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Saturday 31 August 2013

Young offender made to think about his actions


Cheshire Police have been asking drivers to take responsibility for the safety of their passengers as part of a summer campaign which comes to its finale this month. ‘Don′t treat your passengers like dummies′ has  given Cheshire Police a chance to speak to a young offender of 21 from Thorn Cross Resettlement Prison in Warrington. From first contact with him, it was quickly gauged how difficult it still was to speak about the incident, which happened at the age of 18, and which resulted in him being convicted for death by dangerous driving.

Previously, Tom had worked in a job which involved driving vehicles and had passed his driving test with confidence, a few months prior to the road collision. It had happened during the winter months, when road conditions can be fatal, owing to the icy roads. Tom had had been driving all day in the car, and although he reported that he knew it was icy, as his windscreen had frozen over that morning, he didn′t think anything of the road conditions when he set off on a long distance journey with his friend, who wanted to visit a family member in hospital and Tom had offered to drive her.

On the way there, and whilst driving on a single carriageway - which carries a speed limit of 60mph - he states that he decided to overtake some vehicles in front of him. He overtook one car and pulled back into the lane, and then looked over to overtake once more, but he hadn′t seen a car coming the other way and over steered the car. The car skidded on the ice and veered off the road, with Tom not able to regain control of the wheel. His lack of judgement and inappropriate speeding caused him to crash resulting in a fatal outcome.

That day, both Tom and his friend were wearing seatbelts, and although this saved him, there were tragic consequences for his passenger. His friend was killed outright. Tom said "I knew she was dead, as soon as I saw her."

When asked if the fatal collision had changed him as a person, he said that "I think about what happened all the time and would urge others to use your common sense − don′t think that you can overtake, when you clearly can′t.

"I will obviously be more conscious of road conditions the next time I get in the car, but with a seven year driving ban, I will not be on the road for a while longer yet."

He had driven long distances before, thinking nothing of trips to the local town with his mates and very often he would be driving with other passengers in the car. "Ever since I had passed, I got used to driving with others in the car with me." Tom was always going to take Pass Plus lessons to increase his awareness of motorway driving after gaining his driver′s licence but never got around to it.

Now in Thorn Cross Prison for the last couple of years and serving the last year of his sentence, he has had time on his hands to think about his actions. He has undertaken a Restorative Justice/Victim Awareness Course to increase awareness of actions and the consequences for others. Because it is an open prison, prisoners have a degree of freedom which allows individuals following a risk assessment to spend some time doing voluntary work in the community.

Tom was asked if he wanted to be a speaker for workshops which Cheshire Police run in secondary schools across Cheshire − as a partnership with the other emergency services - called ‘Think Drive Survive′. They have been running for over fifteen years but when Tom first had to speak to secondary school pupils, he said "I was told that there were some talks that I could do, and signed myself up for the chance to do it, because I don′t want this happening to anyone else. The first time that I had to speak, my mind went blank and I didn′t know what to say, but a few talks in, and I can speak quite openly about the road collision and the consequences that it had on the victim′s family and my own.

"The most common questions that the pupils ask me are; will you ever drive again, what speed were you doing and how do the victim′s family react towards you."

Tom never gives the speed he was driving at throughout our interview, but admits that the collision does and always will play on his conscience. Speaking at workshops such as drive survive are one way to talk about what he did and serve as a deterrent to others to not make the same mistake, but he said "I feel like I am giving something back to others by doing the talks, and educating young people about the consequences but for the loss of a life, you can′t give anything back." The long term consequences of this fatal accident will be a constant reminder for him, and the victim′s family.

You can read more about ‘Think Drive Survive′ and ′Don′t treat your passengers like dummies′ by visiting or

Take Home a Piece of St Luke’s History as Award-Winning Silver Anniversary Garden Goes Up for Auction

St Luke's RHS Tatton Show Garden Auction Pieces

Generous and green-fingered St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice supporters are being offered the chance to take home a piece of the hospice’s award-winning RHS Tatton Flower Show 25th Anniversary garden.

The hospice’s show garden, created to commentate St Luke’s Silver anniversary by a team of Foundation Degree Garden and Landscape Design students from Nantwich’s Reaseheath College, wowed both the judges and the public to win the perfectly appropriate Silver Medal at the popular annual show.

The garden, awash with eye-catching colours, reflected the many positive aspects of St Luke’s, particularly the loyalty and dedication of its volunteers.

Now, the hospice is putting an array of the garden’s unique signature pieces up for auction. Bids need to be submitted by Friday, 6 September.

The items available to buy are:

· Three Sorbus Majestica trees (Common name Whitebeam ‘Majestica’) Approx 4m tall. They have white flowers in the spring and dark green foliage in the spring and summer which turn yellow in autumn. Plant in full sun or part shade. Their ultimate height is 8-12 metres and spread 4-8 metres.

The trees provided a shady refuge for the seating area in the award-winning garden design. They are available for £100 per tree – or nearest offer.

· Signed original sculptures by artist Ruth Moilliet.  The three rose sculptures are made of anonised steel and provided a conversation piece in the overall design. The whole set is available for £1,000 – or nearest offer – however the hospice may consider splitting the set.

· A beautiful curved wooden bench which would make a lovely seat set on top of a low wall or set into landscaping.  The bench is approximately 2 metres in length and provided a secluded, tranquil space for sitting and reflecting in the garden. It is available for £120 – or nearest offer.

St Luke’s Manager of Volunteer Support Sara Evans said: “The Silver Medal really was the icing on the cake for what was a wonderful effort by all our volunteers and the team from Reaseheath College led by the garden’s lead designer, Rick Tomlinson.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer a part of this wonderful garden to our supporters and I hope the pieces will continue to inspire the sense of tranquillity and reflection they did so beautifully at the RHS Tatton Flower Show. Bids need to be submitted by Friday, 6 September.”

Please submit your bid to Sara Evans or Lesley Smith in the Volunteer Support Department on 01606 555690 or 01606 555689 or email

Credit/Debit card payments can be accepted by the highest bidder. Bidding closes Friday 6 September at 5pm.

For more information and pictures of the garden visit

Officers get on their bikes for COPS

Cheshire Police team cycling for COPS

A charity bike ride around all 18 police stations in Cheshire was completed by a team of officers from the north of Cheshire on Wednesday, August 28.

The officers were cycling to raise money for COPS, a charity that helps families of police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty to rebuild their lives.

Sergeant Graham Robinson said: "The overwhelming sense of achievement felt great and having done it all in support of a great charity, made the satisfaction even greater.

"We were joined for the first stretch by Assistant Chief Constable McCormick, who didn′t let the side down and led off at a great pace from the Constabulary Headquarters to Winsford Police Station."

Members of the public were provided with progress updates via the Force′s social media sites.

Graham said: "We have already raised well over £1500, smashing my initial target of £1000 and there are still monies to be counted."

The team got off to a great start and, as they arrived at each police station, were given encouragement and donations for their collection tin.

But the gruelling 130 mile bike ride included a ‘bicycle on bicycle′ crash, a ten mile detour, a tyre blow out, lots of sweat and a few brief pauses to collect donations.

A tyre blow out for Iron Man, Detective Constable Dave Morgan, meant a pit stop − but they were soon on their way. An extra kilometre was added to the route after the pack leader missed a turn.

Graham said: "Another navigation disaster saw us deviate about 10 miles off course."

Then as all was back on track, there was a sudden call from the front for everyone to slow down to avoid a crash − one cyclist had gone into the back of another following an abrupt stop.

As the team arrived in Chester it started to become a race against the clock to complete the tour of stations in daylight, but friends and family were there to provide moral support.

Graham said: "Although the pace was still high we were going to struggle with light if we didn′t get a move on.

"The last leg was by far the most satisfying leg. Riding up Victoria Road all together into Stockton Heath nick felt amazing," said Graham.

People can still donate to this challenge at

Further details on the COPS charity can be found by visiting their website,

Thursday 29 August 2013

The Community Fights Back

Another incident at the Queens Park as the community fights back. Cllr Maureen Grant was on site as she often is and her and her friend stepped in as wardens with me when 6-8 children started throwing bikes into the lake. After these children were causing problems and being yobish they started throwing bike in the lake. I was there as backup with my dog but to be fair Maureen and her friend handled the children and got a torrent of foul and obscene language from them. Never the less they persisted and stopped them running off and made them get the bike out of the lake.

