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Thursday 30 April 2009

Doris were did you park the car?

I was outside the library at 10:45 and couldn't believe my eye when I saw the car parked down the steps. I assumed it was a stolen car and they had crashed it. But no I spoke to eye witness who said it was two little old ladies driving past the library when a coach blew its horn and frightened them. The crashed through a post and some how ended up parked on the steps. They feared they would have been hurt but they got out looking for their teeth which had shot out of their mouths when the crash happened.

What no one could understand is how they got there as there was not a mark on the flower bed or trees and they missed the first side of the steps as though they had done a Knight rider over it. It took over and hour to get the car out with lots of people watching. Thankfully no one was hurt. We were having a competition with the Chronicle who came down as what the caption should be?
This Sat nav is rubbish
Little old lady from Pasadina
Cant see a parking meter
Stop messing with the Turbo Button

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