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Sunday 30 November 2008

The Mercian Regiment (Cheshires)

The Mercian Regiment (Cheshires) marched around the town on Saturday to cheers and applause as they received the freedom of the borough from the Mayor. It was a very cold and foggy day but still the crowds turned out to see this historic occasion. Out MP Edward Timpson was also present to the march past and attended the celebration at the Municipal Buildings.
The 1st Battalion of the 22nd Cheshire Regiment became the 1st Battalion of the Mercian Regiment (Cheshire) in August last year.
The Battalion has recently returned from an overseas pan-Commonwealth exercise in New Zealand and will shortly deploy to the Falkland Islands.
This will see the soldiers spending at least six weeks exercising in some of the world’s most arduous terrain.
They are to open a recruiting office at the old Lunacy at Sarahs shop next to the bank.

Bike on the pavement the silent killers

The pictures shows a Autumn view of Victoria Ave with wonderful colours but the scene is marred by the bike on the pavement. The road is clear hardly a car in site yet the bikes still use the pavement. They are a absolute menace and the Chronicle has had a few letters published on complaints about bikes.

Its not just kids who do it but everyone now seems to think the can ride on the pavement most don’t care about people walking and zoom along at top speed and if the bash into you with straight handle bars that’s your ribs gone. The Police ride past and pay not attention if they see people on the pavement. It’s a menace for everyone but old people, disabled and young children are particularly at risk. I have been attacked when a pair of bikes bashed into me and the other day I saw an old man have to cover his body with a bag to prevent being hurt by a girl on a bike. All he got was a mouthful of abuse.
There is one idiot that goes across Derby Docks on an electric bike at full speed 25mph+ right past a young child’s play area and when dogs chase him he wonders why. It only take a toddler to step out from the play area or a mother with a baby and someone will die.
Its time the Police and Council took some action on this matter as it goes on all over the town but like everything else they will wait until someone is killed before anything is done.

Sunday 16 November 2008

Queens Park Update

The Queens park is slowly making progress but at what cost? You can see in the before and after shots of the park that the Island that has stood for many years as a haven for wild life has now been stripped of all the bushes leaving a solitary tree in the middle.

The banks of the lake are slowly being rebuilt but for many who love days out at the park in the summer its not fast enough. 90% of the park is still fenced off and you cant use it. At the present rate we still wont be able to get in next year and it will take a very long time for the park to be back to its former glory. For the shrubs to regrow could take another 5-10 years.

Thursday 13 November 2008

Wulver to waste more money on Derby Docks

The Derby Docks estate, which has suffered from persistent problems with fly tipping and littering, is to benefit from new secure recycling and rubbish collection points, new fencing and pathways, tree planting and public seating areas. The work will transform the area. The area will get £130,000 to do all this with.

Local residents told us that they wanted things to change. This project will make that change, by creating places where tenants can walk, sit and chat. The move has been warmly welcomed by local people, and we're looking forward to seeing the plans brought to life."

This is what Wulvern Housing say on the matter but resident have a different view. For the past 6 year residents have been trying to get rid of the benches and trees planted on the Docks in the past as they have caused terrible problems from vandalism to drinking and drug taking.

Wulvern have not met with residents they may have asked their own tenants but have not consulted the wider area which will be effected by these bright ideas. As I am the chairman of the local residents I know we haven’t been asked and it directly effects us.

You can see from post on this site and on that all they are doing is creating even more problems for the area in the belief that they are doing good. The seats have been the main problem for years as the yobs and kids flock to the seats and collect there up to 40 at a time.

This has the effect of stopping people crossing the Dock for fear of being attacked. Several petitions have been signed to get the seats removed as residents were not consulted in the first place.

The bushes have had to be cut down recently as they were used by youths to hide the fact they were having drunken under age parties in them as the were then hidden from the Police. Again on this site we have reported how they made the area a no go area, and wrecked the play area and lighting.

We agree that all these things would be lovely in the right area and the yobs shouldn’t win and stop us enjoying these things. But the reality is the yobs are winning and these facilities will be abused and draw in even more drunks until the Police and others take some action on these trouble makers and stop wasting money on these silly schemes which if you look historically at the area you find they are a total waste of money

New Car Boot

A new weekly car boot starting this Sunday 16th November on the lorry park behind Scope House on Weston Lane. Its been a bit of a campaign to get it going since the Vagrants stopped in October, which included emailing all 56 borough councillors & Edward Timpson, asking them to put the word out to whoever might have a suitable site.

8.00 - 1.00pm Cars £6 Vans £10 Trailers +£6

Wednesday 12 November 2008

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day was well attended this year at the site of the War memorial which you will remember was moved from the its location to the new square see War memorial.

It was nice to see a lot of young people turning out for this event as this is the 90th year so it’s a special occasion.

The mayor and councilors were there to lay poppies as is normal on these occasions along with all local groups like Sea Cadets Air, Training Corp, British Legion and many more.

Let us remember all those who have died for our town in the 2 mins silence on Wednesday 11th of the 11th month.

Xmas starts in crewe Town

The Xmas festivities kicked off on the square with a market on the square and a free ice rink. The market with many foreign stalls was there over the weekend to add variety to out normal market. Displayed at the market were arm trucks from the modelling club and as you can see in the photo they are not toy trucks but the real thing. They were there to support the British legion with it poppy day appeal. More activities are planned for the town centre so pop down and see whats on offer