More abuse followed but they then dispersed. It good to see a councillor who not only comes to our meeting and fights our corner at council but comes to the park on a regular basis and gets her hand dirty helping the communities fight  back against vandalism and yobish behaviour this is the second time in a week she has taken action to stop problems in the park so well done to MO.

The people who were fishing yesterday and hooked the baby swan were back doing it again today but what could I say as the Police took no action yesterday they would take no notice so the Police have set us back with this problem. How they can walk past Burma Island with kids fishing haven broke over the fence committing criminal damage I don’t understand. Cllr Jones has responded to my email and is trying to sort something out so as a partnership we can solve this problem. The simple solution is to some how grant the PCSO powers to remove anyone fishing or have to remove them if a volunteer warden asks for assistance, they say they must respond and remove people if a council officer requests it. While ANTS are doing a great job cleaning the place up none so far have volunteered to help with warden duties and I fear any work they do will be then spoilt by vandals. I am an OAP so limited what I can do but with more help we can take back our park and make it safe for wildlife and children.

Baby Swan Injured in Queens Park Again

Today 4 witnesses watched as a father and two sons were fishing near Tipkinder. They were not taking any care were they cast and the swans and their babies swam close to them. They then started throwing at the swans at which point we called the Police.

The RSPCA were called as by then they had hooked a baby swan and wrapped line and float all around its neck. The RSPCA arrived and did a good job of catching the baby and fighting off the father swan as he kept attacking. The hook was removed from the swans neck safely.
The RSPCA advised the fisher men of what they had done. The Police PCSO arrived and walked around seeing 10 other fishing under No Fishing signs and took no action. They spoke to the ones who had hooked the swan and took no action and left them fishing to do it again.

The PCSO said they don’t have the powers to shift anyone illegal fishing or take any action for dogs off the lead. Even when they break into fenced off areas to fish causing criminal damage they wont take any action. They will only take action if fish are removed from the park as then they will charge them with theft. In the past other PSCO have attended and taken action on the fishing.

Below the RSPCA remove line and hook from the swan if you view this full screen you can see the line wrapped around its neck


They claim that any volunteer wardens can not stop anyone fishing or do anything about dogs off the lead. They say its down to the council or environment agency this puts the ball directly back in Cllr Jones court as people are volunteering but they are wasting their time as the council refuse to back the project. People volunteer and act as wardens to keep the park safe for families  risking abuse and the council wont help in anyway. Cllr Jones spoke on tv of a partnership but it’s a one sided one if the council wont do their bit

This is the second time in a couple of months a swan has been hooked up and one women has been hooked as well. A risk assessment would say the odds are that a person be it a baby an OAP or other is going to suffer horrendous injure   while the council refuse to take action on this fishing which is conducted next to busy public pathways by people who don’t care were they cast the line. The council have a duty of care to keep the park safe for people to enjoy by failing on Health and Safety grounds they leave themselves open to being sued if any one is injured given the fact they have been told the risk and taken no action on dogs or fishing. Evidence on Facebook and the website could be used by anyone suing the council if they get injured.

Most people who visit the park do so to feed the ducks or show them to the children and they are horrified that they can be killed by people illegally fishing. One of the baby swans is missing and its possible its died a horrible death by fishing line, by a dog off the lead  or by a fox.

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Win the Family Holiday

Win the Family Holiday of a Lifetime at Blue Bell MINI Crewe’s Superhero Themed #MININotNormal Fun Day

Blue Bell MINI Crewe's Phil Legerton, Phil Aggus and Joe Wardle put the finishing touches to the dealership's #MININotNormal Fun Day 2

Blue Bell MINI Crewe is looking out a hero and offering one talented youngster the chance to win the holiday of a lifetime at its superhero themed #MININotNormal family fun day on Saturday, 7 September from 11am – 3pm.

The Gateway dealership is launching a trio of exciting competitions to mark the new national #MININotNormal campaign, celebrating the iconic brand’s innovative, quirky and endearing legacy.

Blue Bell MINI is inviting youngsters, aged 2-11, to take part in a national colouring competition to design their own ‘Not Normal’ MINI, to be in with a chance of winning a sensational three-night family holiday to Lapland to meet Santa and, on top of that, have their very own ‘Not Normal’ MINI brought to life.

To celebrate the launch of the national competition, the showroom, which will be awash with colour and superhero pictures on Saturday 7 September, is also inviting local aspiring superheroes to take part in a fancy dress competition to win a cinema voucher worth £40.

To help the aspiring Supermen and Wonder Women get ready to save the world in their finest capes and costumes, there will be a face painter, an array of fun and games, refreshments, and three special MINIs wrapped in the unmistakeable outfits of Spiderman, The Hulk and Batman.

MINI Brand Manager Paul Legerton commented: “We cannot wait for the action-packed #MININotNormal fun day.

“The #MININotNormal campaign celebrates the quirks and innovation that set MINI apart from and above the competition. What better way to be different than to pack our showroom with aspiring superheroes.

“We’re hoping for as many entries as possible into the fancy dress competition and it’s the perfect opportunity to enter MINI’s incredible competition for a trip to Lapland.

“We’re also giving you another chance to win an incredible prize after the event, as our incredible superhero cars will be touring around Cheshire. If you spot them, make sure you take a picture and tweet it to @BlueBellMINI using the hashtag #MININotNormal. The winner of the prize draw will win an annual cinema pass for two.

The closing date for the national MINI Lapland colouring competition is 18 October. The top prize is a three-night holiday for a family of two adults and two children. The winning #MININotNormal car design will also be produced by MINI. Second prize is a boot full of MINI goodies worth £200.

To find out more visit, call 01270 214800 or visit the dealership at Gateway, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6YY.

Thousands of music fans headed to Creamfields


Dance music fans headed to Cheshire over the Bank Holiday weekend for Creamfields 2013.

Cheshire Police worked closely with the organisers of the event to ensure it ran safely and smoothly − and to minimise any impact on the local community.

Around 58,000 music fans from across the UK and further a field attended the event across the weekend − the majority of these chose to camp out on the site.

Inspector Stewart Sheer, who has been involved in the planning the policing of the event said, "I am really pleased with how the policing operation for this year’s event went.  This is the eighth time that Cheshire has hosted the Creamfields music festival and I am grateful for all the continued hard work of our officers and staff and of the police planning team. 

"Cheshire Police once again worked closely alongside the organisers of the event to build on the success of previous events.  Our main aim was to ensure the safety of festival goers and to minimise disruption for the local community.

"As in previous years, there was really good co-operation between the organisers and all of the partner agencies, which resulted in a highly successful event for all concerned.

"As a result of meticulous planning, a high-profile police presence and a proactive approach by police and the organisers, a good natured crowd were once again able to enjoy it safely."

A dedicated team involving police officers and police staff have been involved in the planning process for months.

Plans were put in place to deal with everything from security and traffic to noise and any issues in the local community.  The plans were put in place in conjunction with the organisers, the two local authorities and other agencies as well as in consultation with local residents.

The policing operation started on Friday 23rd August with the majority of festival goers heading to the site on Friday morning.

Officers were assigned a variety of roles throughout the course of the weekend.  Within the site officers carried out a variety of tasks − including dealing with any incidents of crime and disorder, regularly patrolling the campsite to provide reassurance to campers and to deter thieves and supporting the security staff.

Externally, officers were involved with traffic management and policing in the local community that surrounds the site. 

Local policing inspectors worked throughout the course of the weekend with a team of dedicated community officers to deal with any issues that arose and to minimise any disruption to local residents.
A total of 82 people were arrested over the weekend.  Of those arrested, 65 were in relation to drugs offences and the other 17 were for a variety of offences including assault, criminal damage and public order.

Festival goers were once again warned before the event that positive action would be taken against anyone caught carrying drugs or weapons.

Searches were a condition of entry and festival goers were asked to place any drugs or weapons in the bins provided at the entrance to the event arena.

Anyone found with drugs or weapons, having not placed them into the bins, were dealt with by police.  A total of 47 people received a caution on site − 37 of those were for possession of class A drugs, the rest were street warnings for possession of Cannabis.

Due to the festival being a 3 day event with camping festival goers were once again urged to keep their valuables safe and use the secure cloakroom on site, which was provided by the event organiser.
There were 39 thefts reported to police during the event − 15 thefts from tents and 24 other thefts.

There were a few problems with traffic heading to the site on Friday and Saturday morning − with some congestion on the M56 and on local roads, which caused some delays for festival goers trying to get to the site.  But overall, drivers listened to the advice they were given and followed the official routes.

