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Friday 24 April 2009

Councillor Andrew Knowles answers your questions about Queens Park

I asked Councillor Andrew Knowles about readers comments on the Queens Park and he quickly replied and has answered question from our readers as it comes under his portfolio.

Will the bird house pets corner be restored
Will the water fall be restored
Coronation walk was a major feature will that be restored
Will fishing and boating still be possible
There is mention of structural changes but no mention of gardening changes like redesign of beds new trees etc.
Will the play area be upgraded
Will the greenhouse be back at the park
When will it all be completed

Councillor Andrew Knowles

The responses are as follows:-

Pets Corner- the original structure and pets within it were abused on a regular basis, a replacement is not envisaged as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded package of works.

Water fountain – this item was derelict and an eyesore and has been demolished. A replacement will not be provided. This area requires clay to be deposited to support the retaining wall which will take place in the next few weeks.

Coronation Walk- this area will be restored following the completion of the Broad Walk bridge (part of the Wrekin works package)

Boating and angling will be available when the lake has been restored (part of the Wrekin package of works)

New planting will be undertaken when the hard works have been completed

Play area will be improved and relocated towards the end of the programme ie end of 2010

The green houses were redundant and have been demolished; they will not be replaced although the new depot has a poly tunnel for bedding plant to be used in the park

Completion date in the legal agreement with the HLF is 31st December 2010 which can be complied with as long as existing tenders for building works and completion of Bridges and Lake Edges (formerly Wrekin works) are promptly processed by Cheshire East Legal Financial and Procurement Officers and the works do not have to be retendered in accordance with emerging Cheshire East contract and financial rules.

I hope that the above information is sufficient.

Any more questions let us have them and we will put them to Andrew. Its sad that pets corner that has kept kids happy for over 50 years wont be rebuilt due to yobish behavior, so the yobs have won?

Keep your questions coming in you can contact us via the main site

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

12 months to build the bridge etc? In the war when the army came across a river they call British army engineers and they had a bridge up by tea time with tanks running across it