hancock, was invited to a special reception at the High Sheriff's residence where the award was made on Thursday 20th March
Find out more about the High Sheriff's award for Fire and Rescue Service youth manager

Fire cadets trek to build school in Nepal

Fire Cadets from Cheshire are planning a trip of a lifetime to help villagers build a much needed, safe school for children in Nepal.
Working with the charity Classrooms in the Clouds (CitC), a team of 20 young people and 10 team leaders will set on in November 2015 and will embark on a journey on foot through the Himalayas, to get to the village of Thulodhunga in Nepal to help with the school project.
Find out more about Cheshire Fire Cadets building a school in Nepal

Firefighters warn of smoking nightmares

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is warning people about the dangers of smoking after three fires over the weekend.
Two of the blazes resulted in casualties and all three were caused by smoking materials.
The incidents, in Neston, Chester and Ellesmere Port, highlight the deadly dangers of smoking which will be promoted by us as part of this month's Fire Kills campaign.
Find out more about firefighters warning of smoking nightmares

Dog rescued from a fire in a camper van

Firefighters were called to a VW camper van on fire in Wilmslow and discovered the owner's dog still trapped inside the smoke filled vehicle.
The fire took hold of the engine and front of the vehicle and spread to the passenger compartment as a crew from Wilmslow Fire Station arrived on scene at 8.20am on Thursday, March 13.
Luckily the owner had managed to get himself and his two children, 14-year-old Joe and 10-year-old Lily, out of the burning vehicle but unfortunately Archie, the 16-month-old Border Collie-Cross was trapped inside the van which was full of thick black and acrid smoke.
Find out more about how Archie the dog was rescue from a fire in a camper van

Hoping to raise bucketloads for charity

Cheshire firefighters will be splashing out with car washes throughout April and May in aid of The Fire Fighters Charity.
Crews will be rolling up their sleeves and taking to buckets and hoses to shine up the county's cars along with providing drivers with vital road safety advice.
Find out if your local fire station are taking part in a charity car wash

Sandbach Fire Station Open Day

Sandbach fire station is opening its doors to the public for a free event on Sunday 27th April, showcasing the work of Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and the work we do in the community
Find out more about the Sandbach Fire Station Open Day

Residents asked to keep up their fight against proposed housing development in Willaston


I am pleased that the members of the Strategic Planning Board of the Cheshire East Council have  rejected the proposed housing development of 170 houses off Moorfields and Wistaston Road in Willaston.

I campaigned for the application to be refused because it would have had a significant detrimental impact on the open countryside and the Green Gap and would take good agricultural land out of production for ever. Also the application is unsustainable for a variety of reasons. Roads in Willaston are congested and dangerous now at peak times. Parking is already a nightmare for many Willaston residents, particularly in the Wistaston Road area. Recently some buses had to divert from the centre of the village because the congestion is so bad they cannot get through with the bus. To have over 340 more cars a day added to the traffic movements can only lead to further highway congestion, more parking problems, add to the accident numbers and the pollution concerns. The local Primary School is already over subscribed and can’t take any more children. The Chairman of the Governors of the school wrote to the Council to tell them that the school does not have the facilities for the extra number of children that the development would generate. There is already a flooding problem across the village after heavy rain and this further development will add to the pressure on the capacity of the sewers. The nearest Secondary School and Health Centre are not within a safe walking distance because the road leading to them, is a narrow country lane which is unlit and there are no public footpaths.

In summary there were good planning reasons to reject this application. I strongly feel that applications like this should be refused because they are detrimental to the open countryside, impinge on the green gaps between our towns, uses valuable agricultural land and are unsustainable

The application will now go to appeal and will be decided by a planning inspector from Bristol at a  public inquiry later in the year. All those who have battled against this application  can feel pleased with the support they have now won from the Borough Council but they must continue the fight to ensure that the application is also thrown out at the appeal.

Brian Silvester
Cllr Brian Silvester BA (Hons) (Photo attached)

UK Independence Party Councillor

Willaston and Rope Ward Councillor

Cheshire East Council

11 Rimsdale Close



Tel/fax 01270 567757

Twitter @CllrBSilvester

Facebook Cllr Brian Silvester



A planning application, made by Gladman Developments, to build up to 300 houses on land off Church Lane, Wistaston, known locally as Witters Field, was refused by Cheshire East Council and it has now gone to Appeal with the Planning Inspectorate.  The Appeal will be heard later this year.  The time for anyone who is interested to submit comments is running out with the deadline at the end of the day on Wednesday the 9th of April 2014.

