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Saturday 18 April 2009

Pothole Campaign

Pothole Campaign

We are sick of potholes, aren’t you?

If so then together we can do something about it. We hope to raise awareness of the issue with the “Asphalt Re-lay Pothole Campaign”. All you have to do to help is send us an email at

We would also like you to send us information of any particularly bad potholes that get on your nerves! Send us locations, pictures, and stories of damage. We want to use your information, support, and petition to make the authorities and the Government sit up and take notice!

We are also going to get out and about and fix some of your annoying potholes, absolutely free! So if you’re as sick of potholes as we are, we look forward to your support!!

Pothole Repairs

Asphalt Re-lay uses brand new market leading technology (patent pending) in order to repair potholes and asphalt defects. We do not take any waste material from site and nor do we require regular trips to an asphalt plant for replacement tarmacadam. We recycle the material already in the surface by using the industry’s most advanced infrared heater system.

Our process is as follows:

* We pull up in a van with 2 operatives.
* Load a small infrared heater out the back doors.
* Heat the asphalt.
* Add a small amount of material.
* Compact and permanently seal the surface
* The pothole is then banished for good.
* We do this without closing the road.
* A single pothole can be repaired in just 15 minutes.

Our patent pending revolutionary infrared asphalt heating system can heat the asphalt to necessary temperature in just 4 minutes through complete and controlled combustion technologies that allows us to manipulate and re-set the surface without having to dig it up and throw it away.

Our system is made of super-lightweight materials meaning we can carry 2 heaters onboard our vehicle and still be well within the legal weight limit. Their weight also means they are safer for our operatives to manoeuvre.

Report pot holes at their website I said we would find them loads of work maybe they can get things done

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