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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Bright Christmas! Householders turn on light extravaganza

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston

I enjoy the Christmas lights in the Crewe and Nantwich town centres, but I also really enjoy the over-the-top Christmas lights and decorations (including the occasional inflatable decoration and light show) that some local residents setup each year. Their electricity bills must be sky high, but they never fail to bring a smile to my face!

My most favourite Christmas houses this year in Crewe are located in Alton Street, Broad Street, Carlisle Street, Claughton Avenue, Davenport Avenue, Grasmere Avenue, Jesmond Crescent, Melford Close, Oxley’s Funeral Services (Market Close), Salisbury Avenue, and Vincent Street. Congratulations also to Crewe Town Council for the brilliantly unique ‘Lumen – Crewe’s Night of Lights’ switch-on at various locations in the town centre.

My favourites in Shavington are all in Burlea Drive – well worth a visit.

My favourites in Wistaston are in Westfield Drive, Kemble Close, Edgewood Drive, Rope Bank Avenue and Westfield Drive (say hello to the gnomes!)

My favourites in Nantwich are in Hawksey Drive and Richmond Nantwich (Village Centre). There are also excellent lights in the town centre courtesy of Nantwich Town Council.

I must also give a special mention to the ‘Weston Christmas Light Display’, which takes place at Carters Green Farm, Jack Lane, Weston, near Crewe every day in December until 28th December 2018 (6:15pm to 9:00pm). On the last week before Christmas, Santa Claus will take time off his busy schedule to visit the farm and sit in his ‘North Pole’ sleigh. Entry is by donation and there is plentiful parking. For the sixth year running the event is raising money for The Donna Louise Children's and Young People’s Hospice . To visit the display if heading from Crewe turn right off Weston Road (just after Crewe Hall) into Main Road towards Weston, then left into Jack Lane. If heading from Weston go over the A500 bypass bridge on Main Road and turn right in Jack Lane. From all directions look out for the reflective road signs, then follow the directional one-way arrows on Jack Lane. For further information relating to the display please visit

I’ve uploaded a selection of my local Christmas house photos to Flickr: 

Wistaston - Rope Bank Avenue (4)

Lumen - Crewes Night of Lights decoration - Spark perform outside Municipal Building (2)

Crewe - Salisbury Avenue (2)

Crewe - Grasmere Avenue

Crewe - Davenport Avenue (2)

Crewe - Carlisle Street (2)

Teenager jailed for killing a man in an alleyway in Cheshire

A 15 year old boy who stabbed a man in an alleyway in Cheshire has been jailed for ten years for manslaughter.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that the teenager, who can’t be named because of his age,   had gone to Devon Close in Macclesfield on 6 May 2018 to meet Ian Paul Schofield, 38, and buy the Class A drug Crack.

He had gone there in a taxi with a 29 year old friend, who also can’t be named because it could lead to the identification of the young offender, from a house in Bollington, where they had been drinking with some friends.

They asked the taxi driver to wait while they went to pick up some money. An eye witness then saw the two men walking down the alleyway known as Becks Lane with Mr Schofield, who is known locally as “Legs”.

In the alleyway, the youth and Mr Schofield argued and the teenager took a knife  from his waistband and stabbed Mr Schofield in the stomach.

He ran off, leaving the older man at the scene. He was arrested and the 15 year old was picked up nearby by a patrol officer who knew him to be involved with drugs.

Mr Schofield was taken to hospital but died later from his injuries. On 15 November 2018, both defendants were found guilty of conspiracy to rob. The youth was also found guilty of manslaughter. He had earlier pleaded guilty to possession of a knife.

Today at Liverpool Crown Court, the fifteen year old was given a ten year sentence for manslaughter and five years for conspiracy to rob. The five year jail term will run alongside the longer sentence so he will serve ten years in total.

The second defendant was jailed for five years for conspiracy to rob.

Senior Crown Prosecutor Angela Rowan of Mersey Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said: “It was the Crown Prosecution Service’s case that both of these defendants  had gone to Devon Close with the intention of robbing Mr Schofield.

“We argued that the teenager had gone, armed with a knife for that purpose. He became aggressive and decided to stab Mr Schofield before fleeing the scene. He claimed he thought he was going to be attacked but there is no evidence for that.

“The CPS argued that the older man had also meant to rob Mr Schofield but he played no part in the killing. The jury agreed with that. Both defendants have now been sentenced to considerable periods in jail.

“The teenager is still a child with his life ahead of him but he, at such a tender age, has been jailed for one of the most serious crimes. He has ruined his life at the same time that he took the life of another.

“The Crown Prosecution Service would like to extend condolences to the family of Mr Schofield and thank the witneses for their help in bringing these two men to justice.”

Former Cheshire police officer sentenced to 30 years in jail for raping a 13 year old girl and abusing others.

Ian Naude

A former Cheshire police officer has been sentenced to 30 years in jail for raping a 13 year old girl and targeting and abusing many other vulnerable young girls while he was working in the force.

