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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Peak Physique dangerous dogs attack

Peak Physique of 1 Underwood Lane Crewe who run the local gym for body builders were today involved in an incident with an OAP and a puppy. The OAP who lives close by took his dog out for a walk on a lead past the Peak Physique gym when two dogs that are owned by the Peak Physique gym savagely attacked the puppy and the OAP. The dogs come to the gym with the owner and are then let loose to roam the streets and the local area. One is a bulldog and the other a staffy type of dog.

The OAP suffered shock and to make matters worse the owners made no attempts to get hold of the dogs and then about 7 people came out from the gym all body builders and threatened the OAP with violence.  The OAPs son had to get between the threatening body builder and his dad as he was going to use physical violence on the OAP. The son pointed out  what a coward this man was if the best he could do is try and hit an OAP.

The Police were called and they said they have had complaints about these dogs before. People in the area specially the old people with dogs are to terrified to go out, one old lady is 83 and has a small dog with no teeth and now she cant take it out as it would stand no chance against these dangerous dogs.

People in the area are now living in fear as they cant let children out or walk  past the area in case they get attacked if the dogs have savagely attacked once they may do it again and as they roam un supervised who know what will happen next time it may be a child.

I will leave it to the reader if anyone want a gym do they really want to go to a gym that is terrorising  the local people and who's members and owner think they have the right to threaten violence to OAP,s  


Anonymous said...

That alley is used by children going to school these dangerous dogs should be under control at all times. There have been lots of complaints about them. The Gym owner should be ashamed of himself and to threaten an OAP is disgusting thats the lowest form of life

Danny said...

How frightening that a company can terrify a whole neighbourhood with these dogs and the thugs that go to the gym. No decent company would behave in this manner what will they do when a child is mauled to death face charges I hope god forbid a child isnt hurt