Cheshire Police once again worked closely with the organisers of the music festival to minimise the impact of the event on local residents.

Over the weekend local policing inspectors Sarah Heath, of Warrington South NPU, and Inspector Barry Brown, of Runcorn NPU, were on hand with a team of dedicated community officers to deal with any issues arising from the event.

Any policing issues or concerns that were raised were fed back to the community beat managers within the local villages.

Inspector Sarah Heath said:  "The team of dedicated community officers responded to any calls from local residents and visited anyone who had any issues or concerns. 

"I would once again like to thank members of the community for their co-operation and understanding prior to and throughout the event."

Brave St Luke’s Supporters Invited to Take on Inspiring and Nerve-Wracking Challenge Feet First

St Luke's is looking for brave fundraisers to take on a Fire Walk

St Luke’s (Cheshire) Hospice is looking for brave supporters to challenge their courage, determination and willpower by tackling a nerve-shredding Fire Walk challenge.

The Winsford-based hospice is looking for daring fundraisers from across Mid and South Cheshire to complete a two hour motivational training session before walking 15ft, barefoot, over red-hot wood embers, reaching a scorching 800°F.

The challenge takes place from 5pm on Saturday, 12 October 2013, at LA Fitness in Northwich, and training and encouragement is provided by Time4Change Fire Walk Transformations, who have over 20 years’ experience.

Clare Frith, St Luke’s Events Fundraiser, explains: “The Fire Walk is the chance to develop your beliefs, courage, determination and willpower all in aid of a fantastic cause and it promises to be an experience that will live long in the memory.

“Perhaps you will find something new that lies within you? So why not take on this challenge feet first in exchange for sponsorship from friends, family and work colleagues.

“We would welcome all your friends and family to come along to support you and make a night of it, with entertainment, hot food and drinks on sale.”

Places are strictly limited, and so participants hoping to get involved will have to hurry to secure their place. On the night, registration begins at 5pm followed by the motivational two hour training session with the walk itself taking place from 7.30pm.

Signing up to the St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice Fire Walk costs £25 and all those taking part must raise additional sponsorship of at least £125.

If you raise more than £175 in sponsorship St Luke’s will give you back your registration fee.

To register for the Fire Walk or if you have any ‘burning questions’ visit or contact Clare on 01606 555685 or email:



Partners across Cheshire’s health and social care services have been shortlisted by Government to become one of the country’s ten ‘pioneers’ in the integration of vital care and support services.

Cheshire East Council and Cheshire West and Chester, plus four clinical commissioning groups across the county, will discover in September whether they have been chosen to create a new breed of user friendly and financially efficient models.

Cheshire East Council is already one of a handful of authorities selected to work on the groundbreaking community budgets initiative - a revolutionary shift in the way public services are delivered in England.

And if successful, the new bid would build on the strong local partnerships already in place to join up services, providing a much more efficient, responsive and customer-focussed service for local people.

Cheshire’s health and social care bid recognises that a ‘one size fits all’ approach would not work across the diverse urban and rural areas of the county or best serve its 700,000 population.

The proposed model will be tailored to people’s needs and will take account of local and organisational priorities.

Council Leader Councillor Michael Jones said:  “It is fantastic that Cheshire East Council, with its partners Cheshire West and Chester Council and the four GP led clinical commissioning groups across Cheshire, have been short listed in its bid for this ground breaking work.

“All partners care passionately about our residents’ health and wellbeing. There is exciting work already underway across Cheshire exploring how health and social care models can better meet the needs of our residents. This Pioneer bid, if successful, will add momentum to that work.”

Paul Bowen, GP and clinical chair of NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG, said:  “I’m pleased that the fantastic work currently going on in Eastern Cheshire through our Caring Together programme has been recognised and incorporated into the Cheshire Pioneer bid. 

“The health and social care integration projects developing across Cheshire are all built on innovative relationships between our communities, patients, GPs, hospitals, community and mental health trusts and councils. 

“We are committed to sharing with our colleagues across Cheshire, and nationally, the learning experiences gained through our ultimately successful drive to achieving Caring Together”.

Dr. Andrew Wilson, GP and Chair of NHS South Cheshire CCG, said: “We are really pleased that the Pioneer bid has been short listed nationally; it's a great example of health, social care and local authority services working together to improve the lives of our patients living in local communities.

“We are currently planning for integration of services clustered around GP practices in South Cheshire to better suit the needs of patients. If successful, the Pioneer bid will support us in this exciting work.”

Sunday 25 August 2013

Call to Scrap Plans for Minimum Pricing of Alcohol in Cheshire East


Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor Brian Silvester  is calling for plans for the minimum pricing of alcohol in Cheshire East (CE) to be scrapped.He said, "This proposal by the CE Council will not work and is very harmful to all those residents who drink sensibly. All this policy does is to increase, by around a third,by 33p in the pound,  the cost of the favourite tipple for the vast majority of sensible drinkers. Not a penny of the increased cost will go to help people with an alcohol problem, it will all go to increase the profits of the retailers and manufacturers. Instead of posturing like this the Council would be better advised to offering more help for those that have a problem with alcohol. This nonsensical policy needs to be dropped immediately. It is pointless spending Council taxpayers money on a policy that can't possibly work and would be subject to a strong legal challenge. The government have dropped the idea because of this but the CE Council have got the blinkers on and seem determined to plough on regardless."

Cllr Brian Silvester

Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor

Cheshire East Council

Tel/fax 01270 567757

Twitter @CllrBSilvester

Friday 23 August 2013

This evening (Fri 23/8/13) I watched 'Electro80s' at The Boot & Shoe in Nantwich

Reporter  Jonathan White, Crewe

The Boot & Shoe - Electro80s (1)

1980's Electronica tribute band 'Electro 80s' - kicked off a Bank Holiday weekend of bands at The Boot & Shoe - - in Nantwich when they performed on Friday 23rd August 2013.

Despite the rain the marquee was full of hundreds of people revelling in a nostalgic evening of music. Electro 80s recreated songs by artists including Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, Yazoo, OMD, A Flock of Seagulls, Kraftwerk, Duran Duran, Human League, Erasure, Soft Cell, and Gary Numan. Their show was accompanied by a light display and robotic dancer 'Man O' Chrome'.

'Kaiser Monkey Killers' perform on Saturday and play a variety of covers, particularly the Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys and The Killers. 'Vavoom' perform on Sunday and this rock and roll band are inspired by The Stray Cats, early Elvis and the Brian Setzer Orchestra.

All gigs are free and begin at 8pm.

Crewe Play Day at Queens Park

Reporter J White

Crewe Playday - fairground rides

Crewe Playday took place on Wednesday 21st August 2013 from 11am to 4pm at Queens Park in Crewe. The event was organised by local community group the Beech Drive Project - . It was sponsored by Crewe Town Council, Wulvern Housing, ASDA, Aldi and Cheshire East Council. This year marks twenty-six years of the Playday campaign, which raises awareness about children's right to play and the importance of play for children's health, well being and happiness. The event was free entry and activities included face painting, rock climbing, go-karting, zorb balls, a bungee run and karaoke. There was also a children's entertainer, birds of prey, fairground rides, and numerous charities were represented. Refreshments were also available. Crewe-based online community radio station RedShift Radio - - broadcast live from the event. Crewe Playday took place in glorious sunshine and was enjoyed by several thousand families

Cheshire East Council is winning the war against potholes


As promised, a total of 50,000 potholes have been repaired across Cheshire East this year as the Council steps up its plan to revitalise the Borough’s roads.

Cheshire East Council launched its war on potholes in January this year, as part of its ‘Tell Dave’ campaign.

The Council has pledged to invest £25m over the next two years. Cheshire East Council Highways have proved they are on the road to winning the pothole war with these latest figures and will not stop in working hard to improve the Cheshire East road network.

Successive bad winters and under-investment prior to local government reorganisation has resulted in an abnormally high number of defects.

Councillor David Topping, Cabinet member in charge of roads, said: “I am very happy that we have reached our target of filling 50,000 potholes and would like to thank residents for reporting them to us.

“We faced a huge task in improving the roads but I am delighted to say we are achieving our targets and I hope people can see the improvements. We know we still have more work to do and I encourage residents to continue reporting potholes to us.”

