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Friday 18 September 2009

West St

The revamp of West St is still on going with new lights being installed. One side of the pavements has now been done and now they are starting on the other side. The Prince of Wales pub has reopened and straight away they dug up the pavement so people have to struggle to get a pint. There is a few weeks to go yet and the Late Shop is shut next week for a refit as well. The works have caused major traffic problems in the area since July

Crime News

Please be aware that there have been four sneak in thefts reported in the Crewe area since 13/09/2009.

The majority of these incidents occurred in the hours of darkness from around 22:00 to 02:30 but one incident did occur during daylight hours. In all instances offenders gained entry via unlocked doors. In three of the four incidents a handbag was stolen and in the remaining incident a small quantity of cash was taken. In two of the incidents the offender was spotted by the homeowner before making good their escape.

Please bear in mind that with the nights drawing in that as it gets colder there are less people out and about so levels of natural surveillance is reduced, offering opportunist thieves an opportunity to operate under the cover of darkness with less chance of being spotted. It is important that you lock doors and windows even when you are in your home as it only takes a matter of seconds for someone to sneak in, take an item and be gone and it is often sometime before people notice that their possessions have gone.

The incidents occurred in the following areas of the below wards, but even if you are not a resident in this area, please be aware that these opportunist types of theft can occur in all residential areas:

Alexandra Ward - Neville Street
Alexandra Ward - Wilderhope Close
Maw Green Ward - Lime Tree Avenue (offender male 6ft tall, slim build, approx 25 years old)
St Barnabas Ward - Hulme Street (offender male, approx 5ft 6in tall )

If anyone witnesses any suspicious or out of the ordinary behaviour as always please contact the police directly via 0845 458 0000.

Trading Standards have reported that this is not a hoax scam as is often forwarded around but there have been genuine reports of this happening and they are aware of this. However, at present there are not any reports of this happening in the Cheshire area as far as I am aware.

The scam operates along the following lines:

An individual purporting to be from BT calls a householder with regards to an outstanding bill stating if they don't pay straight away their line will be disconnected. If the householder challenges this claim or becomes suspicious the caller tells the householder to put their phone down and they will prove they are able to disconnect the line. The caller remains on the line so the victim is led to believe they have been cut off. At this time many householders will then provide their confidential financial details.

Thursday 10 September 2009

Queens Park Stake holders meeting


The next Stakeholder Meeting No 14
15th September 2009 at 6pm
at Queens Park Cafe, Crewe


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the last Meeting

3. Matters Arising from the Minutes

4. ‘Friends of Queens Park’ - establishment of Constitution and Officers Elections:

* Chairperson
* Secretary
* Fund Raising Officer
- Nominations are welcome at meeting

5. Chairman’s Report

6. Buildings Design Update and Recommendations –
by -
Eric Briggs, EBM Consultants
Ian Bright, SBS Architects
Albert Bertram, Bertram Hyde

9. Any Other Business

Everyone is welcome so come along and find out whats happening


We did a few articles on rubbish over 4 months ago and one was about rubbish dropped in Oxford St every week. We were with the council when they found evidence of who was doing this and assumed that it would then be stopped. That was 4 months ago and every week since then the same poeple have thrown rubbish out and more evidence has been found all from the same address.
Above is this weeks rubbish dump but why havent the council done anything about it as its a health hazard with smelly nappies every week. Is the new council working from this evidence sadly not

Thursday 3 September 2009

Crewe & Nantwich News

Arrest Follows Stabbing A man appeared in court charged with attempted murder after an incident in Badger Avenue, Crewe. The man, aged 30 was remanded in custody. A 29 years old man was taken to hospital after receiving stab wounds to the neck and left arm.

“Threat to Community” Removed A 19 years old man who drove through the window of a motorcycle dealership in Crewe, causing £43,000 worth of damage was sent to a Young Offenders Institution for three and a half years. As well as pleading guilty to criminal damage, the man admitted possessing heroin and crack cocaine with intent to supply. P.C. Tony Condon said, “This man posed a threat to the community in several different ways and it is good that he has been removed from that community for some time.”

Quick Justice A man was sent to prison within 24 hours of stealing from a parish hall in Nantwich. Members of Nantwich Neighbourhood Policing Team began an immediate search when a patrolling Police Community Support Officer was told that bags, wallets and keys had been stolen from people at the hall. Within minutes they located a man behaving suspiciously and arrested him. Although he first denied any connection with the incident he was questioned next morning and charged with three offences of theft. Later the same day he appeared in court and was jailed for four months. Inspector Bob Hassall, in charge of Nantwich Neighbourhood Policing Unit, said, “This was a really quick and effective response by a PCSO, a Police Constable and an officer from the NPU Investigation Team. It was a great example of what teamwork can do.”

Record Catch The fourth East Cheshire Emergency Services fishing contest reeled in nearly 900 entries – a new record. Eighteen heats were fished at various venues and more than 200 youngsters, aged between seven and seventeen, took part in the finals at Gawsworth Fisheries. Chief Superintendent Mick Garrihy, the Commander of Cheshire Police Eastern Area described the contest as “an outstanding event which has captured the energy of young people”.

Kids in Danger

If you follow the park railing round down the dirt track that leads to the golf coarse go towards Morton rd past the golf club and as you come to the bottom of the dip when you see the park lake you go over a bridge(its not clear from the rd it is a bridge). Then on the golf coarse you can walk down easy from the path you will see the bridge. The bridge covers the sluice gates that go under the park to empty the lake. The fence has been cut back as you can see in the picture and there is then a 15 ft drop as you can see in the first picture.

United Utilities were in the area today and I asked them about it but they said its not their responsibility but they were horrified as they said if anyone fell in they would never get out as the walls are to steep and they said even an adult couldn't get out.
As its kids holidays and kids play in the area extremely dangerous. As its the outflow from the park UU suspect its the councils responsibility to make it safe and they say the grill isnt up to standard anyway. If a child falls in they could well die from the fall or be drowned.

This was reported to the Council months ago and nothing has been done it was reported last week as well and still we wait. How much is a childs life worth?