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Wednesday 13 June 2012

Drink Drivers Warned 'You Will be Caught'


Police in Cheshire are reminding drivers that everyone stopped for a traffic offence or involved in a road traffic collision is breath tested.

"A significant amount of drink-drive prosecutions result from this routine procedure," said Assistant Chief Constable Ruth Purdie. "The tests are carried out whatever the time of day or night the collision takes place.

"This is in addition to the officers′ powers to stop any car which has given them reason to suspect the driver may have been drinking. If the breath test proves negative, officers can consider carrying out a roadside fitness test to check if the driver has been taking drugs.

"We want people who drink and drive to understand they will be caught. It is especially important that the message gets through to young people. We have been concerned about an increase in the number of drivers aged between 17 and 25 who have been convicted in the past few years."

Cheshire Police Officers are involved in a summer campaign against drinking and driving, which tends to increase as people spend more time at parties and barbecues. This year also sees the Euro 2012 football finals.

"We will have extra officers on duty for England′s Euro 2012 fixtures and looking out for drivers who have been drinking will be part of their task. We advice fans who are going to the pub to watch England matches to walk, take a bus or arrange a taxi home if they have been drinking," says Ruth Purdie.

"People who spend an evening watching football and drinking also need to think about the slightly longer-term effects of the alcohol. You may still be over the limit when you travel to work next morning. It will affect your driving and if you are breath-tested for any reason, it will show.

"Drinking and driving simply do not mix. If you do it, you are putting your own life and the lives of other people at risk. During this summer campaign we are highlighting the action we take to prevent it, but that action continues at all times of the year. If you are caught, you will face a fine and a driving ban. You will have problems when you come to drive again and want to insure your car. "If you drink or take drugs and drive you are jeopardising your lifestyle and in some cases that will include your job and even your family life.

"If you know someone is regularly drinking and driving you should let us know about it. We will follow it up. You can call the Cheshire Police non-emergency number 101, or you can leave information anonymously on the Crime Stoppers line 0800 555 111."

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