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Thursday 4 July 2013

Cheshire Police carry out raids across the county in day of action


Over the next few days, Cheshire Police are carrying out more than 30 warrants on homes and premises across Cheshire. The ImpACT operation is sending a clear message to criminals that Cheshire Police officers could soon not just be knocking on their door but breaking down their door.

Disrupting criminal activity across Cheshire relies on information the police receive from local communities. It is only as a result of the information provided by local communities that ImpACT days targeting criminal activity can take place.

There is evidence that a lot of criminal activity relates to the supply of drugs and in turn that organised criminal gangs are involved in the supply of drugs.

Organised crime gangs can prey on the most vulnerable people in society using intimidation and threatening behaviour to further their illegal activity.

The ACTion being taken over the next few days is aimed at maximising the disruption to those involved in a variety of criminal activity, including the sale of illegal drugs, and put criminals behind bars.

Communities are quite clear in their message to local police - they want to see the police take ACTion and make the streets of Cheshire a safe place to live and work. In order to bring about an ImpACT operation the police need information from the local community. It is this information that is instrumental in building an investigation and can take days, weeks or months to gather enough information to put together an operation of this kind.

Pulling together an operation can be like piecing together a complicated jigsaw. Information from the community is combined with police investigation techniques to paint the picture on the face of the jigsaw. Once all the pieces are in place the operation to arrest suspects, search their homes for evidence and put together the case against the offender will end with the person involved in the warrant being charged and brought before the courts.

If a person is found guilty, officers in the case can then apply to seize the offender′s possessions that are connected to the crimes they have been arrested for, under the Proceeds of Crime Act. If the case is successful, the seized property can then be sold and the money generated redistributed to the Government and the public agencies involved in the prosecution, including Cheshire police. The money then helps to fund other policing operations in Cheshire.

ACC Ruth Purdie Head of Crime Operations said:

"The key to police action against crime is intelligence and this is where we rely on people who live or work in Cheshire to play their part in helping us to make our streets safer. Local people are best placed to spot the signs of criminal activity such as drug dealing and we need them to step forward and tell us what they know.

"We must all ask ourselves the question - is there someone living in my community who lifestyle doesn′t fit with the facts we know about them and question where how they are generating enough money to support their lifestyle. Lottery winners are few and far between so how does someone support an extravagant life style!"

If you want to help officer and staff tackle criminal activity in your area report what you know to Cheshire police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.′

Initial results from day of action

Cheshire Police has announced the initial results from the day of action as nearly 30 warrants on homes and premises were executed across the county.

In the Northern area:

  • 13 warrants executed (6 in Runcorn, 2 in Widnes, 5 in Warrington - 2 in Risley, 2 in Warrington town centre and 1 in Sankey)
  • 11 arrests made
  • Substances believed to be cannabis, amphetamines and cocaine/heroin seized
  • £500 in cash seized

In the Eastern area:

  • 8 warrants executed (3 in Macclesfield, 3 in Crewe, 1 in Wilmslow, 1 in Congleton)
  • 6 arrests made
  • Substance believed to be cannabis seized at 3 addresses
  • £2000 in cash seized from 1 address

In the Western area:

  • 8 warrants executed (3 in Winsford, 2 in Chester, 2 in Blacon, 1 in Western Rural)
  • 3 arrests made
  • Substances believed to be cannabis and cocaine seized
  • £1000 in cash seized from 1 address

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