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Saturday 19 October 2013

Minister Declares that Cheshire East does not have a 5 year supply of housing land.


Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor Brian Silvester has called for urgent action following a bombshell decision by a Government Minister.

He said, 'In the attached decision letter for a planning appeal in Sandbach, the Secretary of State says he  is of the view 'that the Council has not demonstrated a 5 year supply of deliverable housing sites against even the most favourable assessment of the 5 year housing requirement.' It is essential that Cheshire East (CE) can demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing land plus 20% if it is to successfully fight off the flood of major housing applications that the Borough is experiencing. The political leadership of the Council have been going around for several months stating that CE had a 7 year supply of housing land and telling concerned residents that they had no need to worry about the proposed huge development on their doorstep. This has proved to be incorrect, as I have been stating for a long time. Those that have being giving those false reassurances should now be examining their position.

The Council now needs to inform residents how they intend to fill the gap in the housing land supply. This decision will lead to a review of the Local plan which is out to consultation yet again. This could lead to yet further delay before the Local Plan is ready to present the the Government Inspector. Urgent action is now needed if the Council is to take back control of major planning  applications from the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol.'

Erection of Safety Bollard Welcomed

Willaston and Rope Ward Councillor Brian Silvester has welcomed  the erection of a safety bollard in Willaston.

He said, " In Cheerbrook Road, Willaston, towards the Nantwich end of the road, there is a cycle path. The path actually comes off the end of Old Newcastle Road. Cars, delivery vans and even cars with trailers use this path instead of the road junction to come out onto Cheerbrook Rd.Not only is it illegal it poses a safety hazard to people walking and cycling in the area not aware that a vehicle is using the path as a short cut. I was asked by a concerned resident if it would be possible to have a concrete bollard put at the end of the path. I am pleased that the Cheshire East Council has now erected the bollard. It will help prevent possible accidents in the future by stopping the improper use of the cycle path by vehicles."

Cllr Brian Silvester

Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor

Tel/fax 01270 567757

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