Alongside repairing potholes, surface dressing is currently taking place across Cheshire East. Surface dressing is a process using bitumen and chippings which protects roads that have been patched ahead of winter to make repairs last longer. This year’s surface dressing will use around 700,000 square metres of bitumen.

Teenagers celebrate impressive GCSE results


Pupils in Cheshire East have once again achieved an impressive set of GCSE results.

Provisional figures show that 62 per cent of pupils achieved five or more A*– C grades including English and Maths, equalling the 2012 figure in the face of a ‘marginal decrease in national standards’.

The proportion of pupils gaining five A*– C grades in any subject is 84 per cent, maintaining last year’s standard. Almost 98 per cent of students gained five or more GCSEs.

Councillor Rachel Bailey, Cabinet member in charge of children and family services, said: “GCSEs are so important, they provide the platform for a young person’s future, whether this is continuing education or employment and I am delighted to see that the young people of Cheshire East have excelled in them.

“We know we have some excellent schools and pupils in our Borough but, even so, there are some very impressive results this year.

“This is a very nerve-wracking time for youngsters but I really do hope that the sometimes agonising wait for results has been worth it.

“I want to thank families, teachers and schools’ staff, who worked very hard to support our pupils and also the young people themselves, who are maintaining a high success rate in Cheshire East.”



Partners across Cheshire’s health and social care services have been shortlisted by Government to become one of the country’s ten ‘pioneers’ in the integration of vital care and support services.

Cheshire East Council and Cheshire West and Chester, plus four clinical commissioning groups across the county, will discover in September whether they have been chosen to create a new breed of user friendly and financially efficient models.

Cheshire East Council is already one of a handful of authorities selected to work on the groundbreaking community budgets initiative - a revolutionary shift in the way public services are delivered in England.

And if successful, the new bid would build on the strong local partnerships already in place to join up services, providing a much more efficient, responsive and customer-focussed service for local people.

Cheshire’s health and social care bid recognises that a ‘one size fits all’ approach would not work across the diverse urban and rural areas of the county or best serve its 700,000 population.

The proposed model will be tailored to people’s needs and will take account of local and organisational priorities.

Council Leader Councillor Michael Jones said:  “It is fantastic that Cheshire East Council, with its partners Cheshire West and Chester Council and the four GP led clinical commissioning groups across Cheshire, have been short listed in its bid for this ground breaking work.

“All partners care passionately about our residents’ health and wellbeing. There is exciting work already underway across Cheshire exploring how health and social care models can better meet the needs of our residents. This Pioneer bid, if successful, will add momentum to that work.”

Paul Bowen, GP and clinical chair of NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG, said:  “I’m pleased that the fantastic work currently going on in Eastern Cheshire through our Caring Together programme has been recognised and incorporated into the Cheshire Pioneer bid. 

“The health and social care integration projects developing across Cheshire are all built on innovative relationships between our communities, patients, GPs, hospitals, community and mental health trusts and councils. 

“We are committed to sharing with our colleagues across Cheshire, and nationally, the learning experiences gained through our ultimately successful drive to achieving Caring Together”.

Dr. Andrew Wilson, GP and Chair of NHS South Cheshire CCG, said: “We are really pleased that the Pioneer bid has been short listed nationally; it's a great example of health, social care and local authority services working together to improve the lives of our patients living in local communities.

“We are currently planning for integration of services clustered around GP practices in South Cheshire to better suit the needs of patients. If successful, the Pioneer bid will support us in this exciting work.”

Thursday 22 August 2013

Man charged with historical sexual offences


A 70-year-old man from Thatcham in Berkshire has been charged by police investigating sexual abuse at Terra Nova School near Holmes Chapel which occurred in the 1970s.

Keith Cavendish-Coulson, from Crookham Hill, Crookham Common, Thatcham in Berkshire, has been charged with 19 counts of indecent assault against boys under 14, which relate to four victims between 1973 and 1975. He is due to appear at South Cheshire Magistrates′ Court on 10 September 2013.

The victims were aged between 9 and 12-years-old at the time.

Cheshire Police take all allegations of sexual abuse seriously and would encourage anyone who has been a victim to contact police.

Specialist trained officers are available to provide support throughout the investigation.

Be active, be safe. Careful preparation encouraged to enjoy walking in Snowdonia.


As we approach the August Bank Holiday with thousands of families heading into Snowdonia for the last holiday weekend of the summer MountainSafe are encouraging walkers to take advantage of the large number of alternative walking trails in Snowdonia. However, with the current unsettled weather, preparation is essential.
Mair Huws, Head of Wardens and Access at Snowdonia National Park Authority explains further: "Walking on mountains can be very difficult whatever the weather unless you′ve prepared beforehand. Also, taking tired young children to a mountain summit isn′t fun and it can result in children having very negative attitudes towards walking for the rest of their lives!

"Please remember that you don′t have to venture to the high summits to enjoy the beauty of Snowdonia. What about taking one of the lowland routes or some of the forest trails − Coed y Brenin near Dolgellau or the Fisherman′s Path near Beddgelert or the Aber Falls path near Abergwyngregyn? There are plenty of suggestions on our website,
"Once you decide where you′re going, please remember to prepare for your journey to be safe, as well as enjoyable even in Summer:
1. Prepare beforehand − take a map, compass and make sure that you take plenty of water
2. Dress your children suitable − sun hat, sun cream, wet weather and warm clothes just in case!
3. Weather. Take a look at the Met Office′s forecast for Snowdonia and don′t be afraid to cancel your walk if conditions are unsuitable
4. Respect the mountain and local communities, follow the Countryside Code and remember to take rubbish home."



From 2014, the Ministry of Justice will transfer the commissioning of some victim services to Police & Crime Commissioners in England and Wales. Cheshire’s Commissioner, John Dwyer, wants to hear from victims of crime about their experiences of services they’ve received.

John Dwyer said: "Being a victim of crime can be a traumatic and sometimes life changing event. It’s vital for me to understand what experiences victims’ have had and what their needs and expectations are for the services that are provided both by the variety of victim services organisations.

"One of my priorities in my Police & Crime Plan was looking into and exploring victim and witness services. I want to pay particular attention to three main areas, these are: prevention, coping with the experience and recovery. "

Between April 2012 and March 2013 there were over 37,000 victims of crime in Cheshire, and each one had a different experience and different expectations from the Constabulary and other service providers.

John added: "In an ideal world, I’d like to consult with every single victim in the county. That’s why the initial phase of my consultation will be a survey which will be sent out to victims over a variety of channels. This way I can gather the feedback and opinions from as many people as possible. In depth conversations will be had with victims to understand their feelings and experiences."

The first phase of the consultation will be starting soon. Keep checking for more information.

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Cyclist Breakfast

a5cycle breakfast final 16-08-13_p1

Special Constabulary making Cheshire’s roads safer


Operation Contender, a Special Constabulary devised roads policing operation, has been heralded a success after it helped to raise public awareness of traffic offences across Cheshire.

The initiative, which was run across the Eastern area on the 17th and 18th August, targeted the use of mobile phones, speeding and other road related offences as identified by officers or by automatic number plate recognition (or ANPR).

Special Chief Inspector Simon Dixon said "When we talk to members of the public, people using mobile phones whilst driving is in the top three complaints.

"With the help of Police Constables, the Special Constabulary has taken proactive measures to improve road safety in Cheshire."

Specials Constable Martin Toner, who has recently completed his training and been through his passing out parade, said: "People have the perception that traffic offences are minor crimes, but they can have serious consequences.

"This is my first traffic operation; by carrying out enforcements such as these, the police are actively doing something to reduce traffic related offences and warning the public that they are not tolerated."

Over forty Special Constables were on duty during the weekend, with incidents ranging from use of mobile phones to driving without insurance and revoked licenses.

And Cheshire Police are calling on more people to ‘Do Something Special’ by joining the Special Constabulary.

For more information, visit

Driven to Distraction


Learning to drive can be a nerve wracking but exciting experience. Whilst you’re learning about clutch control, manoeuvring and which switch does what inside the car. How much notice do you take of road safety and the safety of others?

1 out of 6 people killed or seriously injured on Cheshire’s roads are under the age of 21. Dominic Rogers, the Youth Ambassador for Cheshire, wants to reiterate some road safety messages for young drivers.

Dominic said: "Too many young drivers are involved in accidents on Cheshire’s roads. Sometimes, the basic rules that we’re taught on our driving lessons, for example, leaving a two second gap between us and the vehicle in front and speed limits in different areas are the first to be forgotten.

