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Friday 14 June 2013

Swan Injured at the Queens Park

If you enlarge this photo full screen you can see the fishing line in its mouth. The swans have 3 babies at the moment so lets hope they dont have to remove the swan as its the first time we have had young since 2006. We tried to report it today but the wardens refused to answer the door even though we knew they were in.


The people fishing were still there and its likely it was them that did it. This is highly dangerous as they are fishing next to public paths near Tipkinder last year a women got a hook in her coat as they dont care were they cast. If there is not swift and meaningful action by the Police and Council to stop this illegal fishing I am afraid it will end up with a child with a fish hook in its eye or similar.
They can then sue the council for failing its duty of care. Its an accident waiting to happen we must have a clamp down on this fishing or in summer we will be flooded with people fishing. It was reported on Sunday a loose dog attacking wildlife and the owner was shouted at but just issued abuse

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