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Thursday 16 April 2009

“Don’t Let Them In” Warning from Police

“Don’t Let Them In” Warning from Police

Police have issued a warning about doorstep callers in the Crewe area, following two burglaries.
In one, (on Tue April 14th) two men in their twenties who claimed to be from a water company, called at the home of an elderly couple in the Leighton Park area. They asked the occupants to turn on the water in the bathroom. While that was being done, the men made off with a wallet.
Two days earlier a young man called at a house about a mile away and claimed to know the elderly woman living there. He took money from her.
Detective Inspector Nigel Groom, in charge of the Cheshire Police Eastern Area Burglary Unit said, “There is nothing to suggest that these incidents were linked, but they both highlight the issue of unscrupulous criminals who target elderly and vulnerable people.
“We have had some success in tracing and arresting some of these people over the past few years and they receive lengthy prison sentences, but prevention is a lot better than detection.
“We warn everyone to keep doors locked and if you answer the door to a caller you should keep the safety chain on.
“Do not let anyone into your home unless you are absolutely certain you know who they are. If they produce an ID card, check it carefully and phone the relevant company or organization to see if the caller is genuine.
“Public utility companies, like the water companies, do not send people round knocking doors and asking to come into your home without prior notice.
“The door is your first line of defence. If these criminals realise they are not going to get in, they will go away.
“We would also ask neighbours, friends and relatives of elderly and vulnerable people to keep an eye open. If you think callers in your neighbourhood are suspicious, call us on the Cheshire Police Information Line, 0845 458 0000. You can use the same number if you have any information about these two latest incidents.”

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