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Thursday 30 April 2009

Doris were did you park the car?

I was outside the library at 10:45 and couldn't believe my eye when I saw the car parked down the steps. I assumed it was a stolen car and they had crashed it. But no I spoke to eye witness who said it was two little old ladies driving past the library when a coach blew its horn and frightened them. The crashed through a post and some how ended up parked on the steps. They feared they would have been hurt but they got out looking for their teeth which had shot out of their mouths when the crash happened.

What no one could understand is how they got there as there was not a mark on the flower bed or trees and they missed the first side of the steps as though they had done a Knight rider over it. It took over and hour to get the car out with lots of people watching. Thankfully no one was hurt. We were having a competition with the Chronicle who came down as what the caption should be?
This Sat nav is rubbish
Little old lady from Pasadina
Cant see a parking meter
Stop messing with the Turbo Button

Wednesday 29 April 2009


I spent the morning with Caroline Yoxall Cleansing Supervisor
Cheshire East Council and Bill Scragg From the Community Payback scheme(Probation Service) to go all over Tipkinder woodland walk. We looked at the rubbish in the stream, overgrown paths and dead trees.

Bill is going to get his team over and clear the paths of nettles and remove the rubbish from the stream which is difficult because its all in the water. If people had just dumped the rubbish on the road it could be removed in 5 mins as it is its a big job fishing it out of the stream. Thats in the short term in the long term they will try and clear the path along the stream and put some seats for people to enjoy the area.

Caroline is going to get the trees we identified as dead checked out ASAP as they may be a danger and have to be felled. Being very big some of the trees could crash across the steam and hit house on the other side. She will remove all the rubbish on the banks etc. We were looking to promote the area as its a lovely walk in the trees by the stream and lots of people just dont know its there. It has lots of wildlife for people to enjoy and there are a few hidden walks all around the area we even found the secret BMX track, no not the main one by the skate park a secret one in the woods.

The walk can be accessed from Colins ST over the bridge in the picture or from the Queens park car park or from the BMX track go and take a look its very nice

Sunday 26 April 2009

Tipkinder Woodland Walk

There is a lovely woodland walk at the back of Tipkinder BMX track which goes from Collins St to the Queens Park. Its a public walk but for years the council havent maintained the walk and the paths have nettles all along the path. In a week or two the path will be dangerous to walk as brambles come across the path. If thats not enough there are a lot of trees that are dead and may fall on the publics head, one fell across the path last year. When the trees fall the kids use them to set fires or use them as a battering ram.

There is actually a second path by the side of the steam which comes out by the park but is un passable at the moment due to rubbish. It seams as though this could be an ideal project for Community Payback With this local criminal work for the community clearing paths etc. We have asked Cllrs Brian Silvester and Andrew Knowles if this walk can be made safe and usable this summer.

The other problem as you can see in the photo above is rubbish, a few weeks ago in our clean Crewe campaign we reported rubbish in the area which was removed by the council but since then someone has emptied half a house into the stream and the whole stream needs the trolleys and rubbish removing.

West St improvements

West St improvements are due to start 18th May so there will be loads of traffic problems. The scheme covers West St from Richard St to Underwood Lane and will include new pavements, car parks, seats. Its long over due as some of the pavements are like the rocky hills of Calcutta due to lorries running on the pavements delivering to the motor bike shop or other shops

New charges for stray dogs

New charges are being brought in by Cheshire East to tackle the number of stray dogs in the Borough, as the Council warns that it will get tough on the issue of the problems caused by dogs on the streets.

More than 1,300 strays have been picked up over the last four years by Council dog wardens. Cheshire East Council says the new charges, which must be paid in advance, are aimed at reducing the number of strays and encouraging responsible dog ownership. The approach is part of the authority’s community safety strategy which highlights dog fouling as a major concern for residents.

An £80 fee will be levied on owners to release dogs founding straying on the streets without any identification. The animal will be taken to registered kennels at Stoke on Trent and kept for seven days. If it is not claimed within this period, then efforts will be made to rehome it via an animal charity.