Local action group Hands off Wistaston (HOW), Wistaston Parish Council and local Cheshire East Ward Councillors are encouraging residents to add their comments to the Witters Field Appeal on the Planning Inspectorate’s website before the end of Wednesday the 9th April 2014.   It is not too late to have your say.  If you feel strongly enough about the possibility of Witters Field being built on please take a few minutes to go online.  The link is via

HOW’s Peter Wainwright says;

“HOW, has been doing all it can to get this application refused but we need you now.  If you hate the thought of losing Witters Field to a housing development then please take a few minutes to go online and make your comments.  You will be doing your bit for our community.”

Wistaston Parish Councillor Joyce Bond, who Chairs their Planning Committee says;

“It will be a great pity if Witters Field is built on, we need the Planning Inspectors to understand just how much it means to the local community, its public footpaths together with wide views across open countryside could be lost forever and that would be unforgiveable.  It’s still not too late to add your comments about this proposed development. ”

Margaret Simon, Cheshire East Councillor for Wistaston Ward says;

“Over the last year HOW, Wistaston Parish Council and Ward Councillors have all been working incredibly hard, on behalf of local residents, to save our  local Green Gaps and to fight off this, unplanned, unsustainable and unwanted development.  I made the point in a recent Strategic Planning Board Meeting that this proposal to build on Witters Field has resulted in an unprecedented number of objections from Wistaston residents.  I have never known such strength of public feeling.  Witters Field matters very much to Wistaston residents.  Please take the time go online before the end of Wednesday 9th April 2014 and add your comments.”

If you need any more information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Best regards


Margaret Simon

Cheshire East Councillor for Wistaston Ward

Telephone: 01270 651582

Mobile: 07894 478768


Thursday 3 April 2014



Air pollution levels are forecast to hit 7 or above by DEFRA standards tomorrow in parts of Cheshire and South Manchester, so people at risk of respiratory illness and other health conditions are advised to avoid physical exertion, particularly outdoors, and especially if you have a cough or sore throat. This is important advice and I hope you can communicate this to your readers / listeners as soon as possible.

This is a quote from the Green Party's European candidate, Peter Cranie: 

“South East England and continental Europe needs to reduce the level of air pollution they are contributing to the smog, but we could also act locally by cutting the amount of traffic on roads around Cheshire and South Manchester with car share schemes and encouragement to use public transport, instead of planning further roads and increased vehicle emissions."

"This also shows the government that they should be pushing for stronger air pollution laws from the European Union, rather than trying to water down the rules we already have. This episode is another reminder that we need to work with our European neighbours in creating laws that protect our environment and our health. Anti-EU parties like UKIP have their heads in the sand because they don't recognise that we need EU wide co-operation on the environment.”

Cheshire east committed to keeping its libraries and boosting them as community hubs – while increasing value for money


Cheshire East Council says it is committed to keeping open all 16 of its libraries and to widening their appeal to communities – despite pressures on its budget.

A report to Cabinet yesterday (April 1) explained the Council aims to broaden the role of its libraries as community hubs that attract a wider audience and buck the national trend of declining library use and closures by other local authorities.

Restructuring of the library service and electronic book lending and returning has improved productivity and saved £700,000 in costs.

Reorganisation of contracts and central supply services will save a further £300,000 and means the Borough’s 16 libraries will remain open and with enhanced services.

The Council has made savings of around £500,000 as a consequence of greater use of e-books and negotiating better deals on the purchase of traditional books, which have fallen in price.

Cheshire East libraries receive 1.8 million visitors and issue 2.7 million books each year.

Councillor David Brown, Cheshire East Council Cabinet member in charge of strategic communities, said: “As a Council we recognise the valuable role that our libraries play in their communities and we are committed to retaining libraries in the 16 towns they are in today.

“Cheshire East libraries are highly valued by our residents – and by this Council.  Indeed a recent libraries’ survey reported 95 per cent of users were satisfied with the library service in Cheshire East. 

“Our service also gets good usage. We are proud to have the highest number of books borrowed each year of all unitary authorities, and the third-highest out of all UK local authorities.  But we think we can make the service better at serving the needs of our communities – and give greater value for money. 

“Expectations of libraries have evolved and, if they are to represent value for money to all residents, they must become more relevant to a wider section of the community. They should be a key resource to help our local communities become stronger and support people to develop the life skills and education they need to thrive in the modern world.

“Libraries would not exist, however, without their traditional purpose of lending books and so our challenge is balancing the expectations of our traditional library users with the diverse needs and expectations of residents that visit our libraries to seek help with finding a job, get information on benefits, develop digital skills or participate in community activities.

“It is our ambition to broaden the role of our libraries and develop community hubs that appeal to a wider audience and buck the national trend of declining library usage.

“Our strategy aims to deliver a comprehensive, efficient and sustainable library service for the people of Cheshire East.

“In these challenging economic times, we are committed to ensuring we get real value for money for our local Council Tax payers.”

