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Friday 28 August 2009



There was lots of smoke about this week as the Fire Cadets gave safety
presentations in Queens Park, Crewe. Visiting children were delighted
to go into the Smoke Tent and climb over the Fire Appliance in the Park

The fire cadet unit, part of the Cheshire Fire Services, at Crewe is
open to boys and girls (13-17yrs) and gives them the opportunity to
learn a wide range of new skills within the framework of a uniformed
disciplined youth organization.

Cadets undertake a training program comparable to that of operational
firefighters. This not only provides them with an insight into the work
of the fire service but also enables them to develop leadership
qualities and team building skills, which are useful in other areas of
their lives.

Two cadet groups meet at Crewe, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Councillor Andrew Knowles, Health and Wellbeing Portfolio Holder for
Cheshire East Council, said, "Everyone always loves to see the Fire
Services with the interesting promotion and safety demonstrations. They
also get involved with a whole host of supportive and fund raising
events in the local community. The cadet teams are extremely dedicated
and these young people are the Fire Fighters of tomorrow, we are
extremely proud of them and the good works they do."

For more details about the fire cadets based at Crewe Fire Station,
please contact:
The Crewe Community Safety office, Fire Station, Crewe Road, Crewe,
Cheshire, CW1 6DS
Tel: 01270 254907

Wednesday 26 August 2009

The Fair comes to town

The Fair has arrived at Tipkinder ready for the Carnival this weekend. The procession is earley this year starting at 11 am. The main events will be held on the Georges playing fields as the park isn't open so there will be a long trek down to the fair.
Is the fair safe? Every year when the fair comes the fair ground caravans plug their electric into the power supply 3 feet from the skate park and the cables lead a long way to the caravans. You can see the control box and the cable loop all these cables carrying main electricity go all over the field were children play. They are a trip hazard and all these cables should be tested by the council for leakage and they should have a trip on them and be armored so kids cant damage them.

Every year the council are informed and no one ever does anything are they checked and why arnt they buried so kids cant play with them

Distraction Burglary

Please be aware of the following incident that happened on 21/08/2009

During evening hours an unknown individual approached a property in the Elm Drive area of Crewe claiming he was from the Water board and needed to check the water as there had been an explosion down the road. He claimed that he needed to run the tap for 15 minutes to check the colour of the water. The landline rang and the owner left the kitchen to answer it and found three further unknown males exiting the living room and the property. The owner noticed that one of the drawers was open in the living room and that some money had gone missing from the drawer. No vehicle was seen and offender headed off on foot.

Description of males are as follows:

Male 1: White, 5'10"/5'11", 18 - 20 years old, dark shortly cropped hair, proportionate build, black pullover, black trousers, black boots, Irish accent
Male 2: White, 5', 18-19yrs, black bushy hair, average build, multicoloured pullover
Male 3 & Male 4: White, one was at least 6' and the other was slightly smaller, no further details.

Sunday 16 August 2009

Queens Park

Its all go down at the park and on the main Queens Park Website I have had lots of old photos sent in including this one but what is the band stand in the picture? Pop over to the main site for more pictures.
The Park its self is looking spectacular with the summer bedding at its best.
The band stand work is well under way as you can see with a few people working on it. The park is full of machines clearing a blocked pipe which runs under the park from Alton St to Victoria Ave. The blockage isnt in the park but the pipe has to be replaced. The new contractor should be anonced soon with work hopefuly starting in Septemeber

Thursday 13 August 2009


Farm Machinery Thefts Admitted Eight men arrested as part of a Strikeout operation against thefts of valuable farm machinery across a wide area of Cheshire will be sentenced in September. The men appeared at Chester Crown Court and admitted charges including theft and handling stolen property. The investigation was carried out by a team of officers from Eastern and Western Areas of Cheshire Police.

Drugs Arrest A man arrested after Police Officers discovered a large quantity of cannabis bush in a car at Crewe has appeared in court. He was charged with possessing cannabis and ecstasy with intent to supply, possessing heroin and possession of criminal property. He was remanded in custody.

Illegal Goods Seized Officers from Crewe Neighbourhood Policing Team took part in an operation which resulted in the seizure of 47,000 illegal cigarettes, nearly 24 kilos of counterfeit tobacco and 50 litres of illegal vodka. Most of the haul was recovered from houses on the Middlewich Street estate in Crewe. Shops and stalls at a market were also checked as part of the operation, which included investigators from HM Revenue and Customs and officers from Cheshire Trading Standards Service and from housing organizations. Police Sergeant Andy Collier said, “This kind of illegal selling often attracts children and teenagers as customers, involving them in criminal activity and exposing them to health risks. It is certainly not a victimless crime.”

Safety Choice for Drivers A new series of “driver engagement days” have begun across East Cheshire, focused on roads where local people have expressed concern about safety. Police Officers stop drivers for offences such as speeding, not wearing seat belts and using mobile phones. Some are then given the choice of the usual fines and penalty points or a fifteen-minute roadside safety presentation delivered by Fire Fighters. The action has been organized by Cheshire East Local Road Safety Partnership.

Reducing Biker Casualties “Biker Roads” in East Cheshire are being targeted in another summer safety campaign. It will combine enforcement measures with education. In 2008 seven motorcyclists and pillion passengers were killed and 48 seriously injured on roads in East Cheshire. Constable Paul Burke said, “Nationally motorcycles account for less than one per cent of vehicle traffic but fourteen per cent of the death and serious injury traffic collisions involve motorbikes.” This campaign is organized by the Cheshire East Local Road safety partnership and funded by the Cheshire Safer Roads Partnership.

Have Your Say Community Payback Schemes and local sentencing issues will be featured in the next Eastern Area “Have Your Say” meetings, organized by Cheshire Police Authority. People will also hear about the latest developments in local policing and have a chance to ask questions about them. The meetings are on Thursday September 3rd in the Municipal Buildings at Crewe and on Monday September 14th in the Town Hall, Congleton. Both begin at 7pm.

Friday 7 August 2009

Digital Signs

Sign all down West St today reminding us that we go digital in November when BBC2 goes of the analogue signal and you have to re tune you digi box and watch it on Freeview. In December all channels go digital and you have t re tune your Freeview box again

West St

The chaos continues in West St with half the road closed. The new flags are going down rapid now but they are leaving a gap were they have to cut them. Two people have fallen already but it does look posh. It still leaves us with the rocky hills of Calcutta up to the church then we have a posh bit. It make sit look as if only the middle bit matters or they are the only ones to pay their taxes

Square Update

I was around town today and the square is nearly finished and should be fully open by weekend. I decided to road test the new seats and they are terrible they seat isnt flat but curved and after a few mins sitting down you feel very uncomfortable. Maybe they are designed to stop you hanging around. They havent planned the layout very well as after a few short while it started raining or so I thought until I noticed they have put the seat under the flower baskets so when they are watered they drip onto the seats

Tuesday 4 August 2009

The Mystery stone

The boulder (rock) in the picture is reputed to have been swept down from Scotland after the last Ice Age. There was originally a sign on the boulder but it disappeared many years ago."
Its millions of years old and the oldest thing in Crewe.

Anyone have any further information on it please let us know It can be seen in the old picture bottom middle with a plaque on it by coronation walk