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Sunday 27 November 2022

Queens Park November 2022

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Wednesday 16 November 2022

Cheshire East Health test danger

Last week I went to the Stay Well Squad in Crewe. It was a cold day and to have a BP check I had to remove 2 coats and a jumper in a cubical open to the air. They then took the BP not following the correct procedure in any way and got a reading of 193/96 which they said was dangerously high. It gave a heart rate of 121 I was wearing an expensive smart watch were the heart rate if correct and that only showed 86. I told them I had walked 3k steps and I had a frozen shoulder but they still did test on it

They did a heart test and I didn’t see any of the contacts wiped after being used by someone else the person taking it then didn’t understand but read comments from the app.

They tried BP again with similar results totally in correctly by this time I was shaking with cold as the room is exposed to the outside air with no heating.

They then stood by the open door talking about my results so that is against all data protection as everyone walking past could then hear all my personnel data.

Are these people medically trained in any way and is the equipment accurate? It seems clear as the procedure for taking BP was not correct that they are not and giving medical advice not knowing anything about the patient is crazy and very dangerous. They were told I had just walked 2 miles and had a frozen shoulder

The 2 pods open to the world is wrong as anyone can hear personal information and be badly effected by cold its not fit for purpose and very damaging wasting NHS and doctors time because they do it wrong and causing large amounts of stress to a 75 year old with a heart attack.

Giving wrong results to someone could drive them to suicide as they think they are going to die. They didn’t specifically obtain consent or explain what the test were for .

It now seems they have shared this data without my authority with other once I get confirmation it will be reported to the ICO as a data breach.

NHS guide lines on taking BP

Sit for 5-15 mins to relax NOT DONE

Taking 2 coats off at 75 years would send the body crazy on a winters cold day

The arm should be bent level with the heart NOT DONE

Head lowered or body leaning forward will give wrong reading

Crossing legs effects it

If you have had coffee tea alcohol and medication will effect it

Strenuous exercise like walking 3k steps will raise it

The fact that its done in such a none private way means anyone close can her personnel data so is not secure anyone outside can her your personnel medical data.

The whole idea is flawed if people are walking around the town BP is likely high due to walking and being very low temperature could potentially be fatal.

I confirmed that none of the people giving this advice have any medical qualifications you would expect at least one to be qualified next the dustmen will be doing health checks.

This is dangerous and if they are then sharing data is breach of GDPR. To tell people they have very high dangerous BP it can cause depression worry and stress. When in fact when taken correctly BP was normal