Dogs which can be identified through a collar or micro-chipping will be returned to their registered owners by the dog warden at a cost of £40. If the dog is found straying again, it will not to be returned to the owner but taken to the kennels and the full fee will be payable before release.

Councillor Brian Silvester, Cheshire East’s Portfolio Holder for Safer and Stronger Communities, says: “The return fees are set not only to cover the Council’s costs but to send out a very clear message that Cheshire East is determined to reduce the number of stray dogs on our streets and reduce the complaints we receive in relation to incidents of dog-fouling. There are no concessions to these fees. We are also adopting a zero tolerance approach to dog-fouling and will issue on-the-spot fines through our team of community wardens to owners who do not clean up after their pets.”

If a member of the public finds a dog out of hours or at weekends, they should contact 01270 529599 and will be advised to take the dog to one of two reception centres, the Hollies at Crewe for dogs found in the Crewe area or Fields Farm at Eaton - for dogs found in the Macclesfield/Congleton areas. It is the finder’s responsibility to take the dog, as the Council does not operate an out-of-hours dog collection service. If this is not possible, the dog warden will visit during the next working day to pick it up.

Friday 24 April 2009

Councillor Andrew Knowles answers your questions about Queens Park

I asked Councillor Andrew Knowles about readers comments on the Queens Park and he quickly replied and has answered question from our readers as it comes under his portfolio.

Will the bird house pets corner be restored
Will the water fall be restored
Coronation walk was a major feature will that be restored
Will fishing and boating still be possible
There is mention of structural changes but no mention of gardening changes like redesign of beds new trees etc.
Will the play area be upgraded
Will the greenhouse be back at the park
When will it all be completed

Councillor Andrew Knowles

The responses are as follows:-

Pets Corner- the original structure and pets within it were abused on a regular basis, a replacement is not envisaged as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded package of works.

Water fountain – this item was derelict and an eyesore and has been demolished. A replacement will not be provided. This area requires clay to be deposited to support the retaining wall which will take place in the next few weeks.

Coronation Walk- this area will be restored following the completion of the Broad Walk bridge (part of the Wrekin works package)

Boating and angling will be available when the lake has been restored (part of the Wrekin package of works)

New planting will be undertaken when the hard works have been completed

Play area will be improved and relocated towards the end of the programme ie end of 2010

The green houses were redundant and have been demolished; they will not be replaced although the new depot has a poly tunnel for bedding plant to be used in the park

Completion date in the legal agreement with the HLF is 31st December 2010 which can be complied with as long as existing tenders for building works and completion of Bridges and Lake Edges (formerly Wrekin works) are promptly processed by Cheshire East Legal Financial and Procurement Officers and the works do not have to be retendered in accordance with emerging Cheshire East contract and financial rules.

I hope that the above information is sufficient.

Any more questions let us have them and we will put them to Andrew. Its sad that pets corner that has kept kids happy for over 50 years wont be rebuilt due to yobish behavior, so the yobs have won?

Keep your questions coming in you can contact us via the main site

Wednesday 22 April 2009

Eagle Bridge IT Suite Grand Launch

The PCT and other were there today to officially open the IT suite at Eagle Bridge run by The Wishing Well Project. It give patient access to IT equipment to view details of there medical condition, find support groups etc. The section is maned by volunteers so there is always help available for those who need it and its open 10-12 weekdays but its hopped to be able to open it for long hours soon. They need volunteers for IT and other projects so if you want to help you can contact them on 01270 256919 or just call in

Got UM

We reported the problem in Oxford St with rubbish being dumped every week. We reported it to
Caroline Yoxall
Cleansing Supervisor
Cheshire East Council
and with a short time she sent men to clean up again but this time they sorted through the rubbish and found lots of evidence of the house in Oxford St that has been dumping this rubbish. It often contains smelly nappies and rotten food and there is no reason why it shouldn't go into the bin but they are to idle its simpler to just throw it out in the road.
With the evidence the council will be able to take action to stop the dumping

Tuesday 21 April 2009

Save the Planet

Everyone is on about saving the planet and saving energy, green house gases etc. We are all encouraged to turn off lights and dont leave tv's on standby to save out planet. But in the mist of all that Morrison of Crewe are destroying the planet all on their own. At night the petrol station is closed but its light up like Blackpool tower I counted over 20 lights not to mention the massive signs. Why are they on? Its just a waste and how much does all that expense put on our food bills?