The Council’s Three-Year Plan established a project to develop a new model for sustainable library services and community hubs. 

A public consultation of library users was commissioned to ensure we design and deliver a sustainable library service that meets the expectations of our residents.

The service that local people tend to value is a traditional one, with an emphasis on borrowing books. The changes they desire tend to be enhancements or modernisations of the current library offer: wi-fi, e-books and better zoning to allow for both quiet study and provision for children in the same building.” 

The service priorities set out in the Libraries strategy are now more closely aligned to the Council’s Three Year Plan and, in particular, reflect the evolving role of libraries as community hubs within some of our towns.

The service priorities for our libraries are:

● Improve literacy;

● Support informal learning;

● Enable digital inclusion;

● Provide information;

● Develop libraries as community hubs; and

● Improve efficiency to give best value for local people.

Kimberley Walsh launches annual Love Glasses campaign and the search for the Spectacle Wearer of the Year 2014

Kimberley Crewe

GIRLS ALOUD singer and West End actress Kimberley Walsh has teamed up with Specsavers in Crewe & Nantwich and anti-bullying charity Kidscape to find a specs-wearer with Something Kinda Oooh as she launches the annual Spectacle Wearer of the Year competition. 

This year’s overall winner will be presented with £10,000 in cash and a dream holiday to the Bahamas at a star-studded awards event hosted by Gok Wan later this year. 

Kimberley says: ‘I love my glasses, I like to make a real statement by wearing something bold. They are such a part of who you are and a fun way to express yourself. Everyone should wear their specs with pride!’

‘I’ve been wearing glasses for six years. I think I let my eyes get a little bit worse than I should have before I did start wearing them but now I have fully embraced them - it’s a new look for me.’

Kimberley is the face of Specsavers’ Love Glasses campaign and the associated Spectacle Wearer of the Year competition, which sees £1 donated by Specsavers to Kidscape for every entry.

Michael Elleray, store director at Specsavers Crewe, says: ‘We know that people in Crewe love their glasses and we want to celebrate it. The Spectacle Wearer of the Year competition gives us the opportunity to prove that glasses are fabulous at any age by celebrating the specs wearers right on our doorstep who wear them with pride and plenty of style.’

Kimberley continues: ‘We’re all more fragile and vulnerable when we’re young and bullying is much more prevalent than we think and takes many different forms. It’s important that we stand up to bullies, know how to spot the signs and encourage young people to have strength and the confidence to be themselves.’

There are four age categories – 16-24; 25-39; 40-59 and 60+, plus a Facebook favourite voted for by the public. A winner from each category will win a VIP makeover and will attend the celebrity-studded grand final in London at 8 Northumberland Avenue on 07 October.

To be in with a chance of scooping the biggest accolade in the specs-wearing world, specs wearers can enter the competition online,, via Facebook,, or at their nearest Specsavers store.

The ultimate Spectacle Wearer of the Year winner will receive £10,000, plus a week’s holiday for two in the Bahamas courtesy of the Grand Lucayan Beach & Golf Resort and a wardrobe of specs to suit every style.

Wednesday 2 April 2014

‘Cheshire East revolution’ sees launch of Alternative Service Delivery Vehicles


Cheshire East Council takes a major step towards its ambition of becoming a strategic commissioning council this week with the launch of a series of arm’s length companies running key Council services.

Waste and streetscene services will in future be operated by a company called Ansa, while bereavement services will be managed by Orbitas. Both are wholly-owned by Cheshire East, but will be run on a day-to-day basis by their own boards and managements.

Council Leader Michael Jones explained: “We’re taking the financial challenge head-on. We’re working with trade unions and staff to provide a new way of running a council, unleashing innovation and entrepreneurialism, managing costs and improving our offer to customers and service users.

“In future, no two councils will look exactly the same and seeking out new, innovative ways of providing services is now an essential feature of local government.”

He added: “Rather than moan and complain about budgets going down, councils need to innovate.

“This is certainly our view as we embark on our Cheshire East revolution – putting residents’ first”, he said.

The launch of Ansa and Orbitas is just the first phase of the Council’s strategy.

Cheshire East is already a partner in a shared back office services company with neighbouring Cheshire West and Chester called CoSocius, running the two authorities’ HR, finance and ICT support.

Last year, it also established a development company, East Cheshire Engine of the North, to maximise value from the council’s land and property estate.

Next month, the Council’s leisure services will relaunch as an independent trust called ‘Everybody Sport and Recreation Ltd’.

Then in July the Council is planning to launch a new ASDV covering its public transport responsibilities.

Connecting Cheshire secures additional funding for rural superfast fibre broadband roll-out


An extra £643,000 has been awarded to Connecting Cheshire by the Government to reach around 1,000 additional rural premises with superfast fibre broadband.

