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Monday 23 March 2015

Illegal Guard Dogs at Allotments

A witness walking near the allotments that go from Ford Lane Crewe to Underwood Lane. A  loose guard dog came rushing at the fence snapping and snarling at them trying to find a way  to get out and attack them. This went on for a full 8 mins. They made a noise to see if there was anyone with it and a man came and said it was a guard dog he had no control over the dog it ignored anything he said.
This is an offense under the guard dog act as the dog must be under control at ALL times if a child or an allotment holder had enter the premise which they could legally do they could have been killed in the 8 mins before the handler came this is why the act was set up in the first place.
The allotments are CEC allotments run by Crewe Town Council and they are also responsible to ensure the handler is  licensed under the act section 3.
I need urgent action to be taken on this matter before innocent people are injured or worse the man with the dog didnt wear a uniform and refused to produce any ID. The main points of the act are below and I would like to know how many other sites controlled by CEC are using these dogs out of control and not complying with the act
Below a reply from the allotments most of which is disputed
Please find attached a CCTV file that covers the main gate at the Ford Lane entrance (you will need software that plays .H264 files) it shows the full incident. It lasted approximately 2 minutes, certainly not the 8 minutes stated in the email . The man walked up to the gate and kicked it, causing the guard dog to run to the gate barking. When the dog handler walked up to the gate he advised the man that he was on CCTV, to which he replied "that’s fucking bollocks, they're fake". The handler pointed to the signs that are clearly displayed on the gate, the first advising that CCTV is in operation and recording 24 hours a day. Then the second larger sign that advises we have dog patrols on site. Both gates are covered by these signs.
Taking their points the cctv which hasn’t been decode yet may show 2 mins from the gate camera but we want them to provide the video from the other cameras which will show the dog was loose for well over 8 mins.
It doesn’t matter if its 2 mins or 10 mins the law states it must be under control at ALL TIMES and they have admitted breaking the law a dog can kill a child in 2 mins this was why the act was setup after a lots of innocent children were hurt What are the council going to do about this breach?
The law states warning must be on every entrance they are on both gates but there are in fact over 100 entrances to the allotments as the houses in Badger ave back onto them and many have access from their gardens as they in the past had a allotment. Speaking to people in the area they are out raged that this dog is loose and could enter their gardens unsupervised and endanger them they were not aware of the dog being loose.
The act says the dog used as a guard dog were ever its kept is classed as a kennel and therefore a licence under section 3 of this Act in respect of the kennels. Can the council confirm it has issued a licence for this dog?
This new law suggest this dog will be illegal next week unless they have the required licence to operate have they got this? Has the handler got a SIA certificate?
How many other allotments are using illegal guard dogs if you know of any please let us know?

New Law

From April 2015 it will become law that all security companies will need a licence to operate. A lot of companies currently trading will simply not be granted a licence as they do not have the correct qualifications in place. If this affects your current supplier, they could disappear overnight, leaving your security compromised. Have they informed you about the new law? Do you know if they will continue to trade with a licence after April 2015? And what if they continue to trade illegally, without a licence? You need to start asking questions.
The licence is being introduced as yet another way of ensuring that customers receive a superior product and service. Unlike the Approved Contractors Scheme (ACS) for service and quality, this new licence is a mandatory certification which should finally see an end to rogue security companies. It’s a positive step forward for the security industry and gives you, the customer, more peace of mind and a better standard of service.
More information about the new licence and what it means for you the customer and the industry can be found at
If you take a Police dog it is always on a lead and under control of the handler the only time it would be loose is if a suspect runs and after a warning it may then be released and is trained to hold not to savage. Can this handler demonstrate his dog will not savage and will respond to normal obedience commands ie sit, stay walk to heel, lie down release a suspect when told?
Control of guard dogs 1975 act.
(1)A person shall not use or permit the use of a guard dog at any premises unless a person (“the handler”) who is capable of controlling the dog is present on the premises and the dog is under the control of the handler at all times while it is being so used except while it is secured so that it is not at liberty to go freely about the premises.
(2)The handler of a guard dog shall keep the dog under his control at all times while it is being used as a guard dog at any premises
(3)A person shall not use or permit the use of a guard dog at any premises unless a notice containing a warning that a guard dog is present is clearly exhibited at each entrance to the premises.
(1)A person shall not keep a dog at guard dog kennels unless he holds a licence under section 3 of this Act in respect of the kennels.
(2)A person shall not use or permit the use at any premises of a guard dog if he knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that the dog (when not being used as a guard dog) is normally kept at guard dog kennels in breach of subsection (1) of this section.


Thing have got a lot more serious after the article on  a  reporter has advised how serious this is.

The Security guard must hold a SIA licence and so must the people who operate the CCTV at the allotments  on the night the guard refused to show his id.

Holders of front line licences must:

Wear the licence where it can be seen at all times when engaging in designated licensable
activity (unless you have reported it lost or stolen, or it is in our possession

As a matter of great urgency I must request the licence numbers of all the people responsible for the cctv which covers public land the licence for the person who employed the guard and the guard himself. Anyone operating viewing the CCTV may need a licence

I believe it will not be possible to provide this as they are all unlicensed  

Penalties for operating without a licence
For those working in a licensable security role or supplying unlicensed security staff, without an SIA
licence the penalties are:
summary conviction at a Magistrate’s Court, Sheriff Court or District Court: a maximum
penalty of six months imprisonment and/or a fine of up to the statutory maximum, or
trial on indictment at Crown Court, High Court of Justiciary or Sheriff and jury trial (for
supplying unlicensed staff only), an unlimited fine and/or up to five years imprisonment.
Interested parties should seek their own independent legal advice on this matter if they are concerned

The question is who is responsible for this is it Crewetown Council , CEC or the allotment association because someone may be liable to up to 5 years imprisonment or unlimited fines?

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