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Thursday 12 March 2015

Cllr Brian Silvester selected as UKIP Candidate for the Willaston and Rope Ward


Cllr Brian Silvester has been selected as the UKIP Candidate for the Willaston and Rope Ward for the May 7th elections to the Cheshire East Council.

He said “ I am delighted to be selected. I have represented Willaston for 16 years and Rope  for a similar period. I always listen to the views and concerns of local residents, I take action and I report back. I can't solve every problem but I will always try and my constituents appreciate that. I also have a very good working relationship with the two Parish Councils in the Ward.

Willaston and Rope Ward need a strong, independent, influential, experienced voice to represent them to ensure that local people get a fair deal from the Cheshire East Council, the third biggest Unitary Council in the North West. I live in the Ward at 11 Rimsdale Close,Rope. My Conservative opponent lives in Faddiley and my Labour opponent lives in Crewe.

The biggest concern of my constituents is the planning fiasco that has been inflicted on local residents by the Conservative and Labour Groups  through the failed Local Plan that they both voted for. Working with local residents, the Green Gap Action Team and the Parish Councils I have been able to STOP a 880 housing development at Gresty Oaks, which is partly in Rope, to STOP a 146 housing development in Moorfields in Willaston and to STOP a gigantic slurry lagoon on the border between Rope and Willaston. Unfortunately I was not able to stop two housing developments in Willaston in the Green Gap because they were voted through by Conservative Councillors despite the Conservative Leader of the Council pledging that he would protect the Green Gaps from development.

I have worked tirelessly to improve the roads an footpaths in Willaston and Rope. Recently I have been successful in that the Council have agreed to re-surface the two  main roads  through Willaston, Wistaston Road and Wybunbury Road.


About Cllr Brian Silvester

Born in Nantwich in 1952 he is a proud Dabber.

Brian was first elected as a Councillor in 1976 and has served as a Councillor ever since.

He is a former Leader and Mayor of the Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council

He is a former Deputy Leader of the Cheshire East Council

What people say about Cllr. Brian Silvester

Here are just some of the many genuine thank you messages Brian has received from grateful residents he has helped:-

"You have always acted promptly, kindly and efficiently when I have been at my wits end because nobody else would help me."

"Thanks for taking such swift and effective action. It is appreciated."

"I cannot express my gratitude enough, we're just back from visiting my Aunt and I can't get over the change."

"With your support and kind intervention the pending work was completed last week."

"Sorry to send this onto you but it seems that you are the only Councillor that is on the same wave length."

"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in trying to get this matter resolved."

"Manny many thanks. You should rightly feel proud about the turnaround. What an amazing change."

"I hope you carry on with the good work you have done in the past."

'A record of delivery. A promise of more'

Cllr. Brian Silvester, your experienced Councillor who gets thing done

'I can't promise to resolve every problem but I do promise that I will always try.'

Closure of Crewe Road, Shavington for 10 weeks will cause traffic chaos in surrounding roads


Willaston and Rope Ward Councillor Brian Silvester is concerned that the total closure of Crewe Road, Shavington for over 10 weeks will cause traffic chaos in the surrounding roads in Rope,Willaston and Shavington cum Gresty. (See below)

He said,  “Gresty Road/Crewe Rd will remain open but for one way working controlled by traffic lights for TWO weeks from April 27th There is a general and local election on Thursday May 7th.  Gresty Road/Crewe Rd will then be closed both ways (as originally planned) for 8 to 10 weeks from May 11th.

The closure is as a result of the building of the new spine road from Gresty Bridge to the A 500 roundabout. Crewe Rd will be permanently blocked from May 11th  just south of Gresty Bridge for around 10 weeks. The new spine road is expected to open in July 2015. I am calling on Cheshire East Council(CEC)  to inform motorists in every way possible, in good time before the closure, identifying the alternative routes into and out of Crewe. Also CEC must ensure that there are no road works on any of the alternative routes to allow for a free flow of traffic for the ten week period. Both  Cllr Brickhill and myself want to prevent rat runners using Rope Lane, Eastern Road and Gresty Lane, which are narrow roads and already very busy with traffic. Students at Shavington High School are already concerned about road safety around the approaches to the school and this road closure will make it infinitely worse as  motorists seek rat runs to get into and out of Crewe.”

Cllr Brickhill said,”Rat runners will cause an increase in danger to pupils walking on Gresty Lane and Rope Lane.  Pupils need to be made aware of this and told not to walk several children wide along the Rope Lane footpaths which forces  some of them to walk in the road. I am hoping that there will still be a walking route through to the Gresty bridge but this needs checking. The only other impact will be on parents picking up children from school in cars and of course any  staff who usually drive in and out on Gresty Rd and Crewe Road.  They should expect some delays.”


Campaign to save late night weekend bus between Nantwich and Willaston

Willaston and Rope Ward Councillor Brian Silvester has started a campaign to save late night weekend bus between Nantwich and Willaston.

He said, “The late night weekend C84 bus between Nantwich and Willaston, which is run by Arriva,is being taken off in a few weeks time on the 22/315.The bus is well used by residents who go into town for a weekend drink and entertainment. I am told that arounf 25 people use the bus at the weekend. I cannot understand why Arriva would want to take it off because with that level of usage  it must be a viable service. I have contacted Arriva and the Council about it (See below) and I would advise residents to support the campaign by contacting Arriva and the Council to show the level of support for this service. If it is lost it will probably be lost forever and that would be a great shame. We should encourage the use of the buses and especially at the weekend  because it results in less drinking and driving and that must be better for all concerned.”

Cllr Brian Silvester BA (Hons)

Willaston and Rope Ward Councillor

Cheshire East Council

11 Rimsdale Close



Tel/fax 01270 567757

Text     07760147609


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