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Sunday 26 April 2009

Tipkinder Woodland Walk

There is a lovely woodland walk at the back of Tipkinder BMX track which goes from Collins St to the Queens Park. Its a public walk but for years the council havent maintained the walk and the paths have nettles all along the path. In a week or two the path will be dangerous to walk as brambles come across the path. If thats not enough there are a lot of trees that are dead and may fall on the publics head, one fell across the path last year. When the trees fall the kids use them to set fires or use them as a battering ram.

There is actually a second path by the side of the steam which comes out by the park but is un passable at the moment due to rubbish. It seams as though this could be an ideal project for Community Payback With this local criminal work for the community clearing paths etc. We have asked Cllrs Brian Silvester and Andrew Knowles if this walk can be made safe and usable this summer.

The other problem as you can see in the photo above is rubbish, a few weeks ago in our clean Crewe campaign we reported rubbish in the area which was removed by the council but since then someone has emptied half a house into the stream and the whole stream needs the trolleys and rubbish removing.

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