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Thursday 30 July 2009

Queens Park Update

This week has seen another local contractor earth moving, utilising the clay-soil deposits from the debris of the lake, to form the basis for new raised footpath improving access and supporting the original failing retention wall, all on the North West side of the Park.

Even more exciting is that the Cheshire East specialist restorers ‘Lost Art’ has been appointed to complete the Bandstand refurbishment and works commenced this Monday (20th).

At a recent meeting with the Heritage Lottery and Cheshire East Council all parts demonstrated their commitment seeing the works progresses and finalised.
As the original contractor went into administration, the project legalities and the stoppage of works caused frustration, both within the Authority and to members of the public.
Full update on The Queens Park Page

Tipkinder SK8 Park

You may remember in the winter I reported how someone had stolen the rail from the SK8 park despite the fact that they have CCTV and the rail is bolted to the ground. How it was stolen without being caught on CCTV is a mystery. But today the man came along with a replacement rail and bolted it in place. Lets hope it last a bit longer this time. The area has been a hive of activity as everywhere is cleaned up for the big 2 day BMX event this weekend 1st/2nd August

The Bob Field Memorial Grands" will be hosted by CGR in partnereship with Cheshire East Council at the Shanaze Reade BMX Track, Tipkinder Park, Crewe.
The event is being held in memory of Bob Field, the driving force behind the Cheshire Ghost Riders BMX Club for many years & trainer of a host of top level riders including multiple World Champion Shanaze Reade. The track will be renamed after Shanaze Reade full details here

Leighton Park Play Area

The play area at Leighton Park is going great guns and must be near completion. Its interesting to note the post at the back for CCTV. Derby Docks has begged for CCTV for years and never got it despite the under age drinking and drugs in the area. Leighton Park has had a fair few play areas in the past and they never last very long lets hope the CCTV helps to keep them in one piece.

Tuesday 28 July 2009

West St

The pavements are now being done in West St covering from the Polish Club to Ford Lane. They are putting down small fancy flags which is taking forever so no wonder the work will not finish until October. Its causing lots of traffic problems with traffic lights in operation. The problem with these flags is what happens when someone needs to dig the road up? Digging it up if its tarmac is simple but putting these flags back is not a simple matter

Distraction Burglary

Please be aware of some of the MO's (Modus Operandi / Modes of Operation) that have been used throughout Cheshire recently to try and gain entry to residential properties. Offenders tend to be male and in the majority of cases target elderly or more vulnerable people. None of these incidents have occurred in the Crewe & Nantwich area but it is worthwhile to be forewarned about these methods as people who are involved in distraction burglaries are often fairly mobile and don't remain in the same area for long to minimise their chances of being identified.

1.) Male approaches property claiming that he is from the water board and he needs to turn the water off for 48 hours as there has been an explosion. He asks her to take him through to the kitchen and to empty cupboard under the sink whilst he turns the taps off. At this time a second offender has entered the property, made and untidy search downstairs and removed cash from the property.

2.) Male knocks on door of property stating that he needs to change the battery in the gas meter. When questioned as to where he was from he retorted 'do you want it doing or not'. The resident declined and the male left.

3.) Male calls at residential address asking if resident wants any work doing to his guttering. Resident declines but later sees same male coming out of elderly neighbours house. He enquires with neighbour and learns that the male claimed that he had done some work for the lady and she has given them £10 and is now unable to find her purse.

Please remember that although the more standard MO for distraction burglaries involves males posing as tradesmen that women / smartly dressed individuals can also be involved in such incidents so exercise caution regardless of who is at your door.

Tuesday 21 July 2009

A garden to prevent crime

As autumn and winter approach many of us will plan out planting for our gardens for the next year. Your gardens can be excellent tools in trying to prevent people from gaining entry to your property. With a little bit of clever planning you can enhance your security. Please find below some illustrated ideas about how you can create an attractive garden that deters burglars and provides additional security for your home.

Prickly Planting
1 - Climbing Rose: Bramble like stems are covered in sharp, hooked thorns which make it difficult for would-be burglars to reach the window or door it surrounds.

2 - Juniperus chinensis Evergreen conifer. Planted in appropriate places it's density and needle sharp leaves can deter people from getting close to the 'Obelisk' property. The needles grow to 15mm in length.

3 - Berberis temolaica Pale yellow flowers and red berries. Grows to 3 metres. The plant is covered in prickly thorns

4 - Multi-frond palm Long razor sharp edges to fronds provide an ideal barrier between borders and windows

5 - Holly Evergreen shrub or tree with prickly leaves. Providing round the year cover.

6 - Phormium tenax Evergreen sword shaped, spiky leaves that grow up to 3 metres long. It's height and spikes make it difficult to push through or climb over. Flowers purple and brown in the summer

7 - Gravel/Slate path Noisy when walked on. Sound alerts you to someone approaching the house, acting as a deterrent to potential criminals

8 - Bamboo Attractive feature. When planted against walls or fences it will prevent burglars climbing into upstairs windows alerting you to their presence. If the canes are forcibly broken they will make a loud snapping sound.

Security Locks and Lights
9 - Window/Door locks Ensure all windows are fitted with security locks. Front and rear doors should be fitted with mortice locks (BS3621), hinge bolts and no weak panels. Door frames should have secure frames. Add motion sensor lights around the exterior of the house and garden.

Perimeter Security
10 - Walls, fences Supplement walls, fences and railings with thorny shrubs. Higher fences - existing fences made higher with trellis (minimum of 1800mm railings and gates high). Fit gates to all access points with locks and ensure you lock them.

