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Friday 3 June 2016



The Leader of Cheshire East Council, Rachel Bailey, said: “It is regrettable when a high street name such as BHS ceases to trade in these circumstances.

“As a caring Council we will offer appropriate support to any BHS employees in Crewe or Handforth Dean who are affected by the closure of this retailer.

“In Cheshire East we continue to see economic growth across the board and we are committed to developing a strong and vibrant economy across all parts of the Borough.

“Therefore, we hope that this void will soon be filled for the benefit of BHS staff and our residents.

“We are progressing the procurement phase of the Royal Arcade redevelopment, where BHS is situated in Crewe, and we are seeking to commission a partner to drive this project forward.

“While the closure of BHS is to be regretted we feel that Cheshire East is a good place to do business and this Council will continue to create an environment for a healthy high street retail market which offers jobs and opportunity to our residents.”  

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