A odd light for security is one thing but this is totally over the top when the place is closed anyway. Come on Morrisons get your act to together and help save the planet turn the lights off

Deadly Roses

The LMR club in Goddard St fence has a deadly secret the roses poised to rip your eye out as you pass. The side of the street they are on isnt lit very well at night and you cant see the roses across the foot path until its to late and its gets you. You can see the roses are right across the path and in a week or so will grow rapidly to cover even more of the foot path. I know a young lad who has been scared for the rest of his life by the LMR bushes. They own the land and have a responsibility in law to keep people safe but they take no action until the council step in and force them to make it safe

The same problem in Oxford St as the waste land has bushes growing into the pavement ready to cut you as you walk past. The path will soon be unpassable with the bushes. The area has mostly old people and is use by young children going to school its only a matter of time before someone is hurt. There must be a lot of similar pavement that are dangerous due to spiky bushes if you report them we will try to get them made safe but its not always that simple if its private land


We have been trying to clean up Crewe over the last few weeks and the council have cleared all the rubbish we have reported in 24 hours in most case. This has been normal rubbish were people have had a new tv and thrown the old one out. But the picture show another type of problem. For every week for the last 12 weeks the rubbish has been thrown into the alley between Oxford St /Underwood Lane.

The council come and remove it and within a few hours the same offender dumps even more rubbish in the same spot. You can see from the rubbish that its just normal rubbish which should go into a bin but they are too idle and just throw it in the alley. The problem is we know who is doing it but to get enough proof to take them to court is another thing as they can claim someone else did it.

So we all suffer from the rubbish smell and the cost of sending a van out to clean it every week, they have in effect their own refuse collection

Saturday 18 April 2009

Pothole Campaign

Pothole Campaign

We are sick of potholes, aren’t you?

If so then together we can do something about it. We hope to raise awareness of the issue with the “Asphalt Re-lay Pothole Campaign”. All you have to do to help is send us an email at

We would also like you to send us information of any particularly bad potholes that get on your nerves! Send us locations, pictures, and stories of damage. We want to use your information, support, and petition to make the authorities and the Government sit up and take notice!

We are also going to get out and about and fix some of your annoying potholes, absolutely free! So if you’re as sick of potholes as we are, we look forward to your support!!

Pothole Repairs

Asphalt Re-lay uses brand new market leading technology (patent pending) in order to repair potholes and asphalt defects. We do not take any waste material from site and nor do we require regular trips to an asphalt plant for replacement tarmacadam. We recycle the material already in the surface by using the industry’s most advanced infrared heater system.

Our process is as follows:

* We pull up in a van with 2 operatives.
* Load a small infrared heater out the back doors.
* Heat the asphalt.
* Add a small amount of material.
* Compact and permanently seal the surface
* The pothole is then banished for good.
* We do this without closing the road.
* A single pothole can be repaired in just 15 minutes.

Our patent pending revolutionary infrared asphalt heating system can heat the asphalt to necessary temperature in just 4 minutes through complete and controlled combustion technologies that allows us to manipulate and re-set the surface without having to dig it up and throw it away.

Our system is made of super-lightweight materials meaning we can carry 2 heaters onboard our vehicle and still be well within the legal weight limit. Their weight also means they are safer for our operatives to manoeuvre.