The Recorder of Liverpool, Judge Clement Goldstone QC, described Ian Naude as a “very dangerous man indeed” as he handed out the sentence at Liverpool Crown Court today (13 12 2018). Naude will serve 25 years of the sentence in prison and five years out on extended licence.

On 15 November 2018 Ian Naude was found guilty of seven counts of sexual offences against a child, including rape. He had earlier pleaded guilty to 30 offences, including sexual communication with a child, enciting a child to sexual activity and indecent images.

Naude’s offending came to light after he raped the 13 year old daughter of a woman who had called the police to an incident at her home on 22 October 2017.

Naude attended with another officer and made a note of the contact details of the woman’s daughter. Over the next three days, he flattered and groomed the young girl via social media and then invited her to go for a drive with him in his car.

He drove her to a secluded spot then raped her and filmed the incident on his mobile phone. He even took a “selfie” on his phone of himself smirking after the attack. The young girl found the courage to tell her family and an investigation began that revealed the serving police officer was a committed, predatory paedophile.

Senior Crown Prosecutor Martin McRobb, of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “Ian Naude claimed his victim had consented to sex. But the disturbing video of the incident on his phone did not show the face of a consenting woman. It showed the face of a sad, scared and abused 13 year old girl.

“She had been groomed by a police officer who had a history of manipulating, pressurising and blackmailing young girls into performing sexual acts for his perverted pleasure.

“Ian Naude thought he could get away with it but, thankfully, his victim found the courage to tell her family what had happened. The investigation that followed revealed Naude to be a persistent paedophile who had been targeting young girls on the internet for a long time. He had joined the police to gain greater access to vulnerable young girls he could exploit.”

The court heard that expert work by the Police unearthed key evidence on mobile phones and other devices that Ian Naude had tried to hide when he got wind that he was being investigated.

Naude continually contacted vulnerable underage girls via the internet, often at the same time, gaining their trust by claiming to be a 15 year old boy. Judge Goldstone today said Naude’s offending was “totally out of control”. He also pointed out: “These offences were committed by a public servant in the execution of his duty”.

Naude would prey on the vulnerabilities of his victims to get them to undress and perform sexual acts in front of a camera. He, in turn, would send them explicit pictures and videos of himself.  He calculated that his victims would be too embarrassed, ashamed or confused to report him. When the extent of his offending came to light, he admitted some of the sexual offences but maintained that he never tried to meet the girls he talked to online and insisted that the 13 year old he had sex with in his car had consented. The Crown Prosecution dismissed these assertions as deliberate lies and the jury agreed.

Victim Personal Statements read to the court today talked of the shock, shame, distress and sadness that the abuse had caused the victims and their families.

Outside of court today, after sentence was passed, Martin McRobb said: “I would like today to thank again the victims and their families for the unwavering support they have given to the police and to the Crown Prosecution Service in the prosecution of Ian Naude. Without this assistance, this individual may never have been brought to justice.

“I again pay tribute to one particular 13 year old girl. Had she not had the courage to tell her family and then the police what a police officer had done to her, Ian Naude would almost certainly still be a police officer and would still be targeting and offending against young girls. This young girl has single-handedly saved many other young girls from the trauma of sexual abuse.

“I hope that the successful prosecution of Ian Naude will also have some effect in lessening the inevitable harm that has been caused to these young girls. I would like to make it clear that we in the Crown Prosecution Service take every allegation of sexual offending very seriously. We will do everything we can to bring offenders to justice and to support and protect the welfare of victims.

“In this case, the Crown Prosecution Service has worked closely with Cheshire Police. I wish finally to say that we have been assisted at every stage by the dedication and expertise of police officers from Cheshire. They represent all police officers and their service will never be tarnished by the abhorrent behaviour of one former colleague who will now have time to reflect on what he has done.”

Ian Naude has also be made the subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order of indefinite duration, he must sign the Sex Offenders Register and all the indecent images that he possessed will be seized and destroyed.

Cheshire East re-affirms commitment to ex-military personnel

Organisations across Cheshire East have re-affirmed their commitment to support ex-military personnel back on ‘civvy street’.

In total, more than 20 key organisations have signed the ‘Cheshire Armed Forces Covenant Partnership’ on 6 December – and the event was hailed a tremendous success.

Cheshire East has more than 1,500 former servicemen and women claiming war pensions but many more serving or ex-military personnel could qualify to access the service.

Last summer, the Ministry of Defence contributed £20,000 to the Cheshire Armed Forces Hub, which is helping past and present soldiers, sailors and airmen who need help to access essential services, as well as emotional and family support, where required.

More than 200 ex-military personnel aged between 26 and 95 have been supported in a variety of ways through a range of community schemes and initiatives. These have helped to provide support in health and social care, business start-ups, job advice, sports events, breakfast clubs and appropriate housing in care homes.

The community covenant is a voluntary statement of support between communities and the armed forces as well as being underpinned by the British Legion. The aims of the community covenant are to:

● Encourage local communities to support the armed forces community in their areas;

● Nurture public understanding and awareness of issues affecting the armed forces community;

● Recognise and remember the sacrifices made by the armed forces community; and

● Encourage activities which help to integrate the armed forces community into local life.

