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Friday 12 July 2013

Commissioner takes questions from public in webcast


John Dwyer, Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, has published his second webcast which sees him answering questions sent in by members of the public.

John said: "I enjoy doing these webcasts because; I want to be an accessible Commissioner to the public of Cheshire. This platform gives people, who may not have the opportunity to come to one of my surgeries, an opportunity to speak to me. I hope that by answering their questions it gives them an insight into what I do as their Police & Crime Commissioner.

I’m aware that people are still uncertain about the role of Police & Crime Commissioners. If anyone is uncertain about what I do, I’d urge them to make contact with me; either by phone, email, through social media, webcasts like this one or my website and I’ll be happy to answer your queries."

Trevor Green had the opportunity to interrogate John, and didn’t shy away from asking difficult questions.

John added: "Some of the questions sent in by members of the public were interesting. One person even asked if I’d cover up anything because of my police background. I wouldn’t cover anything up. I am here as a representative of the public and my role is to ensure that the policing needs of the public are met."

Due to time constraints, some questions weren’t answered on camera. However, all questions that were submitted by the public were answered. The answers can be found on the Commissioner’s website along with the second edition of the webcast which is available at

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