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Thursday 27 November 2014

Number of houses given planning permission on appeal has gone up by 800%

UKIP Councillors Andy Barratt and Brian Silvester have citicised the Cheshire East Council (CEC) for the enormous increase in lost housing appeals.
Brian said, “ The number of houses passed on appeal has increased by a whopping 800% and the number of appeals lost has gone up by 400% since 2012. (See below)

The reason for this gigantic leap in houses passed on appeal is that CEC does not have an Adopted Local Plan and does not have a 5 year supply of housing land, as they have recently admitted in a Spurstow appeal.(See attached)As a consequence 29 appeals have been lost in 2014 and the cost of defending these appeals is over £400,000.
The good people of Cheshire East have been totally betrayed by the Conservative and Labour Councillors who voted for the failed plan. They were promised that there precious green fields, green gaps and green belt would be protected but instead they are forced to standby and see them concreted over due to the gross incompetence of the Conservative Councillors on CEC."
Andy said, “For the last couple of years Councillors Jones and Brown have both been spouting on that we have a 5 year supply of housing land, even though several appeal Inspectors have been saying differently. They failed to listen and submitted a Local Plan that was doomed to fail. They should both stand down ,not just step back.”

Brian said, "It does not need to be like this.
To sort out the planning fiasco in Cheshire East, inflicted by the Conservatives at both local and national level, UKIP are committed to a ten point action plan :-
1) No more development in the Green Gaps/Belt in Cheshire East.
2)The early establishment of a 5 year housing supply that won’t get overturned on appeal.
3)The speedy adoption of the Local Plan.
4)The repeal of the National Planning Framework, which the Conservatives introduced as a Developers Charter.
5) Major planning applications to be decided by referendum and direct democracy, if sufficient residents sign to request a referendum
6) Priority to be given to development on brown field sites. Low grade agricultural land should only be used if necessary for the 5 year supply.
7)UKIP is the only party who will shut the open door to EU migrants. Our beautiful open countryside is being concreted over, partly because 36% of all housing demand is created by migrants. We will need to build 200 new homes a day over the next 25 yrs to house these migrants 8)UKIP will encourage and make it easier for brown field development by issuing low interest bonds to enable decontamination.
9)Houses built on brownfield sites will be exempt from Stamp Duty on first sale and the VAT relaxed.
10)We would promote and encourage the refurbishment of empty properties.

Only UKIP have a clear way forward out of the planning catastrophe that currently exists in Cheshire East."

Cllr Brian Silvester BA (Hons)
Leader of the UK Independence Party Group, Willaston and Rope Ward Councillor Cheshire East Council
11 Rimsdale Close
Tel/fax 01270 567757
Text 07760147609

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