Councillor Liz Wardlaw, cabinet member covering equality and diversity, said: “This important covenant signing re-affirms Cheshire East Council’s commitment to supporting ex-service personnel – the signing is another positive step forward. We believe it is vital to support our armed forces personnel, some of whom find it extremely difficult to make the transition from military life to ‘civvy street’.

“Also, some of these personnel return from war zones deeply affected by their experiences and need additional emotional support. We will make sure these heroes are supported and looked after, for all they have given for their country.”

The government has published a national Armed Forces Covenant, which sets the tone for national policy to improve the support available for the armed forces community.

The core principles are that members of the armed forces community do not suffer disadvantage as a result of their service and that they receive special treatment, where appropriate.

For further information visit the Armed Forces Covenant pages on the GOV.UK website.

Gnomes return

Reporter Jonathan White, Wistaston, Cheshire

Garden gnomes at a house in Wistaston, that were the victims of a targeted attack earlier this year, have made a triumphant return to the village.

Laurence Perry, aged 78, of Westfield Drive in Wistaston discovered in mid-August that twenty-five of his gnomes had been either smashed or stolen from his garden and land at the front of his property.

However, kind individuals have supported Laurence’s mission to bring a smile to people’s faces and all the damaged gnomes have now either been repaired or replaced. Numerous members of the public have donated gnomes, Christian Davies from Alan Davies Car Sales in Crewe has sponsored new gnomes and builder Mr Davies donated two large ‘Mr & Mrs’ garden gnomes. After Christmas the gnomes will remain in their new home. Laurence has installed CCTV cameras to prevent further attacks.

Laurence has also setup a magnificent Christmas light display featuring different types of lights and has lit up Christmas trees at the front of his home.

The gnomes made national and international news last year when Cheshire East Council removed Laurence’s gnomes after receiving a complaint. The subsequent story received worldwide publicity including the BBC, Daily Mail, Express, Mirror and Telegraph along with newspapers in India and the USA.

Laurence Perry said: “I’d like to thank all the people who rallied around and donated gnomes. It just goes to show there are some lovely people in the village and surrounding areas. Please come and enjoy the gnomes and the lights. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

Gnomes greet visitors

Laurence Perry and some of his gnomes

Large gnomes on display

Four million NHS patients are waiting for hospital care

Four million NHS patients are waiting for hospital care. As well five million patients a month wait 3+ weeks for a GP appointment A further 1 million people wait 4 weeks between booking an appointment and seeing their doctor. But not to worry, we can still afford to give £14,000,000,000 a year in foreign aid to some of the most corrupt countries in the world.

'For Britain' would scrap foreign aid and use the money saved to spend on the priorities of all Brits, like the NHS,schools and elderly care.

'For Britain' would also stop ALL immigration.

Immigration has added roughly one million,the equivalent to the entire population of Brirmingham, to our population every three years. This has resulted in our public services, like the NHS and schools, being unable to cope and young British people being unable to get on the housing ladder.We need to close the open door to immigrants if our public services are not going to be overwhelmed.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr. Brian Silvetser

For Britain Party

Chairman 'For Cheshire'

Cnwa - We 9 Dec 2018 - Cheshire News And Appeals

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Neighbourhood Watch

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Cnwa - We 9 Dec 2018 - Cheshire News And Appeals

