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Tuesday 21 April 2009


We have been trying to clean up Crewe over the last few weeks and the council have cleared all the rubbish we have reported in 24 hours in most case. This has been normal rubbish were people have had a new tv and thrown the old one out. But the picture show another type of problem. For every week for the last 12 weeks the rubbish has been thrown into the alley between Oxford St /Underwood Lane.

The council come and remove it and within a few hours the same offender dumps even more rubbish in the same spot. You can see from the rubbish that its just normal rubbish which should go into a bin but they are too idle and just throw it in the alley. The problem is we know who is doing it but to get enough proof to take them to court is another thing as they can claim someone else did it.

So we all suffer from the rubbish smell and the cost of sending a van out to clean it every week, they have in effect their own refuse collection

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