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Monday 6 April 2009

Caroline Yoxall cleans up the town

Caroline Yoxall Cleansing Supervisor Cheshire East Council has reported back that all the rubbish reported to her from this web site and Crewe Blog has now been cleared apart from the Valley Brook which she is working on as it will require more men to enter the water and get the rubbish out.
You can see the rubbish behind the power sub station has been all cleared. But what do we see after a day there is all ready a trolley appeared and look at the top of the sub station how the fence which is there to protect people has been broken and the walls covered in graffiti.

Walk around the corner onto the field and were the new fence has been put up a few weeks ago with trees planted to enhance the are what do we see the fence smashed down and just look at the rubbish. From the location of the rubbish it looks as if residents have just thrown it over from their gardens.

So its like painting the Firth of Forth bridge as soon as you move the rubbish it gets dumped again. We cant do any good until we can change peoples attitude to dumping rubbish.
If you see rubbish pick up the ruddy phone and dial 0800-387491
You can contact the Street Cleansing team FREE on 0800-387491

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