Cheshire Neighbourhood Watch Association
Week ending 9th December 2018
Cheshire News & Appeals
Latest Cheshire News
Constabulary completes body worn video roll out
A total of 1,600 officers at Cheshire Constabulary are now using body worn video cameras following the completion of a force-wide roll out.
The cameras are being worn by officers and PCSOs across the county and are already proving to be an essential piece of operational kit by promoting public reassurance, preventing harm and often deterring people from committing crime and anti-social behaviour.
In April 2018 Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane agreed to fund the purchase of the high definition cameras for all frontline officers. This followed on from body worn video initially being introduced to Cheshire’s firearms officers, Taser officers and football spotters.  There are now around 1,200 cameras and 200 docking stations across the force, meaning that every officer who comes on shift has access to a camera. The majority of officers wear the cameras on their chest, with firearms officers sometimes wearing them on their headwear when deployed to an incident.
Since the full roll out began earlier this year the force has seen a number of benefits. These have included footage being used to support charging decisions and examples of the risks being faced by frontline officers when dealing with violent people.
Superintendent Luke McDonnell, who has led the roll out, said: “Body Worn Video is significantly improving the opportunity for officers to gather good evidence and we have already seen a number of incidents where it has been used to great effect. As well as supporting investigations, the footage has also helped clear up complaints we have had against officers and demonstrated the dangers our officers are facing when attending certain types of incidents. We are delighted that our frontline officers and PCSOs now have access to this valuable piece of kit to help them deal with the challenges of modern day policing.”
Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane went out on patrol with officers in Chester back in August to receive a demonstration of the new kit. Following the completion of the roll-out he said: “I’m really pleased to have been able to fund the roll-out of body worn video for every frontline police officer in Cheshire as part of one of my key priorities to have ‘a force fit for the future’. There is no doubt that this kit is providing extra protection for officers and the public by capturing assaults on police officers and other people on camera.  It is also pleasing to see that since its introduction, body worn video has been used to support investigations which is ultimately saving a great deal of time and money for both Cheshire Police and the courts.”
Warrington man jailed for armed robbery at petrol station
A man from Warrington has been jailed after carrying out an armed robbery at a petrol station in the town.
Jason Williamson, of Ramsay Close, Birchwood, pleaded guilty to charges of robbery, threatening a person with a bladed article in a public place and possessing a drug of class B (cannabis). The 24-year-old was sentenced to four years and eight months in prison at Liverpool Crown Court on Tuesday 27 November.
The charges relate to an incident at Oakwood Gate Service Station in Birchwood in the early hours of the morning on Sunday 21 October. At around 4.20am Williamson went into the garage, threatened an employee with a knife and demanded money from the tills. After stealing a quantity of cash and cigarettes Williamson demanded that the garage worker deleted CCTV footage. At this point there was an altercation between the two men and the garage worker managed to flee the service station, leaving Williamson inside. The employee called the police and, after attending the scene and reviewing CCTV footage, officers identified Williamson as the offender. He was subsequently arrested at his home, where officers found a quantity of cannabis.
Following the sentencing, Detective Constable Sophie Davies said: “Williamson subjected the garage worker to a terrifying ordeal, threatening him with a knife and shoving him around as he attempted to steal cash and cigarettes from the service station. Thankfully he was able to escape Willamson’s clutches as he demanded that CCTV footage be deleted. Had the garage worker not done so the consequences of this incident could have been far worse. I am delighted that Williamson has received a substantial custodial sentence and I hope that this brings some closure to the victim. I also hope that the sentence serves as a deterrent to other people and stops them from committing similar crimes and I would like to thank the officers who have been involved in the investigation for all their hard work to secure this prosecution.”
On top of his custodial sentence Williamson was ordered to pay a £170 victim surcharge.
Runcorn man jailed after driving his car at a police officer and damaging vehicles in Widnes man from Runcorn has been jailed after driving his car at a police officer and crashing into several vehicles while on bail for a previous dangerous driving offence.
Ian Barton, of St Pauls Close, was sentenced to 22 months in prison at Liverpool Crown Court on Friday 30 November.
At around 12 noon on 27 December 2017 police officers witnessed the 27-year-old driving his car through red lights at speed and crossing into a lane containing oncoming traffic near to Whiston Hospital. As the area was heavily populated officers took the decision that it was too dangerous to continue pursuing the vehicle.  Approximately an hour later Barton was arrested at his home on suspicion of dangerous driving.
Barton was subsequently charged with the offence and released on bail. He failed to turn up at Liverpool Crown Court on Tuesday 23 October in answer to the charge. Aware of Barton’s no show, an officer driving a marked police car in Widnes attempted to arrest him in a cul-de-sac on Southway at around 9pm on Tuesday 30 October. The officer had spotted Barton in his car and approached the vehicle on foot. After being told that there was a warrant out for his arrest, Barton refused to get out of his locked car. Attempting to escape capture, he then drove it forward into the officer’s vehicle before reversing it at speed into parked cars. Fearing for his safety, the officer struck the windscreen on the driver’s side with his police baton, causing cracks which would have obstructed Barton’s view. Barton then mounted a pavement, knocked over some street furniture, hit a fence post and a residential gate and drove into the police car again, this time in reverse. He then drove forward at the officer, forcing him to jump out of the way. As the officer pressed his police panic alarm he witnessed Barton collide with other parked cars before attempted to flee on foot. The officer caught up with Barton a short distance away on Montgomery Road, where he was arrested and found to be in the possession of cannabis. Barton’s actions caused extensive damage to the police car. They also left four parked cars with significant damage.
Barton subsequently pleaded guilty to two counts of dangerous driving in relation to the incidents in Whiston and Widnes. He also admitted a charge of common assault in relation to driving a car at a police officer, as well as a charge of being caught in possession of cannabis.
Following his sentencing, which saw Barton banned from driving for four years and 46 weeks and ordered to pay a £140 victim surcharge as well as be handed a custodial sentence, Detective Constable Vicki Abraham said: “I welcome the sentence that has been handed to Barton and I hope that it acts as a warning for other potential offenders. Barton put the lives of innocent motorists at risk by driving at speed through red lights and into oncoming traffic in Whiston. And while on bail for his dangerous driving he put a police officer at risk of serious harm by driving his car at him as he attempted to evade arrest. Thankfully the officer was able to jump out of the way of Barton’s car and arrest him, but not before he had driven back and forth in an erratic manner numerous times and caused substantial damage to the officer’s vehicle and four parked cars. Through his dangerous and reckless actions Barton showed no regard for anyone else’s safety or property and he is now facing the consequences of his actions in the form of a fully justified custodial sentence.”
