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Tuesday 30 July 2013



John Dwyer, Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire and Victims Commissioner Baroness Newlove, have met to discuss how the needs of victims of crime can be better addressed in Cheshire.

John Dwyer said, "I had an excellent meeting with Baroness Newlove, we are both seeking the same outcomes which is a greater focus on meeting the needs of victims across the whole criminal justice process and improved support and follow up care.

We are looking to introduce victim’s advocacy services and provide a single point of contact for victims to direct them to relevant support services. I am not aware of this happening elsewhere in the country. We are seeking to identify innovative solutions to improve the support provided to victims of crime as I pledged in my Police & Crime Plan".

Baroness Newlove said, "As part of my work as Victim’s Commissioner, I am advising Government ministers on aspects of the criminal justice system in England and Wales affecting victims and witnesses. I was impressed with the work already done by John to look at victims services in Cheshire and to map out the victims journey. It is a national problem that all too often victims do not know which organisations to turn to for the support that they need through a process which can be very traumatic. I was encouraged by his enthusiasm and passion for seeking to improve victims services and we will be working closely together to do just this."

From 2014, the Ministry of Justice will transfer the commissioning of some victims services to Police & Crime Commissioners.

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