Report pot holes at their website I said we would find them loads of work maybe they can get things done

Crewe Live 09 in Queensway

Ryan Whitmore live in Crewe

There was free entertainment on Saturday in Queensway as Ryan Whitmore and other played free for shops. Its part of the Crewe Live 09 full details of whats on and where can be found on their website at were yo can listen to music online for free so go and check it out

UKIP Party

The UK Independence Party were in town whose website is campaigning against the EU among other things.
In the future the EU want to ban ordinary light bulbs
Farmers will not be allowed to use certain pesticides which will reduce yields
Car repairs prices could double
We spend £30 million a day that we pay the EU.
They have a lot to say and its beyond the scope of the Blog but visit their website for full details

Friday 17 April 2009

Cant leave anything alone

I fought for a long time on my other website to make the area around Brooklands Grove safe as there was sewerage escaping onto the land see my Crewe sites We also got the storm drain fenced off so no one could fall in. Today a visit to to the area shows the fence has been vandalized or stolen for scrap and that the potholes for the storm drain have been removed leaving a 12 foot drop into the storm drain onto concrete.

As children play in the area its clear it dangerous as a child could fall down the hole. Thats when the fun began I rang the council and confusion reigned well that should come under CCC but its all Cheshire East now we will try on no its not them it must be CNBC but thats us as well now. Would it be engineering, Parks and gardens, H&S, highways?

We did in the end get there and they were going to send someone out straight away as it was a danger. But the council doesnt seem to have worked out who or what it is yet. The kids have properly been down this whole on a big adventure as you can walk along it inside as its very big. The problem is no water goes down it normally as it goes via the brook but any heavy rain and suddenly its a 6 foot torrent of water and you could be trapped and drowned very quickly.

Before nicking or wrecking things people should think about putting lives in danger

Thursday 16 April 2009

Wishing Well Official Launch IT Suite

At the Eagle Bridge Health Centre on Tuesday 21st April is the grand opening of the new IT suite by the Wishing Well project. All are welcome to come along there will be Special guest, quizzes, Prize draw, Buffet between 10 am and 12 noon.

It sees the opening of the new IT suite so patients can use computers in the center to look up details about their condition find support groups and gain Internet access. The project is manned so there is always someone to help you if needed.For details contact 01270-256919

West Street still Booming

Once again a new shop has opened in west St bucking the trend for shop closures. I report a couple of weeks ago how the Ginger Monkey and the sports drink shop had open in West St.
The new shop is selling quality second hand furniture and also buys it so pop in and grab a bargain

“Don’t Let Them In” Warning from Police

“Don’t Let Them In” Warning from Police

Police have issued a warning about doorstep callers in the Crewe area, following two burglaries.
In one, (on Tue April 14th) two men in their twenties who claimed to be from a water company, called at the home of an elderly couple in the Leighton Park area. They asked the occupants to turn on the water in the bathroom. While that was being done, the men made off with a wallet.
Two days earlier a young man called at a house about a mile away and claimed to know the elderly woman living there. He took money from her.
Detective Inspector Nigel Groom, in charge of the Cheshire Police Eastern Area Burglary Unit said, “There is nothing to suggest that these incidents were linked, but they both highlight the issue of unscrupulous criminals who target elderly and vulnerable people.
“We have had some success in tracing and arresting some of these people over the past few years and they receive lengthy prison sentences, but prevention is a lot better than detection.
“We warn everyone to keep doors locked and if you answer the door to a caller you should keep the safety chain on.
“Do not let anyone into your home unless you are absolutely certain you know who they are. If they produce an ID card, check it carefully and phone the relevant company or organization to see if the caller is genuine.
“Public utility companies, like the water companies, do not send people round knocking doors and asking to come into your home without prior notice.
“The door is your first line of defence. If these criminals realise they are not going to get in, they will go away.
“We would also ask neighbours, friends and relatives of elderly and vulnerable people to keep an eye open. If you think callers in your neighbourhood are suspicious, call us on the Cheshire Police Information Line, 0845 458 0000. You can use the same number if you have any information about these two latest incidents.”

What a Mess

We have Asda car park and at the top end we then have a walk through to Jubilee Gardens which has recently been revamped and is looking good. In between we have this mess no mans land. It is most often frequented by the local drinkers as its out of the way. But what a mess all that is required is some nice plants and a quick tidy around. The plants bushes would make such a difference as its a site often seen by town visitors when they come to Asda. All you can see now is empty flower beds and dead plants

Wednesday 15 April 2009

Queens Park gets a New Manager

Elaine Dodd is the new Queens Park manager formally the Town Center manager . The new post is seen as a key role in helping to transform the Victorian park to its former glory.

