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Sunday 25 November 2018

For Britain Movements response to Theresa May’s Brexit Proposal

The latest Brexit Betrayal by the Prime Minister is, amazingly, actually worse than staying in the EU. She wants us to stay in the EU Customs Union. We would then be stuck in the EU Customs Union and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, with no way out, ever, unless the EU allowed us to LEAVE. The EU would NEVER do that because EU does not want competition on trade from a neighbouring large economic power like the UK. We would then be stuck in the EU forever with no way out.

What Mrs May is proposing is the exact opposite of Brexit.

The Tories have also said that the open borders with the EU will close after Brexit. That is not true either. Immigration will INCREASE after Brexit. 'Migration Watch' estimates that the REDUCTION in the level of skill required for entry to the UK will open up 2 MILLION more jobs to overseas applicants. But the major change, however, will be the total abolition of the cap on work permits.
There is absolutely no need for this supine surrender of the Tories to the EU.

'For Britain' says we should LEAVE now with 'No Deal' and no delay. If the EU want a free trade deal they can come and knock on our door. Otherwise we will trade on World Trade Tariffs and the UK would be £8,000,000,000 a year BETTER off because the UK has such an enormous trade deficit with the EU.

What Mrs May is proposing is nothing short of a total betrayal of the biggest democratic vote in the history of our great country.

'For Britain' is standing up for the 17.4 million who voted for Brexit.

We are calling on people to support us, to join us and to vote for us to deliver the Brexit we voted for.

Unless Brexit is delivered, unless we are a fully free independent country again, then democracy in this country is dead.
Cllr. Brian Silvester
The For Britain Movement
Brexit Spokesman

Contact:  Brian Silvester can be contacted on 07760 147609 and email

On For Britain & Anne Marie Waters:

Anne Marie Waters is the articulate Leader of the British political party The For Britain Movement (For Britain) and is also the author of the new book; Beyond Terror: Islam’s slow erosion of Western Democracy. She is a lead figure and voice within the Patriotic and anti-EU arm of British politics. She is in strongly favour of a ‘Brexit now’ no ifs no buts.

Founder of Sharia Watch, Anne Marie Waters has a deep knowledge and understanding of the operational influence of Sharia Law & Sharia Courts in the UK and growing damaging impact that Islam has on British society, culture and its people; specifically the industrialised rape and damage of young white working class and Sikh girls over the past 30 years. To this end she is busy ‘sounding the alarm’.

Anne Marie Waters is available for television, radio and print media etc. for discussions and interviews of relevant political topics.

My name is Ian Mack, I am the Press Officer here at For Britain, and I would be very happy to discuss Anne Marie Waters’ availability with you.
For further insight you may wish to search Anne Marie Waters on Youtube.

Ian Mack
Press Officer
For Britain Movement
Tel: 07419 193 878

For the forgotten majority

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