"Distractions such as talking with your friends, or messing with the radio can lead to lapses in concentration. Remember when you get behind the wheel of a car, you are in charge of a lethal weapon and you need to give the road your full attention."

There is a course aimed specifically at young drivers which has been running for 12 years in Cheshire and has been attended by over 15,000 young people.  The aim of the Think Drive Survive course is to change the attitudes and behaviours of young people as drivers, passengers and other road users.

Dom added: "Courses like Think Drive Survive have several benefits, and can put into context what can happen if you’re careless on the road. Other campaigns that are run throughout the year by Cheshire Constabulary, such as, ‘Don’t treat you passengers like dummies’ also highlight some of the consequences a distracted driver could face."

If you’re interested in enrolling on a Think Drive Survive Course, visit to find out more information. Driving advice for new young drivers is also available on the Upbeat website.

Missing Halifax woman has links to Cheshire


Police in Halifax are appealing for anyone who sees a missing 21 year old woman to get in touch.

Natalie Worthington, of Albert Drive, Halifax was last seen in the town centre on the afternoon of Thursday 8 August.

Since then there has been phone contact on Monday 12 August - the day she was reported missing.

Natalie was last seen wearing a white vest top, caramel chinos and red, white and blue checked shirt tied around her waist.

She has various piercings - on her left eye brow, right cheek, lower lip (a stud), left ear and right ear and the following tattoos.

These are: ′I am indestructible′ on her chest, the initials L and W on the right side of her neck in a red treble clef, the word ′always′ on back of her left shoulder and the word ′forever′ on the back of her right shoulder.

Natalie has links to the Greater Manchester area as well as Cheshire.

The photo of Natalie was taken on the last day she was seen.

Natalie, or anyone who sees Natalie is asked to contact Calderdale Police on 101

Rural campaign is in support of European speed awareness week!


As the European wide speed enforcement campaign comes into force during 19-25 August, Cheshire Police are warning agricultural drivers about their blind spot whilst also advising road users about overtaking on country lanes.

In the past year, there have been a total of 23 people who were injured in road collisions involved in agricultural vehicles in Cheshire.   

Am I in Your Blind Spot − a rural campaign launched by Cheshire Police - looks at common road manoeuvres which can result in rural road accidents; one of which are rear end collisions when the road user can sometimes misjudge the speed and directional changes of a tractor as it approaches from behind.   

Detailed studies by the Department for Transport Think! Campaign on speed awareness states that:

  • Speed is one of the main factors in fatal road accidents 
  • Fatal accidents are four times as likely on rural roads as urban roads
  • High speed results in less time to react, therefore a crash is more likely

The Department of Transport states that exceeding the speed limit or driving at an inappropriate speed is a major contributory factor in around one third of all road traffic collisions.

Sergeant Rick Weaver of Road Policing said that "one of our priorities will be in the detection of excess speeding in rural areas; but we are also using the blind spot campaign to warn other road users about overtaking on country roads.  Of the fatal road collisions that have occurred this year − involving motorcyclists − speed and poor planning are contributory factors as they try to overtake when it is not always safe to do so."

Cheshire Police have posted footage of their blind spot campaign on YouTube for the public to view. 

Saturday 17 August 2013

MP’s 139th news bulletin

Edward Timpson MP

Friday 16, August 2013


Welcome to this, my 139th news bulletin.

It was a privilege to bring the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to Crewe and Nantwich, to welcome the announcement that Bentley Motors' new SUV will be launched in 2016 and manufactured locally, like all of Bentley's cars.

As I told the assembled press on the day of the announcement, Crewe has one of the finest manufacturing workforces in the UK. That's why I lobbied with the Prime Minister for this: it represents an £800m German investment in Crewe; it will create a further 1,000 new jobs; it cements Crewe's position as a premier location for investment and expansion.

It's fantastic that David Cameron took such a personal interest in the fortunes of our town throughout this process, and I was pleased that he was able to come to Crewe, to celebrate the decision with the workforce at Bentley.

On his visit, the Prime Minister took the time after the big announcement to answer questions from Bentley employees.  I was delighted that while he was in the local area, he was also able to accompany me to Leighton Hospital, to see at first hand the fruits of more than £21million in government investment.

I could not be more proud of our area. In Bentley, we have a world-class manufacturer, flourishing and branching out, and in Leighton Hospital an example of our National Health Service delivering successfully for patients and the community, despite high demand.

Best wishes,

Edward Timpson
Member of Parliament for Crewe & Nantwich

Please remember, you can always contact me directly if you have any questions for me, or if there is anything I can do to assist you.
You can forward this bulletin on to your friends and family, who can sign up themselves by clicking here for my website.

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Locally I have...

  • Welcomed the Prime Minister to Bentley Motors' headquarters, on the announcement of Bentley's new SUV, which will be built here in Crewe.
  • Cut the ribbon at the A-T family Fun Day at the Funky Monkey Cafe.  The fun day raised money for the A-T Society and awareness of the rare genetic disease, Ataxia-Telangectiectasia.
  • Attended a street stall in support of the 'Hands off Wistaston' group, campaigning against overdevelopment in the Green Gap.
  • Completed the "Step Out For Stroke" family walk in Queen's Park, with my daughter Lydia. I was also pleased to speak at the event, organised by the Stroke Association, to highlight the Government's approach to stroke care.
  • Attended the opening of the new exhibition, "Summer Eats", at Nantwich Museum - celebrating 100 years of food shopping, the exhibition has been researched and produced by volunteers.
  • Visited Europac3d - a growing business on Crewe Business Park, one of the most advanced 3D laser scanning and 3D printing companies in the country - to discuss their plans for the future and to offer my support in securing faster business broadband connections locally.

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Westminster Report

Edward Timpson MP Westminster Report

Read my most recent Crewe & Nantwich Talk

Hot off the press, the latest edition of my Westminster Report is being delivered across Crewe and Nantwich in the near future. Click here or on the image to read a copy.

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Photo News

Opening the A-T Family Fun Day

I was pleased to open at the A-T family fun day in Nantwich. Organised by local campaigner Sinead Ward, the day raised money in support of research into Ataxi-Telangiectasia: a rare, neurodegenerative condition, and I was delighted to add my support to their fantastic cause.

You can see all of my photos by visiting my website.

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Community News

Crewe mum’s fundraising efforts top £10k

Crewe Chronicle: A MUM who vowed to raise awareness of her two-year-old daughter’s devastating illness has raised more than £10,000 in just seven months.

Sinead Ward, from Crewe, was left heartbroken when daughter Orla was diagnosed with a genetic condition called Ataxi-Telangiectasia (AT). The neurodegenerative disease causes severe disabilities, meaning Orla is likely to be in a wheelchair by the age of seven and may not live past her early 20s.

Since Orla’s diagnosis in January, Sinead has been working tirelessly to raise as much money as possible for the A-T Society, a charity designed to offer support to families, as well as carry out vital research into potential cures.

A family fun day at the Funky Monkey Cafe in Nantwich last month raised £3,600 for the cause, and the total is still rising. This brings the family’s fundraising efforts to £10,740 – a huge step toward their £60,000 target.

Sinead said: “We’re hugely grateful to all the family, friends and businesses that supported the event, all giving of their time for free so that 100% of the funds could go to the A-T Society.”

Crewe and Nantwich MP Edward Timpson was on hand to officially open the fun day.

He said: “When I met Sinead earlier this year I was struck by her positive determination to raise awareness of AT and her efforts to support the research needed to help find a cure.

“Only around 70 children in this country have been diagnosed with AT, two of whom live in our local area. That’s why I was so pleased to be able to open their fundraising fun day and lend my own support to their fantastic cause.”

To donate and find out more about Sinead’s fundraising visit

Do you have community news to share? Are you involved in any projects that could be of help or interest to local people in Crewe and Nantwich? Email me and your news could be here too!

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MP Edward Timpson celebrates Bentley news with Prime Minster

Crewe Chronicle: Local MP Edward Timpson said he is confident Crewe has 'one of the finest manufacturing workforces in the UK'.  The Crewe and Nantwich MP was speaking after visiting Bentley Motors with Prime Minister David Cameron to celebrate the announcement of the SUV being built at Pyms Lane.

"I am confident that Crewe has one of the finest manufacturing workforces in the UK. That's why I've lobbied with the Prime Minister for this £800m German investment in Crewe, which will create a further 1,000 new jobs, and reinforces Crewe as a premier location for investment and expansion," said Mr Timpson.