Delays in the redevelopment project have proved frustrating for the officers involved and loyal users of the park.

It is hoped an announcement will be made shortly as to whom the selected new contractors are who will continue with works stalled when contractor Wrekin went into liquidation.

All that is happening at the park at the moment is the new railings are having their third coat of paint.

Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets

Well not Harry Potter but Local historian and former councillor Howard Curran along with Crewe Blog and television cameras were spotted on the square today looking into a large hole. It is of coarse the under ground chamber that was discovered last week. The underground tank is 12 metres long, three metres deep and three metres wide. It is thought it was built in the 1800 to supply water for the Turkish baths.
We are not very enterprising any other town would have stopped work got onto Time Team done some Geo fiz and milked it for months getting onto the TV and promoting the town. But what do we do bury it. It possible it could have been made into a historical feature to attract visitor and a missed opportunity.

Tuesday 14 April 2009

Queens park Easter Monday

Easter Monday and there a lot of people at the Queens Park enjoying the sun. The little train that runs around the Park was out giving rides and a lot of kids on the play area. Some came to feed the ducks and look around but the question on everyones lips is when will it be finished. As the new contractor hasnt yet been appointed work is at a stand still. All that is happening is the railings have had there third coat of paint.

I took some good pictures for the sister blog on the Queens Park so pop over and take a look

Saturday 11 April 2009

Easter Saturday in Crewe

Easter Saturday in Crewe and the Easter Bunny display was in the market centre attracting lots of visitors

Around the corner outside Abbey National I came across this dummy part of the puppet show for the kids, How that poor little man carried that big dummy with glasses I dont know

There was a puppet show in full swing along with Face painting for the kids

BHS staff couldn't bear to be left out and were running a raffle for the NSPCC a worthy cause and seemed to be having a good time doing it and bearly had time for dinner

Friday 10 April 2009

New Deputy Voted in at Cheshire East Annual Meeting

New Deputy Voted in at Cheshire East Annual Meeting

Cheshire East Council has a new deputy leader. Brian Silvester, who represents Rope Ward in Crewe, is now second in command to Leader Wesley Fitzgerald.

Councillor Silvester, the Portfolio Holder for Safer and Stronger Communities, took up his position at the first annual meeting of Cheshire East Council, which was held at Tatton Park, Knutsford, on Thursday 2 April.

Of his election, Councillor Silvester says: "I am delighted and honoured to be elected the first Deputy Leader of the new Council. I look forward to working with the Leader, councillors and officers to make Cheshire East one of the best councils in the country. It is a challenge that I will relish."

The Council's 10-strong Cabinet membership was also approved as follows:

Leader - Wesley Fitzgerald
Adult Services - Roland Domleo
Children and Family Services - Paul Findlow
Environmental Services - David Brickhill
Health and Wellbeing - Andrew Knowles
Performance and Capacity - David Brown
Procurement, Assets and Shared Services - Peter Mason
Prosperity - Jamie Macrae
Resources - Frank Keegan
Safer and Stronger Communities - Brian Silvester

Councillor Wesley Fitzgerald says: "We've confirmed the team to lead the Council over the next year following our period as a shadow authority. I now look forward to delivering improved services over the next 12 months in this new era of local government for Cheshire East."

The Annual Council also agreed a timetable of meetings which will see full Council meetings in 2009 at different venues across the Borough on Thursday evenings at 6pm on 23 July and 2pm on 15 October and 17 December. Cabinet meetings will be held monthly on Tuesday afternoons at 2pm.

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Good Bye Virgin Mobile

When HMV took over the old Virgin Store they kept Virgin Mobile on for a trail period. This period has come to an end and it has now been closed like lots of other Virgin Mobile in stores. I understand they are looking for a new outlet.

