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Friday 30 January 2009

Home Watch News

This is a new feature for Home Watch members but its just as important advice and news for everyone and warns about crimes in the area of Crewe. These bulletins are sent when there is a need to warn people

Please be aware of two incidents of a similar nature that happened yesterday evening (19/01/2009) one in Crewe and the second in Audlem. Although there is no confirmed connection between the incidents they both used a similar method to try and gain entry.

In both instances someone knocked on the front door of a residential property and stated that there had been a water explosion.

In the incident in Crewe (approx 17:40), the male suspect persuaded the homeowner to allow him entry to examine the problem in the kitchen. Whilst they are in the kitchen a second male enters the property, proceeds upstairs and makes a tidy search before removing cash and returning to the ground floor. Both offenders then leave the premises.

In the Audlem incident (approx 18:10) a male offender tells the homeowner that she needs to check her taps in the bathroom and kitchen due to the explosion and also needs to check under the sink. The homeowner tried to shut the door on the male and he pushed it back open and entered the property. The offender ran off when the homeowner pressed their alarm button.

Please make members aware of these incidents and remind them to be particularly cautious and please try to offer support for more vulnerable neighbours who might be targeted by this type of crime.

When answering the door it is always worth remembering to Stop, Chain & Check. Stop prior to answering the door and consider if you are expecting anyone. If you open your door always use the door chain whilst talking to the person. Check the identity of the caller - if they claim to be from a company take their ID card off them and shut the door when looking at it. If you are unsure find a phone number from the company they claim to be from and ring up and double check that there should be someone in your area or if there has been a genuine issues.

It is worthwhile to invest in a door chain if you do not already have one and if your door does not have glass panels where you can see who is at the door consider installing a spy hole.

If you are in any doubt that they are genuine keep them out. Remember that genuine callers won't be annoyed if you ask them to wait outside while you double check their identity or will understand if you ask them to go away and make an official appointment in writing. If you are suspicious that someone is knocking on people's doors under false pretences in the area please ensure that you contact the police via 0845 458 0000 to report it immediately.

If anyone would like some more in depth information about 'How to Beat Bogus Callers' please let me know and I will forward you out as many copies of the leaflet as required.


Home Watch Desk


Tesco's new store by the Crewe Arms Hotel is progressing well and has created new jobs for the area. But this week Tesco announced 40 redundancies at its Middlewich site which applies mostly to warehouse staff so its win some loose some on the jobs front

Thursday 29 January 2009

New British Heart Foundation Shop

The old one pound shop in the Asda precinct is to be a new shop for the Heart Foundation selling electrical goods and furniture. New jobs for the shop have been advertised locally but no one knew were the shop was to be. Now the mystery is solved the shop has been empty for some time and has been missed as it was always a cheap shop for all sorts of good. The heart shop opposite Jesops will remain open as well

Zavvi has now got a face lift with the new sign showing its now a HMV shop on the day when more old Zavvi shops were closed

Valley Park

I notice that Valley Park has had some updates. Last week workers were putting in a new swing on the play area and now they have opened up the other side of the park across the brook and started putting in a walkway. Its seems a bit strange at the moment as the paths go a few yards and then come back on them selves. So we will wait and see what develops. I was surprised at the wild life in the area I saw a Kingfisher but every time I got my camera out he flew off down the stream, But there were a lot of birds and the odd rat. Its now a nice area with lighting and the drawings under the bridge.

Tuesday 27 January 2009

Happy New Year Kung hey fat choy

Chinese New Year 恭喜發財
By the Chinese Calendar
2009 is the Year of the Ox,
which is also known by its formal name of Ji Chou. 己丑

If you want to learn Chinese a few Expressions to help you on the way

Ai Bang Mai Ne: I bumped into the coffee table
Ar U Wun Tu: A gay liberation greeting
Chin Tu Fat: You need a face lift
Dum Gai: A stupid man
Gun Pao Der: An ancient Chinese invention
Hu Flung Dung: Which one of you fertilized the field?
Hu Yu Hai Ding: We have reason to believe you are harboring a fugitive
Jan Ne Ka Sun: A former late night talk how host
Kum Hia: Approach me
Lao Zi: Not very good
Lin Ching: An illegal execution
Moon Lan Ding: Achievement of the American space program
Ne Ahn: A lighting fixture used in advertising signs
Shai Gai: A bashful person
Tai Ne Bae Be: A premature infant
Tai Ne Po Ne: A small horse
Ten Ding Ba: Serving drinks to people
Wan Bum Lung: A person with T.B.
Yu Mai Te Tan: Your vacation in Hawaii agrees with you
Wa Shing Kah: Cleaning an automobile
Wai So Dim: Are you trying to save electricity?
Wai U Shao Ting: There is no reason to raise your voice
Si-Ling Fan: A device to keep you cool
Sum Dum Fuk: Irritating drivers

