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Tuesday 21 April 2009

Deadly Roses

The LMR club in Goddard St fence has a deadly secret the roses poised to rip your eye out as you pass. The side of the street they are on isnt lit very well at night and you cant see the roses across the foot path until its to late and its gets you. You can see the roses are right across the path and in a week or so will grow rapidly to cover even more of the foot path. I know a young lad who has been scared for the rest of his life by the LMR bushes. They own the land and have a responsibility in law to keep people safe but they take no action until the council step in and force them to make it safe

The same problem in Oxford St as the waste land has bushes growing into the pavement ready to cut you as you walk past. The path will soon be unpassable with the bushes. The area has mostly old people and is use by young children going to school its only a matter of time before someone is hurt. There must be a lot of similar pavement that are dangerous due to spiky bushes if you report them we will try to get them made safe but its not always that simple if its private land

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