Merseyside man charged with stealing tools from vans in Ellesmere Port & Neston
A 47-year-old man has been charged in relation to tools being stolen from vans in the Ellesmere Port Local Policing Unit area. Colin Dixon, of Fenderside Road, Prenton, Merseyside, has been charged with two counts of theft from a motor vehicle. He has been released on conditional bail and is due to appear at Chester Magistrates’ Court on Friday 21 December. The charges relate to incidents at The Parade in Parkgate, Neston, on Friday 23 November and on Elm Street in Ellesmere Port on Saturday 1 December.
Trio charged with shoplifting offences in Crewe
Three women have been charged in connection with shoplifting offences at a store in Crewe. Lorraine Keenan, 35, and Kerry Anne Keenan, 26, both of Falconwood Way in Manchester, and Bernadette McCormack, of Cheshire Square, Stalybridge, have all been charged with theft from a shop. They have been released on conditional bail and are set to appear at Crewe Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 27 December.  The charges relate to an incident at a store on Grand Junction Way in Crewe on Thursday 6 December.
Birkenhead man jailed after stealing cash and bank cards in series of overnight visits to Ellesmere Port
A man from Birkenhead has been jailed after admitting stealing cash and bank cards from vehicles during a series of overnight visits to Ellesmere Port.
Daniel Greatrex pleaded guilty to three counts of stealing from a motor vehicle and four counts of fraud. The 43-year-old also admitted taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent and driving it without a licence and insurance. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison at Chester Crown Court on Friday 7 December.
The total of 10 charges relate to five overnight visits to Ellesmere Port – on 11, 23 and 31 October 2018 and on 5 and 7 November 2018. On each occasion Greatrex left his home in Parkfield Avenue in Birkenhead to get the last train to Capenhurst Railway Station, arriving after midnight. He then walked around the estates off the A41 Chester Road in the Great Sutton area stealing anything of value from cars that were not locked. Greatrex stole clothes as well as cash and bank cards, which he used to make fraudulent transactions totalling around £500 in Birkenhead. On one occasion he drove a Mercedes car back to his home town having found it unlocked with keys inside. On all his other overnight visits to Ellesmere Port Greatrex got the first train back to Birkenhead in the morning.
Detectives investigating the incidents identified Greatrex as the offender. He was arrested arriving at Capenhurst Railway Station after midnight on Friday 9 November and was subsequently charged with the offences.
Detective Constable Stuart Wood, of the Ellesmere Port Local Policing Unit, said: “Greatrex thought he could act with impunity, arriving at Capenhurst Railway Station on the last train and then stealing items from unlocked cars under the cover of darkness through the night as residents in the Great Sutton area were asleep. On one occasion he even took a car, and as well as thefts he made fraudulent transactions using bank cards he had stolen. Thanks to the hard work of those investigating the incidents, we were able to identify Greatrex as the offender, arrest him and charge him with 10 offences. He pleaded guilty to those offences and we are delighted that he has now been jailed for his offending and hope that the sentence he has been given deters others from committing similar crimes. The case highlights the need for us all to ensure that our vehicles are locked at all times and I would like to thank everyone involved in the investigation for their hard work in securing this conviction.”
Greatrex asked for 34 similar offences to be taken into consideration by Chester Crown Court when sentencing him. On top of the custodial sentence he was given Greatrex was ordered to pay a £140 victim surcharge.
Latest Cheshire Appeals
Appeal for witnesses following fatal collision in Twemlow Green
Officers from Cheshire Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward following a fatal collision in Twemlow Green. The incident, which involved a silver Honda Jazz and a pedestrian, occurred shortly after 5.40pm on Saturday 1 December on the A535 Chelford Road. Sadly the pedestrian, a 25-year-old man from Essex, sustained fatal injuries and passed away at the scene. His next of kin has been informed and they are being supported by specialist officers. The driver of the car was uninjured. Enquiries in relation to the incident are ongoing officers are keen to hear from anyone who believes they may have witnessed the collision or has any information which may help the investigation. Anyone with information in relation to the collision should call Cheshire Police on 101, quoting IML 257139, give the details via or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. To submit dashcam footage go online at .
Detectives appeal for witnesses to Upton burglary
Detectives investigating a burglary at a house in Chester are appealing for witnesses to come forward. At some time between 4.30pm and 6.30pm on Monday 3 December four men broke into a house on Upton Park in Upton through the back door. After ransacking every room in the house the men stole the keys to a blue Audi S3 parked outside.  The burglars then drove away from the house in the stolen blue Audi and a black Audi. The men were described as wearing dark clothing with hoods pulled up. Detective Sergeant Danielle Knox, of Chester Local Policing Unit, said: “While our enquiries continue I am particularly keen to hear from anyone who may have seen a blue and black Audi driving together out of Chester after 6.30pm. I would also encourage anyone who may have seen four men acting suspiciously around the time of the burglary to get in touch and call 101.” Please call Cheshire Police on 101, quoting IML 258951, give the details via or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. If you have dashcam footage please submit by following the instructions in this link making sure you quote IML 258951.
Detectives appeal for witness following attempt arson at shop in Warrington
Detectives investigating an attempted arson at a shop in Warrington are appealing for a witness to come forward. A blue Fiat 500 was parked outside Dutch Lux on Padgate Lane at 6.20pm on Monday 12 November when two men entered the shop and poured petrol inside. The men attempted to set the shop alight before running away.   Officers are appealing for the owners of the car to come forward as they may have information to help with their investigation. Detective Constable Sophie Davies, of Warrington CID, said: “While our enquiries continue to find those responsible I am appealing to the owner of the blue Fiat 500 to come forward. You may have seen these men and have information – no matter how small – to help us with our investigation.  I would also urge people to cast their minds back to this day and whether they saw two men acting suspiciously around the time of the incident to call 101.” Please call Cheshire Police on 101, quoting IML 239563, give the details via or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. If you have dashcam footage please submit by following the instructions in this link making sure you quote IML 239563.
Witness appeal following fatal collision in Middlewich
Officers are appealing for witnesses to come forward following a fatal collision in Middlewich. At around 7.10pm on Tuesday 4 December police were called to reports of a collision involving a motorcycle on Cledford Lane in Sproston. Officers attended the scene and found that a motorcycle had collided with a metal fence on the outskirts of a farm. Sadly the rider of the motorcycle – a 20-year-old man from Middlewich – died at the scene. His next of kin have been informed and are being supported by specialist officers. Enquiries in relation to the incident are ongoing and officers are keen to hear from anyone who witnessed the collision or has any information or dashcam footage which may aid the investigation. Anyone with information in relation to the collision should call Cheshire Police on 101, quoting IML 259826, give the details via or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. To submit dashcam footage go online at .