Free Boxing Lessons

Free Boxing lessons at Camm St for kids.
For more information, please contact the Sports Development Team on:
Tel: 01270 537226 / 01270 537231
Or Crewe ABC 01270 650770

Saturday 24 January 2009

Right to Repair campain sign the petition now

Small garages like Oakridge in West St could go out of Business soon if we dont act now!!

“We’ve sorted the problem, sir. That’ll be double what you might have paid at an independent car repairer…”

The car service and repair industry is about to change forever. And change for the worse.

That’s because, at the moment, you have the right to service or repair your car wherever you wish. You might take it back to the manufacturer. Or maybe you prefer to take your vehicle to an independent repairer.

But, in 2010, when key European legislation is due to disappear, so will your freedom of choice.

Unless we work together now to stop this happening.

So, what’s it to you if independent car garages are about to be driven out of business?

Well, there’s the cost – to you, the vehicle owner – for starters.

Put simply, if the only place you’re able to service or repair your car is at a manufacturer dealership or manufacturer approved franchise, prepare to be hit hard in the pocket.

In fact, research shows that you can expect your car service and repair costs to be double*.

Sign the petition now here
More details here

Gone Bust with Pots of Money

More than a thousand cannabis plants were found in the Golden Pacific restaurant on Chester Bridge on Friday with a value of £150,000. The electricity company went int o the premise to cut off the power and found more than a thousand plants with a full hydroponics system to irrigate the plants and overhead heaters.

The plants were removed and a 30 year old man has been charged this is the second large find in the area over recant months

The South Chesire Ramblers group

The South Chesire ramblers group were in Crewe Libary with a stall on Saturday as part of a general fitness show. The group orginise walk from very simple short walks to experdistions that rewuire a leval of fitness and the right equipment. So no matter what your needs they should have a walk that will suit you. get out in the fresh air and enjoy the country side at the same time helping you to keep slim and healthy.
One of the RA's primary objectives is to protect public rights of way, especially footpaths, and to encourage their use.

For all queries please contact the group secretary

Frank Jones
2 Rose Cottage
Willbank Lane

Telephone: 01270 524564
Their web site is

Thursday 22 January 2009

Zavvi closes today HMV opens tommorow

Zavvi was closed today with lots of people inside ripping the place apart for the opening of the new HMV store tomorrow. If they succeed thats some going lets hope the prices stay low and dont go up with a new store.
It also on the cards that Cash converters is due to return to the town soon. It used to be on the corner opposite the bookies Banks Chambers building which is now a carpet shop. I never found it to be a very cheap shop and often it was expensive compared with say the car boot.

Wednesday 21 January 2009

Twit tawoo

I caught this at the car boot on the market site on Wednesday and thought it was worth a photo(they were not for sale as they are rescue owls promoting the center). The owls were very friendly I only lost one finger and didnt bother about having their photo taken and even let you stroke them. The car boot is a little slow at this time of year but it keeps going a few bargains are still to be had

Shop Fire

The fire in a shop in Whalthall st that started at 10:30 monday night and burnt most of the night is today being demolished and made safe. Whalthall st was today closed off as was the top of Stalbridge rd so thing could be made safe.

Its lucky that no one was hurt as it rare to see a house in such a state after a fire there are some good pictures on

Monday 19 January 2009

Tchibo to close ?

Tchibo has a large poster in its windows announcing that its having a closing down sale. This is the shop which has a new experience every week. Now they are adding yet another new experience to their collection. You wouldn’t think a shop which changes every week would run into trouble as it can just turn to a more profitable model.

Bentley announces as seven week shut down starting the end of January. This is due to a down turn in the market. This is despite Paris Hilton buying herself one for Xmas which she had painted pink.

On the upside Zavvi store is to be taken over by HMV so at least that has been saved. Tesco is to open a express store near the station with 20 new staff. The supermarket will be the perfect place to grab a sandwich or stock up on everyday essentials from a range of over 2,500 products and get Clubcard points too. The new store will be open from 6am till midnight, seven days a week and has the added convenience of a bakery, a free cash machine, beers, wines and spirits, the lottery and Esso Fuel.

