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Saturday 28 May 2016

Could you be a foster carer?


Cheshire East Council is looking for people to take on a highly-rewarding career and register their interest in becoming foster carers.

The appeal for more carers is a follow-up to ‘Foster Care Fortnight’ - a national campaign in which Cheshire East Council played a supporting role.

Fostering is a deeply fulfilling way of life, which anyone who has a passion for giving children the best possible start in life should consider.

However, the Council realises that the best advert for this fantastically rewarding life choice are the very people who are already out there doing it and making us proud.

Single mum Anne Bentley, from Poynton, said: “I enjoy the fun I get from being a foster carer – just the simple pleasure I get from looking after children.

“The key lesson I have learned is that every child is different. I have learned to adapt and adjust to every child who has been with me. You find you change and grow as a person by being a foster carer."

Karen and Robert Tulip from Nantwich already had children of their own and one of the most powerful emotions for them was the pride they felt when their foster children really connected with their own kids.

Karen said: “I enjoy being a part of a large family. I enjoy the children wanting to spend time with you and the family at mealtimes, where we are all together and can talk about how our days have been.

“Just sitting and watching everyone trying to get their point across, learning to take turns and the conversation often going off at a tangent. They’re the moments I love.”

The decision to become a foster carer should not, of course, be taken lightly and the Council understands that it is not always a smooth journey. So, there are dedicated support staff, who are only ever a phone call away, to provide help and answer any questions.

Margaret Sanders, a foster carer in Congleton said: “We struggled with one of our early placements and didn’t ask for help straight away. Looking back on it, I think we were worried that people might think we weren’t any good if we asked for help.

“But we let it go on too long. When we did ask for help, Cheshire East were absolutely brilliant. Now, whenever we feel we are getting anxious about anything, we are not afraid to ask for some advice and support.”

Councillor Liz Durham, Cheshire East Cabinet member for children and families, said: “We are so proud of the incredible people in the Borough, who provide this fantastic service to our communities.

“We are looking for motivated, devoted people to become carers for children – especially sibling groups and teenagers. I have two lovely, happy grandchildren with great family support. I am passionate that any child should be given a similar chance in life.”

To learn more about becoming a foster carer, please call 0300 123 3223 or visit:

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