Detectives continue their investigation into Burtonwood death
Detectives investigating the death of Ann Marie Pomphret are continuing their inquiries four weeks on. Ann Marie, 49, was found dead at the stables off Old Alder Lane on 2nd November 2018. A murder investigation was launched and extensive enquiries are continuing to be carried out by the force’s Major Investigation Team. DI Adam Waller said: ““We are determined to find the person responsible for Ann Marie’s death. It has been a month since she died and, during that time, a dedicated team of detectives have been carrying out extensive enquiries in the local area, which include forensic enquiries, CCTV enquiries and house-to-house enquiries, to try and piece together as much information as possible.  We are trying to establish the full circumstances of what happened that night so that we can get justice for Ann Marie. As part of our commitment we have enlisted the help of the crime fighting charity, Crimestoppers which has offered a £10,000 award for information given to them that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case.” DI Waller added: “This is a complex investigation and whilst the visible element of our work – including carrying out forensic enquiries at the scene – has now finished I want to reassure people that behind the scenes we are continuing to work tirelessly on this case. The enquiries and the search effort so far has led to the discovery of what we believe to be a significant piece of evidence that will now undergo further detailed forensic analysis. However we still need you to come forward if you have any information. Were you in the area at the time? Did you see or hear anything unusual? If so, please get in touch.” A 50-year-old man was arrested as part of police enquiries and has since been released on conditional bail. Anyone with information should contact Cheshire Police on 101 or via the Major Incident Public Portal quoting IML230241. If you have dashcam footage you can also submit the Major Incident Public Portal link making sure you quote IML 230241. Alternatively information can be given anonymously by contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
Appeal following robbery in Winsford
Officers are appealing for witnesses to come forward following a robbery in Winsford. At around 1pm on Tuesday 4 December a 22-year-old man was cycling along Saxon Crossway. He was approached by an unknown man near to Woodcott Avenue, who shouted at him and told him to stop. The victim ignored the man and as he continued cycling he was hit on the head from behind, causing him to fall to the floor. The man then stole the victim’s bike and cycled away in the direction of Abbots Way. The offender is described as a white man who was wearing a black hoody, black tracksuit bottoms and a neck warmer with a picture of a clowns face/mouth on pulled up to his eyes.  As a result of the incident the victim sustained minor injuries to his head and a wrist. Detective Constable Claire Heatley said: “Enquiries in relation to this incident are ongoing and we are committed to doing all that we can to trace the person responsible and bring them to justice. I am keen to hear from anyone who has any information or CCTV or dashcam footage which may assist our investigation. I am particularly keen to identify a man who was in the area at the time and is believed to have witnessed the incident. He was seen on the opposite side of the road and was wearing a high-visibility jacket.  I urge anyone with any information, no matter how small, to contact the team here at Northwich.” Anyone with information that may help detectives with their ongoing investigation should call Cheshire Police on 101, quoting IML 259530, give the details via or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. To submit dashcam footage go online at
Appeal for information following supermarket burglary in Warrington
Detectives are appealing for information following a burglary at a supermarket in Warrington. At around 1.30am on Wednesday 5 December three men used tools, including an angle grinder, to break into the Sainsbury’s store on Common Lane. They stole a quantity of cigarettes and alcohol. The three men are all described as white, around 5’ 11” tall and aged approximately in their 20s and were wearing black balaclavas covering their faces and had hoods over their heads. One of the offenders was wearing grey tracksuit bottoms, a green jacket with a blue hood, a grey Nike jumper and black trainers with white stripes down them. Another had a black North Face coat on as well as black Umbro tracksuit bottoms, black trainers and grey woolly gloves. The third man was wearing a black hooded jumper with red writing on it, dark coloured bottoms and black trainers. Enquiries into the incident are ongoing and detectives are urging anyone who witnessed anything suspicious in the area to come forward. They are also keen to hear from anyone who believes they may have dashcam footage of the offenders or information regarding their identities. Detective Sergeant Tom Hall said: “We are determined to catch the offenders and bring them to justice and are appealing for help from the public with our ongoing investigation. If you were in the area around the time of the incident and witnessed anything suspicious please get in touch. The same goes for anyone who recognises the descriptions of the offenders and believes that they may know who they are or have dashcam footage of them.” Anyone with information that may aid detectives with their investigation, no matter how small, should call Cheshire Police on 101, quoting IML 260011, give the details via or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. To submit dashcam footage go online at .
Appeal for information as balaclava-clad thieves target shop in Widnes
Detectives are appealing for information from members of the public after balaclava-clad thieves stole a quantity of cigarettes from a shop in Widnes. Shortly after 6.30pm on Thursday 6 December three men wearing balaclavas entered the Spar store on Ditchfield Road carrying a large bin. One of them jumped over the counter and filled the bin with cigarettes. The three men then left the store, which was open at the time of the incident and was occupied by several customers and members of staff. The offenders got into a white Kia Sportage parked outside the shop and fled along Ditchfield Road in the direction of Hough Green. The car progressed to Netherley Road, travelling in the direction of Liverpool. The three offenders were all around 5’ 11” tall. One of them had a heavy build and was wearing a blue waterproof jacket over a grey hooded top, grey tracksuit bottoms, black trainers and black gloves. Another had a medium build and had on a black zip-up jacket with a grey stripe down the arms, black bottoms, grey trainers with a white sole and light coloured gloves with a black palm. The third man was wearing all black clothing, apart from light coloured gloves with a black palm, and he had a slim build. Enquiries are ongoing and detectives are urging anyone with information about the incident, the offenders or the Kia car they were travelling in to come forward. They are also keen to hear from anyone who believes they may have dashcam footage of the offenders or car. Detective Constable James Simpson said: “This was a frightening incident for all those who were in the shop at the time. We are determined to catch the offenders and make them face the consequences of their actions and I urge anyone with information that may aid our ongoing investigation to get in touch. If you witnessed anything that may be of help and haven’t already been spoken to about the incident by the police please come forward. The same goes for anyone who believes they may know who the offenders are or have information or dashcam footage relating to the Kia car they were in.” Anyone with information that may help detectives with their investigation, no matter how small, should call Cheshire Police on 101, quoting IML 261567, give the details via or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. To submit dashcam footage go online at .