Saturday 17 January 2009

Iggle and Piggle at Argos

I have no idea who iggle piggle are but they were at Argos handing out the new catalog today. I was told iggle or was it piggle was the store manager what he does in in his own time is his business. The new catalog all ways causes a gold rush type fever as people fight their way to get the new catalog but today they had people parceling them up for you and there was no problems just crowds of kids having their picture taken with iggle and piggle who were raising money for charity. If you have got your catalog get down there quick.

Friday 16 January 2009

Queens Park Trip

I had a trip around The Queens Park to see what was happening the footing for the new bridges across to Burma Island are now in so hopefully the new bridges will soon be up.

I had a look at the Bowling Green which was looking good with a very green lawn already for the spring and the big old tree stood proud behind it.

Next to the Bowling Green is the memorial to Diana and with the grasses in full flow its the most striking feature at the park at the moment

A bit further down and the bases for the new path that used to lead to the old bird and rabbit houses is in lets hope they put some steps in or make this a less steep bank. The kids used to call this the end of the world as the old bank was so steep it felt like you were going off the end of the world. At the moment it looks more like a skate board ramp half built.

There was not a lot more to see as most of the park is fenced off and you cant get to it. I did think they would leave as much unfenced as possible so there was more to see like the old band stand and the scented garden. New building are due to start any time now subject to the weather

Monday 12 January 2009

Leighton Park Paths

I went for a walk across the fields at the back of Smith Grove were they are putting in lots of new paths. As you can see in the picture some are more advanced than others as I found out when I sank down in the mud which came over my shoes. The paths will go from Minshull new Rd to Brookland grove and connect it to the town via the paths in Badger Ave. It is far from finished as its just rough stone at the moment and with so much water in the area its hard to make a good solid path.

Once completed it will be a nice country walk as they are putting more tree in the area as well. As with all these things the problem is kids will think its great to use these paths for motor bikes and it will make a great dirt track for them when they next steal a bike

Wulven Upgrade

The Derby Dock face lift is in full swing with a new fence around most of the area and new TV and Satellite Ariels going up around the site. Even the bins have had a new fence. How much benefit the new railings are is open to debate. It helps keep people in and some out, in the event of a fire it makes it harder to get to the flats and harder to escape from the site.

The main thing people see m to be worried about is Fire escapes as if you are above ground level the only means of escape is the ground floor and with several fires in the area a few months ago they are concerned they could be trapped inside

Spotted hanging About

Spotted hanging About on Sunday this man cutting back the trees in Argos car park. Its that time of year when they are pruning trees and buses everywhere you go. On a Sunday morning it was very noisy cutting the trees back as the town was empty.

Sunday 11 January 2009

The Mayors Charity Work

I caught the Mayor out with his bucket on Crewe Square collecting for the Red Cross on Saturday and we were amused as the Sentinal photographer had him waving his bucket as if he was doing the Conga. He reminded me of the invite to his special evening

The Mayor and Mayoress of Crewe and Nantwich

Most cordially invite you to purchase tickets to attend their fabulous ‘Auction of Promises’ gala evening, the proceeds of which will go towards the

Mayor’s Lifelong Learning Charity. The theme of the evening will be ‘Rocks, Frocks
and Dickie Bows’ and will include a welcoming drink, a lavish 3 course meal and live
entertainment. This extravaganza will take place at the luxurious Crewe Hall on 30th January 2009.

Proceeds from the evening will go to the Mayor’s Charity. The theme for the Mayor’s Charity is Lifelong Learning and it is supported by: MMU Cheshire South Cheshire College Reaseheath College Wulvern Housing

This splendid evening will explode with excitement as our ‘Rocks, Frocks and Dickie Bows’ extravaganza gets under way.

This is an ‘Auction of Promises’, which boasts promises which money can’t buy… but you can! The Auction will raise money for the Mayoral Charity fund of Lifelong Learning, and once you have bagged your bargain you can carry on enjoying the remainder of the evening by singing along and dancing to our live entertainment.

This is a glittering gala evening that really should not be missed. All the best people will be there… including The Worshipful the Mayor and his Mayoress of course!

This is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to join us, to let your hair down and support a worthwhile cause.

An up to date list of the promises can be viewed on the website at If you would like to make a donation, of either a Promise or cash, all will be gratefully received. Just fill in the details on the reply slip.