Talking about Mobiles I needed a new charger for a mobile and also wanted it unlocking. In the market they wanted £15 for the charger and £15 to unlock the phone. The outside market messed about for an hour with cables but couldnt unlock it but wanted £10.
Ebay a charger 99p plus £1.25 postage. Unlocking from 99p to £5 email them your ime number and 15 mins later you get a code to type in and the jobs done. So why are some making so much profit theres a big difference between 99p and £15

New Blog for Queens Park

I have started a new blog for the Queens Park. As the restoration may take a long time to complete the intention is to record for history the restoration of the park to its formal glory so pop over and take a look at the Queens Park
We need Pictures of the park especial old ones or ones before the restoration started so send them in
Mail you pictures

Monday 6 April 2009

Caroline Yoxall cleans up the town

Caroline Yoxall Cleansing Supervisor Cheshire East Council has reported back that all the rubbish reported to her from this web site and Crewe Blog has now been cleared apart from the Valley Brook which she is working on as it will require more men to enter the water and get the rubbish out.
You can see the rubbish behind the power sub station has been all cleared. But what do we see after a day there is all ready a trolley appeared and look at the top of the sub station how the fence which is there to protect people has been broken and the walls covered in graffiti.

Walk around the corner onto the field and were the new fence has been put up a few weeks ago with trees planted to enhance the are what do we see the fence smashed down and just look at the rubbish. From the location of the rubbish it looks as if residents have just thrown it over from their gardens.

So its like painting the Firth of Forth bridge as soon as you move the rubbish it gets dumped again. We cant do any good until we can change peoples attitude to dumping rubbish.
If you see rubbish pick up the ruddy phone and dial 0800-387491
You can contact the Street Cleansing team FREE on 0800-387491

CCTV for Leighton Park Play Area

There is an application in for CCTV and flood lighting on the newly refurbished Leighton Park play area. It has now been fenced off had trees planted and new paths to smarten up the are. Its hoped if they get CCTV that it will stop the dumping of rubbish and setting fires that you can see in the photo. The area is often plagued with kids on motor bikes putting lives at risk.

Saturday 4 April 2009

Saturday Morning in Crewe Town

Its always fun to see what is going on in the Town Center on a Saturday you never know what you will come across.
This week the Army cadets were recruiting for more cadets and instructors. There website is Its a great life as a cadet and gets kids off the streets and stops them coming up with the expression every parent knows I AM BORED. There is lots for them to do and there is a great sense of discipline and comradeship. They get to do existing things they wouldnt normally do like rock climbing, canoing etc. So when your kids say they are bored get them down to Myrtle ST

Just around the corner was the Wheelock Heath Baptist Church.
First and foremost they are a Christian church. Wheelock Heath Baptist Church is made up of a growing family of people of all ages who have found new life through Jesus Christ and who want to share their discovery with others, not only in the immediate locality, but also throughout South Cheshire. Like millions of other Christians, we have found that a relationship with Jesus Christ changes lives, and believe that salvation from sin and hope of heaven is uniquely found through faith in him. We see it as our primary task to proclaim him to the world and follow him in our lives. For a clear statement of our core beliefs, why not read Who We Are and What We Believe.
There website is
Wheelock Heath Baptist Church currently meets in two locations every Sunday.

In the morning we meet at 10:30 am at Sandbach High School for Girls:

Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College
Middlewich Road
CW11 3NT

In the evening we meet at 6:30pm at our Winterley site:

Wheelock Heath Baptist Church,
Hassall Road,
Wheelock Heath,
CW11 4RJ

Friday 3 April 2009

Home Watch News March

Crewe & Nantwich News – March 2009

Flying Start New-look local government in Cheshire provides a base for even more partnership action to tackle crime and disorder, says Chief Superintendent Paul McHugh, the Commander of the Cheshire Police Eastern Area. “Working with partner agencies and local communities is now the bedrock of policing in the Area and it has brought dramatic results. The ArcAngel campaign has made great strides in reducing drink-related disorder. Other forms of anti social behaviour have also been targeted and many of the drug dealers who blight local communities have been arrested and sent to prison. Burglary has been reduced by a third over the past two years and vehicle crime is also down. People in the Area have the added reassurance of seeing more Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers patrolling the streets. We will continue our efforts to keep Cheshire as a place where people can “Be Safe and Feel Safe”. We know our partner agencies share that aim.”