Saturday, 8 December 2018

This year’s Weston Christmas Light Display is unveiled

Reporter J White

A family home in Weston, near Crewe has once again been transformed into a Winter Wonderland to raise money for The Donna Louise Hospice.

For the sixth year, Carters Green Farm in Weston has been decorated with tens of thousands of twinkling lights and decorations by Graham Witter and his family, in memory of Graham’s sister Jessica.

Graham has spent months planning, preparing and organising this year’s display, which is bigger and better than ever before. And on Saturday (1st December) his hard work paid off as he unveiled and switched-on the 2018 display for the first time.

Everyone is welcome to visit the Weston Christmas Light display this December, where they’ll be able to visit Santa’s Grotto, indulge in a #festiveicecream and have a #sleighselfie with Santa, not forgetting having photo’s at the magnificent light display.

Graham said “It takes a lot of planning to make sure everything is in place and I love adding more lights to the display each year and coming up with new creative ideas. This year there are loads of new decorations and lights, including a much-bigger animated North-Pole village.

“Seeing everyone enjoying the display and watching the children’s faces light up when they meet Santa is just magical and makes the months of hard work worthwhile. I hope the local community will come along to enjoy this year’s light display, it doesn’t cost anything to visit, we just ask for a donation to our chosen charity, The Donna Louise, a place which is close to mine and my family’s hearts

Graham first started the display five years ago to raise money for The Donna Louise where his sister received respite care. In that time he’s raised an incredible £65,500 to help local children and young people with life-limiting conditions, who are supported by the Hospice.

He added, “I feel proud to continue this festive fundraiser in Jessica’s memory and know she would have laughed and smiled at all these magical lights and decorations.”

The Weston Christmas Light Display will shine bright every evening until 28th December, from 6.15pm – 9pm, at Carters Green Farm, Jack Lane, Weston, CW2 5LE. Santa will be there every Friday, Saturday, Sunday evening and each night the last week before Christmas. Everyone’s welcome!