The dress code is as it says - Rocks, Frocks and Dickie Bows. Ladies, this is your chance to really dress up, and show off those sparklers Santa left in your Christmas stocking! (The gentlemen can too if they wish!)
Tickets will be allocated on a first come first served basis so book early to avoid disappointment.

Programme of the Evening:

6.45pm Arrival and pre-dinner drinks in the Hall of Pillars

7.30pm Three course meal will be served in the Continental Suite

9.30pm Auction of Promises 10.30pm Live entertainment and disco 12.30am Carriages

Here are just a few of the promises offered so far...

This really is an exclusive chance for two people to tour one of the most famous streets in the country, if not the world – Coronation Street. The official tours of the set ended in the year 2000 so this really will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for any Corrie fan. So be generous in your bids and bag this unique opportunity, donated courtesy of Coronation Street creator Tony Warren himself.

Bentley Factory Tour
This is a rare opportunity for four people to tour the world-famous Bentley factory to see the process of car making at its finest. All Bentley cars are handmade by master craftsmen who take extreme pride in their work. These prestigious cars are hand crafted to an exceptional standard and can take up to 400 hours to build. Don’t miss your chance to see every step of the production of Crewe’s most luxurious export.

Heathercliffe Hotel
Heathercliffe Hotel is situated in the picturesque village of Frodsham in the heart of the beautiful Cheshire Countryside. This is a chance for you and your partner to stay in the luxurious Queen’s Suite which boasts a Kingsized, Half Coronet bed and its own private Jacuzzi… luxury indeed! To round off your stay, enjoy a hearty full English breakfast to set you up for the day ahead.

Combermere Abbey
Set on the beautiful borderlands of Cheshire and Shropshire, Combermere Abbey is one of the most amazing historical sites in Britain. The Abbey was founded in 1133.

Wednesday 7 January 2009

Crewe Websites

Crewe now has a lot of websites and a new one starts this week

Crewe Photography has just started with photo like above of Crewe and cars

Crewe Blog The original Blog about Crewe update all most daily

Crewe Town About Crewe mostly focused on the West End of Crewe

Whats on in Crewe The place to go to find out whats on this week

Changes in Crewe Changes happening in Crewe

Crewe SK8 Park Skateboarding in Crewe

Our MPs website Track what Edward is doing for us

There will be many more I have just listed the main ones

The End Of Xmas

Tuesday and Xmas is over as Tree Fellas move in to remove the decorations form the town square starting with the artificial trees full of lights. Its now past 12 night and all your decorations should now be down for another year. We hope the square will now get back the seats which have been missed over Xmas by many people who rest in the town

Tuesday 6 January 2009

The Yobs Win

The Derby Docks bushes are being cut back after problems with gangs of youths holding drinking parties in them. Lots of complaints from local residents forced this cutting back as people were frightened to walk down the path which is right next to the trees as all you could hear was kids in there. People were afraid they would be attacked and the trees were perfect to hide behind if you wanted to jump out on someone.

The area is supposed to be a no drinking zone but the idea of these zones has become a joke as no one does anything and street drinking is still going on even at 7 am on the docks people are out there drinking.
The problem is the yobs are winning the trees were very nice and made it countrified but in this area it has just caused problems with the yobs so the only way forward is to remove them so they can no longer hide. The other way forward was for the Police to do something about the area which they have failed to do for years

Anyone seen the Rail?

A picture taken at Tipkinder Skate Park in the snow this week and can you spot whats missing?

This is how it used to look like but now someone has had a rail away. I can only assume its been stolen and this wont be the first time stuff has been removed from the site and no doubt sold as scrap. If you know anything ring the Police. So much for CCTV

First Snow of Winter

The first snow of winter and I was amassed walking round the town that everyone seemed to be out with a camera I snapped these three from the opposition Crewe Blog and on every corner was someone else with a camera. Even in the Park people were out with cameras taking pictures.
Goddard St in the snow. Temperatures are getting down as low as -8 as the freeze continues. People are complaining about the state of the pavements as they become skating rinks. Next week better weather is forecast so lets hope for some warmth

End of an Era

A walk past Morrisons in Dunwoody way see the end of an era as they start knocking down more of Crewe Works. Growing up in Crewe I remember when the works went from the bridge in West St near Rolls Royce to Cobdern St which is now the Library all of what is now Morrisons and the Egale center was all the Works.

Every day West St was filled with hundreds of bike as the workers all came out of work. You grew up in Crewe and worked in the works or Rolls for life. Now there is very little left and getting a job for life is a thing of the past. How did Crewe go from the centre of the railway to what it is today