Safer Homes
11 - Home Watch Congratulations you have already covered this element of suggested crime prevention by running/participating in your local Home Watch scheme. This provides natural surveillance allowing people to report suspicious behaviour and to look out for each other.

Friday 10 July 2009

Stakeholder meeting 8th July

I attended the stakeholders meeting held at the park on Wednesday 8th July. There has been little or no visible work done at the park for months but thats all about to change. The new tender should be opened this week and hopefully a new contractor appointed very quickly. There has been a delay as after the tenders were in one contractor reduced the price and as a result other had to be given the opportunity to resubmit tenders.

At the meeting the Lions came with some cash to build a sensory garden like the one a Stapley Water gardens so that is another new feature which should be a major attractions and as the Lions are funding it there is no messing about getting the money.

The meeting discussed that the stakeholder work would be done once the park was finished and then a friends of the Queens Park would take over to make decisions about the park and see that its maintained and looked after. This will be open to anyone and will shortly be setup as a charity so they can get funding for any future projects.

The work on the wall were the Bats have held up work is now due to start this week and should be finished in a month. This also means the railings can then be finished as there is only this small section to do. We will have pictures as soon as there is signs of life. Work on the bandstand is also imminent.

The summer bedding is now starting to flower and will soon be in its full glory as can be seen above taken after the meeting.

The park has events still going on this summer which are

12th July Blozone Band - FAB Blues Band
19th All Sorts Dog Display Team
26th George Formby Ukulele Soc
1st & 2nd Aug TipKinder - Bob Fields GRANDS incl. "The Shanaze Reade BMX Track"
2nd August The Valentines Duo
9th Tarporley Concert Band
16th Lucy Jane ~ Punch & Judy
23rd Matrix Dancers with Pheonix Disco
Thurs 27th Youth Fire Serv Display
Sat 29th CARNIVAL King George V Playing Fields
Thurs 5th Nov LIONS Bonfire & Fireworks Display

For more details see the main site for the Queens park

Bad Accident closes West St

A bad accident closed some of West St near the bridge at 2 oclock today when its believed a cyclist was knocked of their bike. There were over 4 Police cars at the scene and the area was taped off. The road was shut at Minshull New rd but still people ignored the sign and tried to get past only to be forced into turning around and going back

Thursday 9 July 2009

West St

West St is in grid lock as the improvements keep closing the road add to this the fact that Alton St is closed for new water pipes and the town is in chaos. Many of the shops down West St are complaining they are loosing trade as people cant get to there shops. The work is going on until October and the road will have to be totally closed at some point. Lets hope its all worth it in the end.

Crewe in Bloom

Some pictures of the town center in bloom showing summer is here. The nice display of flowers on the railings out side the Library now all in full bloom
Over at the Asda center the tubs are filled with color and form a nice display of flora for visitors

Aerial Scam warning

Beware of TV Aerial Scam, Warns Trading Standards

Householders are warned to be on their guard against doorstep salesmen insisting they need a new TV aerial before the digital switchover in 2009.

Cheshire Trading Standards officers have received several reports of traders cold-calling the elderly and vulnerable who claim their existing aerial will not receive a digital signal and urge them to pay for a replacement.

Digital UK, the not for profit organisation leading the switchover process, says most aerials will work perfectly well with digital TV.

Jo Waters, Granada Regional Manager for Digital UK, said: “There is no such thing as a digital aerial – as long as it is in good condition your current aerial should be able to receive a digital signal after the switchover.

“For the very small percentage of households that do need an aerial upgrade, we advise to only buy from reputable retailers and qualified installers – never from people who turn up without an appointment.”

The digital switchover for the Granada region is scheduled for 4 November 2009.

An aerial test on Teletext page 284 will help viewers to determine whether their aerial will be good enough to receive a digital signal.

Digital UK advises that the installation of a standard new roof aerial for one property should cost no more than £80-£100.

Trading Standards Investigations Manager Andrew Rees said: “We advise householders never to enter into contracts with traders who cold-call.

“Anyone requiring a new aerial should use a local supplier with a good reputation who is prepared to give customers time to think about a quote. Ensure the firm has an address and telephone number which can be verified.

“We recommend obtaining at least two quotes and, if possible, using businesses recommended by family or friends. And crucially, never part with cash up front.”

Digital UK is working in partnership with local charities and volunteers to provide advice and assistance for those who may need a little extra help.

Its Switchover Help Scheme offers assistance and equipment to convert one television for those aged 75 or over, registered blind or partially sighted, on certain disability benefits or living in a care home. Those eligible will be contacted in April-June 2009.

Further information and advice is available from the Digital TV helpline on 0845 6 50 50 50 or via the website

Trading Standards can be contacted on 08454 04 05 06.

Sunday 5 July 2009

New Square Rocks

The new square was put to good use today and really rocks. Only half the square is open but the group could still use it and they pulled a big crowd to see the event

As well as the group were dancers from Ceroc at Nantwich showing off their moves with both young and old showing us what they could do. They have a website Ceroc so pop along and see what its all about it seems fun and open to all ages

Rights to walk

Those that know me know I walk 10 miles a day with the old dog and I enjoy a nice country walk. So off I went onto the Georges playing field down the path by the Golf coarse and came to turn right to go by the river. There are two walks one you go past the river and turn right and one before the river. Well if you look at the photo above can you see the foot path? Neither could I its so over grown and covered in nettles its un passable and we are being denied this lovely walk by the river.
I had to go on to the next path above which is rapidly diminishing as the weeds overgrow the path. Who takes care of these paths now we have a new council? Any ideas so we can get it cut back?