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Tuesday 1 October 2013

MP’s 141st news bulletin.

Edward Timpson MP

Monday 30, September 2013


Welcome to this, my 141st news bulletin.

I recently visited Kindertons Accident Management, on Marshfield Bank Employment Park in Crewe, to meet ten new employees who had been recruited as a result of my annual Jobs Fair at the Alex.

It prompted me to write today about the employment situation in our area more broadly.

Here in Crewe and Nantwich our local unemployment figures are down by a good 12 per cent on the last year, and recent unemployment figures nationally presented further evidence that Britain's economy is turning the corner.

I’d like to explain this to you with a few statistics that you might find helpful.

  • The private sector has created 1.4 million more jobs since the election in May 2010. Three new private sector jobs for every one job lost in the public sector: something Ed Balls said wouldn't happen.
  • As a consequence of the strength of the private sector, more people are in work than ever before - with about one million more people in work today than in May 2010.
  • There has been a lot of talk about part time work and insecure jobs such as zero hours contracts. In fact, the last year has seen jobs growth coming from:
  1. full time jobs (an increase of 350,000), while the number of people in part time jobs has fallen (down 74,000).
  2. permanent recruits (up nearly 400,000), while the number of temporary employees has fallen (down 72,000)
  • Whilst youth unemployment remains a challenge, the number of young people on Jobseekers Allowance is now 63,000 lower than in May 2010, having fallen in each of the last 15 months. In Crewe and Nantwich youth unemployment is also down by 12 per cent.
  • As employment has increased, and as we expect more from those claiming benefits, we have seen the number of people on the main out-of-work benefits fall by over 400,000 since May 2010.
  • Rising employment has also seen the number of workless households fall by 182,000 in the last year.  The proportion of all households where no one is working is lower now than at any point under the last Labour Government.

These figures are underpinned by the combination of a strong private sector, welfare reform and sharper, more focused, back-to-work policies.

I am glad that the government is helping more and more people fulfil their aspiration of supporting themselves and their families.

A growing workforce helps Britain succeed globally, and in Crewe and Nantwich, from the likes of Kindertons and Bentley to the surge in new start up local businesses, we are playing our part in providing those much-needed jobs.

Best wishes,

Edward Timpson
Member of Parliament for Crewe & Nantwich

Please remember, you can always contact me directly if you have any questions for me, or if there is anything I can do to assist you.
You can forward this bulletin on to your friends and family, who can sign up themselves by clicking here for my website.

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Locally I have...

  • Met Planning Minister Nick Boles MP, to represent Crewe and Nantwich residents' concerns about opportunistic developers and Cheshire East Council's Local Plan.
  • Held one of my regular advice surgeries at my office in Crewe - to book an appointment to speak to me, call 01270 501 725.
  • Met with my young constituent, Thomas Robinson and his family. Thomas has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and a report of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Rare Deseases was published last week.
  • Celebrated with Chatwins their hundredth year of trading, at the Civic Hall in Nantwich.
  • Met with local Second World War veteran Geoff Heath, who recently received his Bomber Command clasp in recognition of his bravery and service to the nation.
  • Been 'On Your Street' in Willaston and in Nantwich - bringing my advice surgery to your doorstep, so that I can deal with local concerns there and then.
  • Met with representatives from the Willows Pre-School, Wistaston, to offer my support to them.
  • Visited Morrisons in Crewe to meet 'Feeding Britain’s Future' candidates.  Feeding Britain's Future is an industry-backed scheme to help young people into work, through training and skills-building.
  • Marked World School Milk Day at Gainsborough Primary and Nursery School, where I was pleased to be appointed assistant milk monitor for the day, and discuss the importance of school milk with the children and staff.

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Westminster Report

Edward Timpson MP Westminster Report

Read my most recent Crewe & Nantwich Talk

The latest edition of my Westminster Report has been delivered across Crewe and Nantwich. Click here or on the image to read a copy.

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Photo News

Main Content Inline Small

At my recent On Your Street visit to Willaston, I spoke with local residents about a range of concerns, including planning applications, parking, and what the government is doing to support small businesses in our area.

You can see all of my photos by visiting my website.

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Community News

Planning Minister to meet action groups

Crewe Chronicle: The Government’s Planning Minister says he will meet action groups in Crewe and Nantwich to discuss fears the area’s green spaces are being swallowed up.

