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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Spate of burglaries

Please be aware that there has recently been a spate of burglaries from out buildings, sheds and garages.
Over the last week there has been a rise to these types of thefts in your area. It does appear that the items which are being targeted are electrical items such as chainsaws, drills, hedge-cutters etc and in some cases bikes. As the dark nights have now drawn in and the weather is so cold opportunist thieves have more opportunity to commit these types of crimes as residents draw curtains and prefer to stay in the warm.
Please share the below Advice with residents

Shed & Outbuilding Security Advice
v        Never leave your garage or shed unlocked, ensure they are secured with a strong padlock and consider using window locks where appropriate. 
v        Doors should be solid and in a good state of repair so that they are not easily accessible. 
v        DIY stores will stock locks that have a grading system on them.  Try to ensure that the lock you are using is fit for purpose for securing your shed/outbuilding.
v        Consider the use of security lighting to illuminate key areas within your garden as a whole, but be mindful of the position of your security light.  A wrongly positioned light could actually offer pockets of shadows for an intruder to take cover in.  Consideration should also be given to your neighbours when installing such lights so they are not frustrated by them.
v        Consider the use of a shed or garage alarm, particularly if your shed or garage contains a high number of valuable items. 
v        Remember that sheds are not ideally designed for safe storage, so consider securing a steel cage to the floor of the shed to store more valuable items in, or padlock them securely to a fixed point. 
v        Property mark valuable items using a recognised system such as UV pens or Smart Water.  It is also worthwhile to take photographs and serial numbers of valuable items for insurance purposes. 
v        Finally, consider the area around your shed and garage.  Could the area benefit from some well placed rose or holly bushes in key positions, such as under windows or around doors?  Could a gravel path or equally noisy surface be laid so that any potential offenders create a noise approaching the area?  Most importantly, is your garden perimeter secure with no weak spots in hedges and fences or no items such as bins easily available for use as stepping stones over the fence?  Remember that once a burglar has entered a garden they have more of an opportunity to operate unseen.  By ensuring your perimeter is secure you remove the means for them to enter your property.  


Many people keep valuable property, such as bikes and mowers, in their shed, as well as garden spades and forks which can be used as tools to help the burglar force entry to your home.

Even if the shed is only of light wooden construction, a suitable hasp, staple and padlock should be fitted to the door and frame. Hinges are usually exposed, so fit non-return screws to prevent their removal. The windows should also be screened with curtains and fitted with a lock, or sealed, if designed to open.

As extra security for your shed, buy and fit ‘ground anchors’ to chain or shackle bikes and mowers. Alternatively, simply chain and padlock them together.


The ideal protection for your garage: double opening wooden doors with a high security close shackle padlock and padbar; ‘up and over’ aluminium doors with specialist mortice locks; padlocking bolts or hasp and staple and close shackle padlocks.

Garages with ‘up and over’ doors which are attached to, and can give access to your house, can be secured from the inside by drilling holes into the two channels which allow the runner wheels and stays to move up and down. The holes should be drilled immediately above the wheels when the door is in the closed position. Padlocks can then be inserted through the holes to prevent the door being opened from the outside by an intruder.

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