"It's fantastic that David Cameron has taken such a personal interest in the fortunes of our town throughout this process, and makes it even better that he has been able to come here today to celebrate the decision with us and answer questions from Bentley employees."

Cheshire East Council leader Michael Jones was delighted with the news. "This is fantastic news, a real vote of confidence for Crewe and Cheshire East, bringing in massive new investment and new high-skill, high-value jobs," said Cllr Jones.

"I'm also delighted that the Prime Minister was able to see first-hand the tremendous work going on in growing and developing the workforce here at Bentley – one of the most exciting and respected companies in the country. This is further proof that our economy is now on the right track and that large companies like Bentley are optimistic about the future."

The council leader added: "Skills lie at the heart of today's announcement and the new University Technical College we are planning for 2015, which will focus on engineering, will play an important part in developing a skilled, ready-made workforce for employers like Bentley."

South Cheshire Chamber chief executive Paul Colman said: "Bentley has once again proved a real inspiration to the local business community. The company continues to put Crewe on the map for engineering excellence and today's news allows us to fly the flag for our skills base here in South Cheshire.

"There have been some very encouraging statistics indicating early signs of economic recovery in the area and news like this allows us all to feel more confident about the future."

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Nantwich MP Edward Timpson joins “Step Out For Stroke” walk

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Nantwich News: Crewe & Nantwich MP Edward Timpson teamed up with his young daughter Lydia to complete the "Step Out For Stroke" walk.

The event, which was held in Crewe's Queen's Park, was organised by the Stroke Association.  The sponsored family walk on Sunday (July 21) offered a chance to raise essential funds for the Stroke Association and increase awareness of stroke.

The day included family activities such as face-painting, raffles, craft stalls, guess the name of the teddy and live music.

Money raised will help prevent strokes and reduce their effect through campaigning, education and research, and also help support 1.1 million people in the UK adjusting to a life after stroke.

Mr Timpson made a speech at the event about the government's approach to stroke care in England. He said: "With someone suffering a stroke every five minutes in England, it's important we continue to improve efforts to prevent strokes, take action more quickly when they do and make sure the best possible support is in place afterwards.

"This Step Out for Stroke awareness walk is a great way of showing that, with a positive attitude and excellent supply from carers, families and volunteers, stroke suffered can still go on to achieve amazing and inspiring things. "Congratulations to Rachael Glover and all the Stroke Association team based at Leighton Hospital on pulling together such an impressive occasion."

The Act FAST campaign, which is supported by the Stroke Association, aims to raise awareness of symptoms of stroke so patients can get to hospital faster and receive quicker treatment, helping to save lives.

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Prime Minister visits Leighton Hospital

Crewe Chronicle: Prime Minister David Cameron has made a private visit to Leighton Hospital.  The PM paid a whistle-stop visit to see the progress being made with the hospital's capital projects following the award of £25.2m from the Department of Health.  He was accompanied by Crewe and Nantwich MP Edward Timpson and spoke with Mid Cheshire Hospital Trust's chief executive Tracy Bullock and chairman John Moran about the hospital and the services it provides to the local area.

Mrs Bullock said: "We work closely with Edward to ensure that we meet the health needs of our local population, and it is a great compliment that he has been so enthused about the care that we provide that he invited the Prime Minister to come and meet with us too. Mr Cameron was very interested in our A&E department, as we are managing to maintain our performance whilst many other trusts are struggling.

"We also spoke to him about our future plans, including our brand new theatres and intensive care unit which is currently being built, and is being paid for in part by £21.69million of Government funding."

Mr Timpson said: "Leighton Hospital is a key asset to Crewe and Nantwich, and I'm delighted that the Prime Minister was able to visit and hear for himself some of the positive things that are happening for the benefit of patients and the community in general. I am very proud to have Leighton Hospital in our local area and to be a patron of their 'One in Eleven' charitable appeal to help fund a new neonatal intensive care unit.

"Having worked alongside hospital staff last year, I have a great admiration for the hard work and dedication that is shown throughout the organisation, from nursing and healthcare staff through to the domestics and kitchen teams."

Speaking after the visit, which was closed to the press and took place immediately after the Bentley visit last Tuesday, the Prime Minister said: "I was delighted to meet some of the staff at the hospital's treatment centre, and am pleased to hear that the hospital is performing well despite high demand.

"I hope that this Government funding can help renew Leighton Hospital, and improve the services offered to patients in Crewe and Nantwich even more."

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5 ways to contact Edward Timpson

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Hospice Marks 25th Anniversary with Landmark £25,000 Fundraising Campaign

St Luke’s (Cheshire) Hospice is appealing to its supporters to help mark its milestone 25th anniversary in style with a special commemorative £25,000 fundraising campaign.

The Winsford-based hospice, which provides invaluable care across the Mid and South Cheshire community for people suffering from cancer and other life-limiting illnesses, is asking its network of dedicated fundraisers to chip in however they can, be it through simple donations or brand new, daring and quirky challenges.

Anybody can get involved in the £25,000 campaign and help to raise the perfect amount to mark the hospice’s quarter of a century. To add to the fun, the campaign will be monitored with a classic ‘Blue Peter style’ totaliser in the front entrance of the hospice.

The drive will also play a big part in recovering a significant shortfall in anticipated fundraising from the hospice’s ‘Lottery Bumper Silver Anniversary Car Superdraw’, as a result of the Royal Mail’s failure to deliver thousands of the hospice’s anniversary newsletters across the area earlier this year.

More than 131,000 newsletters, containing vital lottery tickets and information, were expected to be delivered to every household in St Luke’s Mid and South Cheshire catchment area, however the hospice received more than 1,000 complaints from upset supporters who did not receive them.

Fundraising from the Lottery competition, one of the hospice’s most high-profile and successful fundraising campaigns, is therefore significantly lower than expected.

With over £6500 a day needed for St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice to open its doors and the majority of that money found through fundraisers, the hospice is urging all its supporters to get behind the new £25,000 campaign and help maintain its invaluable patient care.

St Luke’s Commercial Director Andrea Fragata Ladeira commented: “Reaching this special goal of £25,000 in our 25th year would be a fantastic way to commemorate our milestone.

“We have a network of the most amazing, generous and innovative supporters across Mid and South Cheshire and we are so thankful for their on-going dedication and unrivalled support.

“We are planning to put up a colourful totaliser in the hospice entrance so that every time patients and staff arrive and leave, they will be able to see the progress we’re making together.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a big quirky event or even the smallest kind donation; every penny will go a long way towards maintaining the care St Luke’s provides for the community.”

If you can help raise funds for St Luke’s and would like for information about how you can support the hospice, call Head of Corporate & Community Development Diane Eeley on 01606 555697, email or visit

Silver for Silver! Top Honour for Hospice’s 25th Anniversary Garden at RHS Tatton Flower Show

St Luke's (Cheshire) Hospice's garden received a Silver medal

Talented and green-fingered St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice supporters have marked the hospice’s landmark silver anniversary with a perfectly appropriate prize, a silver medal at the RHS Tatton Flower Show.

The hospice’s show garden, created to commentate St Luke’s’ 25th anniversary by a team of Foundation Degree Garden and Landscape Design students from Nantwich’s Reaseheath College, was unveiled in the picturesque surrounding of Tatton Park and wowed both the judges and the public from 25-28 July.

The garden, awash with eye-catching colours, was positioned in the show’s ‘Inspire’ zone - an area dedicated to cutting edge design and fresh ideas – and reflected the many positive aspects of St Luke’s, particularly the loyalty and dedication of its volunteers.

The Winsford-based adult hospice has provided invaluable care for people from Mid and South Cheshire suffering from cancer and other life-threatening illnesses since it was formed in 1988. Its longevity is testament to the hard work of its dedicated network of supporters in the community.

St Luke’s Manager of Volunteer Support Sara Evans said: “A Silver medal really is the icing on the cake for what was a wonderful event.