MP Nick Boles made the agreement to Crewe and Nantwich MP Edward Timpson, who told him that the borough is being ‘held hostage’ by opportunistic developers. The pair had met to discuss Cheshire East’s Local Plan, with Mr Timpson asking for advice on how Cheshire East councillors can get the local five-year housing supply signed off as soon as possible.

Mr Boles assured him the examination of the Local Plan would begin as soon as it was received by the Planning Inspectorate, and that the council would have the chance to highlight the sensitivities around the area’s green gaps.

He then agreed to visit the constituency shortly to discuss local planning issues with invited representatives of planning action groups.

Nick said: “I am pleased that Edward has come to me to raise his constituents’ concerns. He has made some strong representations on behalf of Cheshire East Council, who are responsible for planning matters in Crewe and Nantwich.

“The Government’s planning reforms are primarily concerned with encouraging sustainable development while protecting precious landscapes and the green belt. By completing a Local Plan Cheshire East can bring power over the planning process back to local people in Cheshire. It is important that the council now redoubles its efforts to finalise a local plan that can be adopted speedily.”

Mr Timpson  said he was grateful to the Minister for taking the time to discuss the concerns of residents.

He added: “I have paved the way as best I can for Cheshire East councillors to submit their plan for our area.

“It is now up to them to submit a well thought through Local Plan with realistic housing estimates so that the inspectors can sign it off as fast as possible with minimum fuss. Otherwise our area will continue to be at risk from opportunistic developers.”

Bill Kirby, spokesman for Willaston Green Gap Action Team (WGGAT), said the team, which is opposing Richborough Estates’ plans for a 170-home development north of Moorfields and Richard Lee Limited’s plans to build up to 50 homes on land off Eastern Road, would be ‘delighted’ to meet Nick Boles.

He added: “We are very keen on a moratorium for the green gap whilst Cheshire East and the Government get their act together.”

Do you have community news to share? Are you involved in any projects that could be of help or interest to local people in Crewe and Nantwich? Email me and your news could be here too!

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MP Edward Timpson unveils Nantwich miniature railway mural

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Nantwich News: A mural to celebrate the extension of a miniature railway line in Nantwich has been unveiled by MP Edward Timpson.

The line from the Methodist Church on Hospital Street has been lengthened to link up to Morrisons supermarket car park.

The mural was painted by local artist Susannah Fishburne, and commissioned by Rev Malcolm Lorimer, of Nantwich Methodist Church.

Mr Timpson said: ”The extension of the miniature railway, together with the wonderful mural, add yet another string to Nantwich’s bow. As ever our local Methodist Church has led the way in finding new ways of bringing the community, young and old, together.”

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Scheme to help teens leaving care

Crewe Chronicle: Cheshire East Council is one of nine local authorities which has signed up to a scheme to help vulnerable young people when they leave care.

The New Belongings project is run by the Care Leavers’ Foundation and funded by the Department for Education.  The Foundation believes it is important to support care leavers who are at risk of unemployment, poverty, homelessness, mental health issues and drug and alcohol misuse.

Trustee Janet Rich said: “Care leavers have already had a difficult start in life and independence at an early age can be incredibly difficult. If we are serious about these vulnerable individuals getting the start in life they deserve, we need to see a real shift in terms of support.

“This project will work intensively with a small number of local authorities, to set the bar high on how we help care leavers become independent, successful adults.

Cheshire East cabinet member responsible for children and family services Cllr Rachel Bailey said: “This Council has further outlined its commitment to supporting care leavers by signing up to this programme, which will improve the lives of this vulnerable group of people.  They need services which are integrated, easy to access, embedded within local communities, and which treat them with respect.

Crewe and Nantwich MP Edward Timpson, who is Minister for Children and Families, said: I regularly meet with a group of care leavers and they have helped me learn a great deal about the real difficulties that care leavers face as they make their way in the adult world.

“Some of these difficulties are rooted in early traumatic events before they entered care, others arise from the unintended consequences of policies that don’t join up, or from the inconsistent application of policies across the country.

“What has been most striking about this group is that they don’t come to me to complain, they come to share their experiences and propose solutions.  They were behind the concept of the ‘New Belongings’ project, which we are delighted to fund.”

He added: “Critical to the delivery of the project’s outcomes will be the central role care leavers play in delivering the project in the participating authorities.”  The DfE is funding the New Belongings project with a grant of £80,000. It will run until October 2014.

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