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Sunday 17 June 2012

'Good Night Out' Advice on Police Video


A ‘right way/wrong way′ video has been released as part of the ‘Good, Bad and Ugly′ summer alcohol campaign from Cheshire Police.

The video contrasts three friends having a night out, with a meal and a couple of drinks, against another group of friends who drink while getting ready to go out and then drink heavily while they are ‘on the town′.

It shows the second group being turned away from pubs or bars because staff believe they will be a nuisance. The message is that not drinking before you go out means your evening will last longer.

It also emphasises the fact that if you pass out from alcohol you are more likely to be attacked or sexually assaulted.

National statistics show that:

§ Each year 3,000 people are killed or seriously injured in drink drive collisions

§ 44% of violent crime involves someone who has been drinking

§ The UK has one of the highest rates of binge drinking in Europe

Assistant Chief Constable Janette McCormick said, "The purpose of this video is to make people aware how vulnerable they become if they drink too much.

It says that if you watch how much you drink you will have a better time and not have to suffer what may be serious consequences.

"It is an informative and educational tool, highlighting the number of units of alcohol in a glass of wine (two units); how many units are in just one bottle of wine (twelve units); against the maximum daily guideline for women, which is three units.

"It also shows the effects of alcohol. After six units, reaction times become slower and your judgement may decrease."

"We are simply telling people ‘Don′t be another statistic by letting alcohol ruin your night.′ Don′t let drink turn a good night, ugly!"

The video is on the Cheshire Police website, and on the ‘Upbeat′ website which is provided by Cheshire Police specifically for people aged between 16 and 21. It can be downloaded.

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