Two Charged Two men charged with a “bogus caller” burglary in Nantwich have been remanded in custody to appear at Chester Crown Court in May. The two are also charged with a similar offence in the Congleton area and two similar offences in North Staffordshire. One of the men also faces a charge of burglary in Nottinghamshire.

New Appeal to Missing Man Police have appealed to a man they want to question in connection with an attempted murder at Crewe in August 2007 to contact them. Clinton Reid, aged 30, disappeared soon after the incident, in which a man was stabbed eight times. A car which was used by Mr. Reid has now been found, burned out, at Moston, near Sandbach. Detective Sergeant Paul Williams said, “Mr. Reid should take the opportunity to eliminate himself from our enquiries. Alternatively I would like to hear from anyone who knows where he is or who has any information about his movements since the incident. The contact numbers are the Cheshire Police Information Line 0845 458 0000 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Beat Sneaky Burglars People in Crewe and Nantwich have been warned not to become victims of “Springtime Crime”. Warmer weather usually brings an increase in the number of sneak-in burglaries as people move in and out of their homes more and leave doors unlocked. Watch Co-ordinator, Hayley Goodwin said, “This is an open invitation to a burglar who will be in and out of your house with a handbag, purse or wallet in seconds.” Detective Inspector Nigel Groom said, “More than thirty per cent of burglaries involve unlocked doors or open windows. This type of crime is easy to prevent. All you have to do is lock up.”

Sentence for Hoax Calls A 21 years old man from Crewe who set fire to a wheelie bin and made hoax 999 calls was ordered to do 100 hours unpaid community work. He was also given a 16 week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months. The man admitted a charge of arson and a charge of wasting police time by making three 999 calls. The calls included false reports causing apprehension for the safety of the public.

Arrests Follow Attack Three men were arrested after a 32 years old man was attacked and seriously injured in Crewe. The assault took place as the man tried to repair his car, which had broken down. The men were later released on police bail while further investigations are carried out.

Surgery in a Surgery The Rope Green Medical Centre has been chosen as the venue for police surgeries for people in the Shavington, Rope and Wells Green areas of Crewe. Police Community Support Officer Neil Flanagan said he and his colleague Paula Davies had decided on the “surgery in a surgery” idea because of the medical centre’s location. It is at the point where Shavington joins Rope and Wells Green. “We thought it would be handy for everyone and it’s important that plenty of people come along,” said Neil. The first surgery will be on Thursday April 30th from 4pm to 5.30pm. It will be repeated on the last Thursday of each month, at the same time and place.

Good Use for “Cast Offs” Crewe Police Community Support Officer Dave Jinks has welcomed a gift of fishing tackle for the angling competition staged by the emergency services in East Cheshire. Allen Challinor, from Crewe decided to hand over some rods, rod bags, a landing net and keep net which he no longer uses. The competition, spread over more than a week of the school holidays, is designed for children and teenagers. Last year it attracted more than eight hundred entries. Dave Jinks said, “We provide rods and equipment for youngsters who don’t have their own kit. This tackle will be put to good use.”

Thursday 2 April 2009

More Rubbish

Working with Crewe Blog we have been hunting down rubbish well it doesnt take any hunting it more a question of falling over it. But this one took the biscuit. Its the car park at Queens Park used by the BMX track and I found half a car thrown away with rubbish all the way down the bank to the stream. So its not only rubbish but can pollute the steam with oil etc and this would run into the Park Lake if there was one.
Crewe Blog beat me to the rubbish in Saunders Street near the town. Why do people do this it shows no consideration for the rest of us. Just get it reported to Streetwise even the phone call is free

You can contact the Street Cleansing team FREE on 0800-387491