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Friday 3 June 2016

Clean and green Council secures grant to promote cycling and walking projects


Cheshire East Council has secured a government funding package to promote green transport in Crewe including new cycling and walking routes.

The £350,000 grant will enable the Council to further develop its strategy for expanding active travel in the town.

The grant is part of the Government’s £21m programme for investment in sustainable transport.

The strategy document ‘Access to employment and skills through active travel,’ places green travel, such as cycling and walking, as a key element of the Council’s vision for jobs and housing growth in Crewe.

With a high number of students, the building of the University Technical College and the prospect of a HS2 hub station, Cheshire East Council hopes to see more people using green travel arrangements instead of driving cars.

The Council’s successful funding bid demonstrated that it would cut emissions, support social and economic growth and increase cycling and walking in Crewe with a particular focus on improving access to the new Crewe University Technical College and local employers in the area.

Councillor David Brown, Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for highways and infrastructure, said: “We believe in promoting healthy and active travel through cycling and walking and we are delighted that this bid by the Council has been successful.

“This has come at an opportune time for the Borough as it prepares to host the Tour of Britain cycle race in September which, we hope, will inspire many others to cycle for leisure or to travel to work.”

Cheshire East Council has been informed that its bid was ‘coherent and concise’ and set out a clear ambition for achieving a step-change in cycling.

Robert Goodwill MP, Minister for Transport, said: “Green transport reduces congestion and improves air quality. It also offers the cheapest and healthiest way for people to access jobs and education.

“The schemes will make a real difference for residents and help provide better air quality for everyone. Our £21 million funding shows we are committed to improving lives through investment in sustainable transport.”

A copy of Cheshire East Council’s bid is available at:

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