“On behalf of the hospice, I would like to say a big thank you to the wonderfully talented Reaseheath team for all their hard work and to the volunteers who staffed the garden during the show.
“This was a wonderful opportunity for us to put St Luke’s on the map and to mark our 25th anniversary. It was an adventure for us, which we are sure will have many positive spin-offs. 
“We are delighted the garden provided a topic for conversation and will be delighted if it has encouraged people to talk more openly about any health fears that they may have.” 
The garden was staffed by representatives from St Luke’s every day who also offered complementary therapy treatments in exchange for donations to the hospice.
The garden’s lead designer, Rick Tomlinson, 28, from Sale, runs his own garden business and has just completed his Foundation Degree in Garden and Landscape Design at Reaseheath.
He explained the idea behind the fascinating garden: “Within the garden, a large wildflower meadow landform was broken and inter-planted with harsh architectural grasses, representing the destruction and confusion illness can cause.
“The steeper side of the mound depicted the struggle that people connected to the Hospice go through, and also created a secluded tranquil space to sit and reflect amongst the colourful planting under the shade of the trees.
“Silver roses featured throughout the design, creating accents of reflective light and marking the 25th anniversary of St Luke’s Hospice.”
Rick’s design team was completed by fellow student’s Jess Hughes, Hannah Timmis, Daniel Guy, Josh Croke and Chantelle Pennington.

For more information and pictures of the garden visit

Thursday 15 August 2013

Arson Attacks

Please be aware that there has recently been a spate of arson attacks in Crewe over the last month. Some incidents are below which are all believed to have been started deliberately:

12th August:

Bushes on fire at the rear of Magdalen Court, Wistaston

10th August:

Car on fire (parked on a driveway, occupants had to be evacuated) Sorbus Drive.

9th August:

A number of wheelie bins set alight on Davenport Avenue

21st July:

Wheelie bin on fire on Elizabeth Street

20th July:

Moped on fire on Rolls Avenue

20th July:

Car on fire, Ruskin Road.

Success of Former Mayor's Bursary Award


Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor Brian Silvester has welcomed the success of the Educational Bursary Awards he introduced. He said," The theme of my Crewe and Nantwich Mayoral Year during 2008-9 was Lifelong Learning, a cause close to my heart. Education can change lives for the better and I chose to launch the Scholarship Fund because I wanted as many local people as possible to have that opportunity. This financial assistance offered people of all ages the opportunity to realise their ambitions and fulfil their learning potential – it really was the chance of a lifetime. The Bursary allowed local people, who have left full time education and started their working life, to return to full time education and make their dreams come true. Altogether six Bursaries, worth each between £5000 and £7200, were awarded toward their university tuition fees and two of the mature students have graduated this year."

Former Mayoress, Sheila Davies said," I would like to thank all those who worked so hard to raise funds for this very worthwhile cause. With the match funding from partners Wulvern Housing and the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) over £60,000 was raised and that is a remarkable achievement."

Katrina said," I would like to say thank you to Councillor Brian Silvester  and former Mayoress Sheila Davies and all those involved in the scholarship programme, as this been a huge help in the progression of my higher education and in my future career in teaching."

Pictured is Katrina Morrell with Cllr. Brian Silvester, Sheila Davies, the former Mayoress of Crewe and Nantwich, and Katrina's parents Maureen and David. Katrina received a First Class degree with honours  in Early Childhood Studies from the MMU. She is going on to take a PGCE for a year and then she will teach in primary education. The other Bursary recipient to graduate this year with First Class Honours  was Mrs Christine Johnson.

Police appeal following fatal collision in Middlewich


Police are appealing for witnesses following a fatal road traffic collision in Middlewich last night.

At 5.20pm Cheshire Police and other emergency services were called to King Street, Middlewich following a report of a collision involving a car and a pedal cyclist.

The car, a silver Vauxhall Insignia driven by a 52 year old Northwich man, was in collision with a pedal cycle on the Northwich bound carriageway.

Sadly, the rider of the pedal cycle, a 15 year old local boy, died at the scene as a result of his injuries.

No arrests were made. Next of kin have been informed.

Police are now in the position to release the name of a boy killed in a collision in Middlewich yesterday afternoon.

15 year old Sam Nutsford, of King Street Middlewich and a pupil of Middlewich High School tragically died when his pedal cycle was struck by a car on King Street, Middlewich at 5.20pm on Monday 12 August.

The family request that their privacy is respected at this time.

Any witnesses should contact Cheshire Police on 101 quoting incident 751 of 12 August.

Tuesday 13 August 2013

ANTS in the Queens Park


Sunday was a glorious day in the  park with the main drive flower beds now at there best. Lots of visitors enjoyed the South Cheshire Pipe Band last Sunday! Always popular.


ANTS is a new volunteer group setup on Facebook to get things done in the park. The first volunteering weekend will be on 31st August/1st September .

Q.What is the first project.
A. We are are going to tackle bench painting and weeding around the boat house area of the lake.
There will also be some jet washing involved
Q. Who is supplying the equipment?
A. The park will provide us with
Paint and equipment
Q. Can I bring my own tools?.
A. There will be tools there for you but you may also bring your own. Obviously some tools may be subject to necessary restrictions.
Q. Are children welcome
A. Yes very much so. But there may be places  they cannot go on the grounds of health and safety. (And common sense. )

We are looking for lots of people to come forward to help with this and other projects One thing we do need is volunteer Wardens to patrol the park ideally in two or threes and get dogs put on leads stop fishing and other bad behaviour but not to put them selves in any danger. I am currently the only one doing this. Looking ahead to doing bigger projects like Burma Island Coronation Walk Lodges gardens so there is big scope for anyone interested in gardening. Bench's need repairing so any carpenters out there with a few hours to spare

If you want to get involved you can contact the blog here   or via email to


Monday 12 August 2013


photograph shows Edward Timpson MP and Leader of CE Council Michael Jones with Wistaston representatives, in Nantwich, collecting signatures for the ‘Save the Green Gaps’ petition.

Members of Hands off Wistaston (HOW), held a street stall in the centre of Nantwich, drawing attention to the fight to save our existing Crewe and Nantwich Green Gaps.  These gaps are very important to local people as they currently separate Crewe and Nantwich towns from our local villages and our local villages from each other.  They help them to keep their own identity.  The Green Gaps were protected under the Crewe and Nantwich Local Plan and it is important that they are retained, in their entirety, in the emerging Cheshire East Local Plan.  These Green Gaps are coming under pressure from developers throughout our locality.

HOW representative Peter Carton says;

“We really struck a chord with shoppers and visitors to Nantwich, they were queuing up to sign our petition to ‘Save the Green Gaps’, it was brilliant”.

Wistaston Parish Councillor Derrick Millington says;

“Our MP Edward Timpson and Council Leader Michael Jones, together with Wistaston Ward Councillors Margaret Simon and Jacquie Weatherill, joined us collecting petition signatures and speaking to people about the importance of protecting the Green Gaps.  It was great having the support of our local representatives and also seeing just how many members of the public agree with us that the Green Gaps must stay and not be impinged on by developers.”

Wistaston Ward Councillor Margaret Simon says;

“The retention of the Green Gaps has always been of great importance to residents of Crewe and Nantwich.  Due the great interest from developers to build on them local people are really needed now to register their strength of feeling about them in any way that they can.  Just by signing petitions to hand in to Cheshire East and taking part in consultations on planning applications for large numbers of houses on land in Green Gaps they would be doing their bit.”

The ‘Save the Green Gaps’ petition run by Hands off Wistaston has 2000 signatures on it.  It will be formally handed over to the Council Leader, Michael Jones who will use it to further his argument that these current planning applications on Green Gap land are unplanned, unwanted and unsustainable.

Saturday 10 August 2013

Got a Burning Question for an Apprentice Winner?


Have you got a burning question for inventor, entrepreneur and 2011 BBC Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau?

Well now’s your chance to ask it as West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber of Commerce will be conducting an exclusive interview made up entirely of your questions with the creator of the Stylfile, Nipper Clipper and many products.

So whether you want to know how he comes up with new product ideas, where he takes inspiration from, tips for starting a new business or even what it’s like to work with Lord Sugar himself.

The Chamber will be sitting down with Tom later this month, so get your questions across to Daniel Shires, Chamber Communications Manager by 4pm on August 23rd by emailing

The answers will be published in an upcoming edition of the Chamber’s Business Matters magazine.

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Sky card scam


Police are advising home owners to be aware of cold callers operating a scam involving refunds on Sky cards

Fraudsters purporting to be from Sky inform home owners their Sky card is due to expire soon and an overpayment was on their account which needed to be refunded.

The scammers asked for bank details in order to issue the refund. The following day a Barclay’s card reader arrived in the post and a further telephone call was received.

Again, bank details were requested, along with PIN numbers. The victim became suspicious and did not provide any further details. No refunds were received and Sky have confirmed that they would never contact a customer asking for these details.

