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Friday 17 April 2009

Cant leave anything alone

I fought for a long time on my other website to make the area around Brooklands Grove safe as there was sewerage escaping onto the land see my Crewe sites We also got the storm drain fenced off so no one could fall in. Today a visit to to the area shows the fence has been vandalized or stolen for scrap and that the potholes for the storm drain have been removed leaving a 12 foot drop into the storm drain onto concrete.

As children play in the area its clear it dangerous as a child could fall down the hole. Thats when the fun began I rang the council and confusion reigned well that should come under CCC but its all Cheshire East now we will try on no its not them it must be CNBC but thats us as well now. Would it be engineering, Parks and gardens, H&S, highways?

We did in the end get there and they were going to send someone out straight away as it was a danger. But the council doesnt seem to have worked out who or what it is yet. The kids have properly been down this whole on a big adventure as you can walk along it inside as its very big. The problem is no water goes down it normally as it goes via the brook but any heavy rain and suddenly its a 6 foot torrent of water and you could be trapped and drowned very quickly.

Before nicking or wrecking things people should think about putting lives in danger

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