For more information email

Weston Christmas Light Display 2018 (4)

Weston Christmas Light Display 2018 (3)

Weston Christmas Light Display 2018 - Graham Witter (1)

Birthday Fundraiser is the icing on the cake for Mid Cheshire Hospitals Charity

Nantwich Broad Lane Methodist Chapel member Richard Fox this year decided that instead of birthday gifts he would ask his friends and family to donate to the ‘Everybody Knows Somebody – dementia appeal raising £660.

Richard’s late father, Reverend Frank Trevor Fox was a Methodist Minster on the Nantwich Circuit in the 1970’s and was diagnosed with dementia in 1981.

Richard was keen to give something back to support local people living with dementia. The cheque presentation took place at the Broad Lane Methodist Chapel Sunday afternoon service on Sunday 18th November. Charlotte Lorimar, Circuit Minster who led the worship focussed the service around celebrating the fundraising.

Carole Salmon, MCHC Community Fundraiser said: ‘I’d like to thank Richard for his generous gesture of forgoing birthday gifts and donating the funds raised to our appeal. The donation will support multiple projects across our hospitals that will improve the care and experience of people living with dementia’

Charlotte Lorimar added: ‘The Sunday service was a perfect way to celebrate Richard’s fundraising and we were delighted that Carole was able to attend and share with the congregation details of how the donation will help the local community’

Anyone wishing to have their own birthday fundraiser as an alternative to having gifts for a birthday or any other celebration should contact Carole Salmon on 01270 273248 or

For Britain' says that all children should be able to attend a school rated at least ‘Good’ by Ofsted.

Cllr. Brian Silvester, Local Government Spokesman for  @ForBritainParty says,

"The For Britain Movement has a full manifesto covering all subjects.

It can be viewed here.

Here are just some of our Local Government policies:-

Keep the Council Tax as low as possible, either not to be increased or to be reduced via the targeting of waste.

Ensure that local people are prioritised in the allocation of social and affordable housing.

Ensure that ALL children can attend a school rated at least ‘good’ by Ofsted

Ensure that all Councils (except for Parish/Town Councils) have elections every year for 25% of the Councillors, ensuring that Councillors are more regularly held to account.

Abandon the first past the post electoral system for the UK Parliament in Westminster, as well as local Councils, in favour of proportional representation and fair voting. In too many Councils the controlling political group of Councillors have less than 50% of the vote but have 100% of the seats. We would put an end to these elected dictatorships in our Town Halls.

Introduce referenda in local areas so that people may vote upon any major construction or other substantial change in their locality." 

Yours faithfully,

Cllr. Brian Silvester

Local Government Spokesman


Tuesday, 4 December 2018

An annual ‘Christmas Fair’ took

Reporter Jonathan White

Father Christmas in his Grotto

Nativity scene

An annual ‘Christmas Fair’ took place on Saturday 1st December 2018 at St Andrew's Church on Bedford Street in Crewe CW2 6LE.

There were numerous stalls including a tombola, games, jewellery, cheese, jams, cakes and a prize raffle.

Children were able to visit Father Christmas and receive a present from him. There were also children’s activities.

There was live musical entertainment from ‘Pick & Mix’ (Fred Allman and Chris White, accompanied by Fred’s daughter Victoria Allman), ‘Singing Sensations’, and a demonstration of armchair exercise routines from the ‘Dance to Health’ community group which meets weekly in the Church Hall.

Money raised from the stalls will go to St Andrew's Church funds.

Priest-in-Charge of St Andrew’s Church, Reverend Lynne Cullens said, “It’s been wonderful to welcome so many members of the wider community to our Christmas Fair today.  Both as a church and as a Connected Communities Centre, we want people to feel this is their space so to have been able to share in such fantastic music, dancing, food and activities with people from across our community has been great.”

Forthcoming Christmas events at St Andrew's Church are: Tuesday 4th December (Churches Together in Crewe Advent Service, 6:30pm), Sunday 9th December(Church@theBrookhouse Carol Service - Belong, Brookhouse Drive, Crewe, 11am), Friday 21st December(Community Carols in Church Garden, 7pm), Sunday 23rd December (Nine Lessons and Carols, 4pm), Monday 24th December (Christingle and Crib Service, 3pm, repeated 4:30pm), Monday 24th December (Midnight Mass, 11:30pm), Saturday 29th December (Experience Christmas, 11am-12pm & 1:30-3pm). All events and activities are free of charge.

Weekly services at St Andrew's Church are: Sundays (Said Communion, 8am; Worship and Communion - coffee is served after this service - 9:30am; Evensong or Sung Eucharist, 4pm), Tuesdays (Open informal worship with coffee and cakes, 6:30pm), and Thursdays (Said Communion - coffee and cakes afterwards, 10am).

Saturday Café takes place every week 12noon to 1:30pm with soup, sandwiches & cakes in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you would like to learn more about the work of St Andrew's Church, join the choir or volunteer for any of their community projects please contact Revd. Lynne Cullens on 01270 569000 or