The funding has been provided to cover premises in four ‘hard to reach’ locality areas:

● Burleydam & Audlem;

● Arley & Antrobus;

● Huxley;

● Gawsworth, North Rode and Wincle.

The additional coverage will be provided under an extension to the current Connecting Cheshire programme being rolled-out by BT Openreach in partnership with four Cheshire councils covering Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, Halton and Warrington.

The additional coverage will provide a significant boost to the viability of some of Cheshire’s most rural communities.

Faster and more-reliable broadband services have been proven to benefit all elements of the community, from the elderly and vulnerable to small businesses and home workers.

Councillor David Brown, Deputy Leader of Cheshire East Council, on behalf of the Connecting Cheshire Partnership said: “This is great news for the project and a real boost to these communities who have campaigned tirelessly to make the case for faster broadband.

“With their help we were able to convince the government that fibre broadband is now essential for the social and economic sustainability of these communities. I would especially like to thank all those who helped us demonstrate high levels of support for this application by securing hundreds of demand registrations across their communities.

“The message to everyone is to register your interest in wanting superfast broadband – to help influence future funding applications.”

Specific coverage details will be confirmed once BT completes its technical surveys of the areas and develops the optimal roll-out plan to reach as many premises as possible within the confines of the funding. 

Benefits cheat ordered to repay nearly £3,000 and do unpaid community work


A man who fraudulently claimed nearly £3,000 in benefits has been ordered by magistrates to repay the money and do unpaid community work.

Alex Bruinsma, 41, of Newfield Street, Sandbach, pleaded guilty at South and East Cheshire Magistrates’ Court to two charges of making false statements in relation to his claims for housing benefit and jobseekers’ allowance.

Magistrates sitting at Crewe (on Tuesday March 25) heard that Bruinsma claimed housing benefit and jobseekers’ allowance on October 15, 2010, on the basis that he was a single person with no income.

However, investigators for Cheshire East Council’s benefit fraud team and the Department for Work and Pensions found that Bruinsma was living with his partner. In submitting the false claims, Bruinsma was overpaid benefits totalling £2,987.

Magistrates imposed a community order on Bruinsma to carry out 60 hours’ unpaid work and to pay costs of £350. A compensation order was also granted ordering him to repay the overpaid benefits.

The prosecution was brought by Cheshire East Council’s benefit fraud investigation team and legal team.

Councillor Peter Raynes, Cheshire East Council Cabinet member in charge of finance, said: “This prosecution is another clear example of this Council taking firm action to protect our local communities from those who criminally abuse the benefits system at the expense of honest, hardworking taxpayers.

“This latest court success follows several similar successful prosecutions, which have clawed back tens of thousands of pounds for taxpayers.

“It sends out a clear message that people who try to cheat the system and hard-working taxpayers will be pursued by this Council and brought to justice.

“Cheshire East is an enforcing Council and benefit fraud will simply not be tolerated. Offenders must be clear that they will be found out and brought before the courts to face justice.”

If you think someone is committing benefit fraud, you can ring the confidential freephone fraud hotline on 0800 389 2787. You don’t have to give your name and your call will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Alternatively, you can report suspected fraud via the Council’s website at

Tuesday 1 April 2014

1950’s rock ‘n roll concert in Nantwich.

Reporter. Jonathan White

A 1950’s rock ‘n roll concert took place at Nantwich Civic Hall - - on Saturday 29th March 2014.

Buddy Holly three-piece tribute ‘The Phil Ball Band’ opened the show and warmed up the crowd by singing several of his classic hits including Not Fade Away, That'll Be the Day, Oh, Boy!, Heartbeat, and Peggy Sue.

The Jet-Setters and audience

During the interval there was a charity auction and raffle in aid of Reverse Rett Charity UK and the Wingate Centre . A family spoke movingly about the effects of Rett Syndrome on their young daughter and asked for audience support in raising money for ongoing research into this genetic disorder. They also spoke about the ‘14:14:14 Cycle Challenge’ which from 1st June this year will see a group of cyclists attempt to cycle through 14 countries in 14 days to raise awareness of Rett Syndrome and raise money for Reverse Rett:

Three-piece rock 'n' roll tribute band ‘The Jet-Setters’ then performed their set using vintage equipment to recreate the 50s sound. They played classic hits from artists such as Johnny Cash, Sam Cooke and Elvis Presley.

Jay the Magician circulated amongst the tables to demonstrate his tricks.

Warble Entertainment provided the entertainment and have uploaded the official photos to their Facebook page:

Several audience members wore 50s clothing including women wearing neck scarfs and polka dot dresses and men wearing suits with trouser braces, winkle picker shoes and rockabilly wigs.

'The Crumperie' - - provided refreshments for sale outside the venue.

The event finished with a disco.