Fraudsters move and change the geographical areas they operate in; all UK residents should also be aware about this type of scam and follow this advice:

  • never give out your bank, credit card details or PIN number in any circumstances 
  • legitimate businesses will never ask you to disclose personal information
  • If you receive a suspicious call end it immediately and report it to Action Fraud.

Detectives appeal for witnesses after attempted robbery at Crewe shop


Police are appealing for witnesses following an attempted robbery at a shop in Crewe.

At 9.40pm on Tuesday 6 August 2013, a man approached the News Food and Booze store in Laura Street from the alleyway in Claughton Avenue.

He entered the store and threatened staff with a revolver style hand gun and demanded they hand over money.

It has not been established whether the gun was real or imitation. The weapon was not discharged and no injuries were reported.

The three staff agreed to hand over money but the man ran off empty handed back down the alleyway to Claughton Avenue.

He then crossed Claughton Avenue and entered another alleyway which led to The Circle where he ran past two women walking in the same direction.

The offender is described as white, of medium build and about 5ft 8ins. He was wearing dark clothing including a hooded jacket and boots.

DC Jessica Kusiar said: "Thankfully the women were not injured during their ordeal.

"Incidents such as this are rare and, although no firearm was discharged and no injuries were reported, we take any incidents of this nature extremely seriously and will do all we can to trace whoever is responsible.

"In order to help us progress with our enquiries we are particularly keen to speak to the two women the offender ran past in The Circle just after the offence was committed."

Anyone with information should contact DC Jessica Kusiar on 101 quoting incident number 1035 of 6 August 2013.

Alternatively information can be given anonymously by contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Becky Scales New Heights for St Luke’s (Cheshire) Hospice with Kilimanjaro Trek

Becky Zeus High Res (2)

A dedicated long-term St Luke’s (Cheshire) Hospice supporter is in training for a once-in-a-lifetime challenge, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Becky Platt, aged 26, from Woolstanwood, Crewe, who works in the catering department at Reaseheath College, Nantwich, is all set for her gruelling challenge and is urging other daring volunteers to join her on the trek, from 9-18 October in 2014.

A unique and unforgettable experience across some of the world’s most spell-binding scenery, the trek has been organised to raise funds for the Winsford hospice, currently commemorating its 25th anniversary year.

Becky, who has previously taken part in the hospice’s popular annual Midnight Walk fundraiser, commented: “I absolutely cannot wait. This is such an amazing opportunity and I’m really proud to be doing it for such an amazing local cause.

“If you’re interested then what are you waiting for? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

St Luke’s Senior Fundraising Events Co-ordinator Nicola Jepson explains that fundraising participants are set to enjoy an array of breath-taking views.

She said: “Towering over the sandy plains of Tanzania, stands Mount Kilimanjaro – the World’s tallest free- standing mountain.

“This stunning trek will guide you up the tranquil Machame route. Here you will trek through deep forest, home to spectacular wildlife stretching up to moorland and onwards towards glaciers before reaching Uhuru Peak.

“We cannot begin to explain the amazing sights guaranteed on this adventure of a lifetime. This is undoubtedly an amazing opportunity for participants, all in aid of the hospice.”

The minimum fundraising total for the Kilimanjaro Trek challenge is £3950.

Over £6500 a day is needed for St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice to open its doors and continue to provide invaluable care across the Mid and South Cheshire community for people suffering from cancer and other life-limiting  illnesses.

If you would like to sponsor Becky or  if you’re keen to take part in the Kilimanjaro  Trek contact Nicola Jepson on 01606 555684 or email

A Highway Code for Mobility Scooter users

Rising numbers of older people and those with poor mobility are turning to the convenience of a mobility scooter to maintain their independence.

People using these scooters are responsible for their own and other people’s safety, so to help them use their scooters safely, Shopmobility Macclesfield, run by Disability Information Bureau (DIB) has been working with Age UK Cheshire East, Cheshire East Council and Shop-mobility Congleton to produce a free, easy-to-read “Highway Code” for mobility scooter users. It will help keep everyone safer.

As well as the Highway Code, DIB is also planning to offer free training courses on scooter safety.

Cllr Janet Clowes (Portfolio Holder for Health & Adult Social Care) stated; “There has been a noticeable increase in the use of mobility vehicles across the Borough and they have become an essential means by which those with mobility problems can remain active and independent in their own communities. However, as with any other vehicle, they must be used safely and responsibly to protect users and public alike. Therefore this 'Highway Code' initiative together with free training in the safe use of these vehicles is very welcome.”

Madelyn Bridge, Chief Executive of Age UK Cheshire East said:

“Transport always ranks high on the list of older people’s concerns. The rise in mobility scooter usage is evidence of many older people’s desire to keep their independence, and for some, it can be their only means of contact with the outside world. We applaud DIB’s efforts to make the use of these scooters much safer for all road users.”

Scooter users in Cheshire East can get a copy of the free Highway Code from DIB, Age UK Cheshire East, Shopmobilities in Cheshire East and a number of other locations. If you are interested in a Safe Scooter User course, contact DIB in Macclesfield on 01625 501759 or by email on to arrange.



crewe final 028 2

This is the very first glimpse of how the new entrance to Crewe Railway Station will be transformed following £6.5m cash injection that will pave the way for Crewe to become a gateway to the North.

The graphic shows a shiny glass facade to replace the outdated Royal Mail sorting office and a lower ground access to platforms via a revamped pedestrian subway.

The new state-of-the art layout also caters for vehicle drop-offs at the front of the station, new taxi rank and disabled access.

This week sees start of the demolition of Weston House which will be replaced by the new development and will enhance the customer experience at the station.

Commuters will have the option of parking at the front of the building, creating a convenient and easy travel hub destination.

It’s all part of the Council’s strategic plan to enable Crewe to become an economic power house by 2030 with new jobs, businesses and investment.

The unveiling comes at a key stage in the project, with the demolition of Weston House and eight weeks of traffic restrictions on Weston Road beginning next Monday, August 12.

Councillor Michael Jones, Leader of Cheshire East Council, said: 

“The revitalisation of Crewe’s Railway Station is a keystone for long-term regeneration as part of the wider 20-year ‘All Change for Crewe’ project.

“It is about time Crewe Railway Station got the presentation it deserves with an entrance that is prestigious and impressive.

“There is still a lot of hard work to be done - and we will not be complacent about this, as a revitalised rail hub providing enhanced connectivity will be critical to boosting the town’s visitor economy and its attractiveness to business.”

“We would ask that motorists and commuters are patient during this period and plan their journey in advance.

Network Rail’s route managing director, Dyan Crowther, said:

”This is much needed investment in an important station on a critical rail artery – the West Coast main line.  The £6.5m injection will create a much more welcoming and accessible station for its thousands of daily users.”  

For further information about the project, visit the Council’s website at

Thursday 8 August 2013

Blind spot campaign takes to the roads


Cheshire Police have gone out across the county with a rural road safety campaign which seeks to raise awareness to tractor drivers about their blind spot but also highlights the dangers to other road users when trying to overtake agricultural vehicles on country lanes. ‘Am I in Your Blind Spot?’ was initially launched at the Cheshire Show this year, where officers were able to engage with the farming community and distribute free ‘blind spot’ mirrors to farmers to support the campaign launch. The mirrors are based on a new design to facilitate tractor drivers who are carrying heavy loaded trailers and who may find it difficult to see traffic approaching from the rear.

Following a series of fatal motorcycle collisions on rural roads with agricultural vehicles over the recent months - a small amount but still fatals - Cheshire Police has released ‘blind spot’ video footage on YouTube which highlights the dangers of tractor drivers making left or right turns on rural roads and how this can result in road collisions with other road users.

Sergeant Rick Weaver - Road Policing, who is leading the campaign, said that "We recognised the need for a campaign that would focus on rural road safety. Following some research, I was able to source a ‘blind spot’ mirror that could be fitted to any existing tractor mirror. This affords the tractor driver extended views to the rear and more importantly a clear view behind when negotiating a right turn into farm entrances or fields.

"We are in the process of handing out free tractor mirrors for local farmers. If you want to mail me at with your details, we can get one out for you to trial."

Cheshire Police will be taking ‘Am I in Your Blind Spot’ workshops out locally to agricultural students from September. If you are a college who is interested in receiving the workshops or a farmer who would like to attend a workshop in their local area, you can email for more information.

For more information on tractor road safety, you can visit