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Wednesday 2 March 2016

Council Tax

                   Less than a year ago, the then Leader of Cheshire East Council, Councillor Michael Jones told the full council, the Conservative-led authority planned not just to freeze council tax for 2015/16 but for the following year also.

"This would be the sixth consecutive year with no increase," he said

“We are the first Council in the country to do this,” he told the meeting at Sandbach Town Hall.

As with so many of Cllr Jones promises, this promise was just hot air.The Tories went into the election only months ago promising no Council Tax increases for two years but now they are going to increase Council tax by nearly 4%.Most people have not had a increase in their wage/salary for years. They have to make do with what they have and make savings where they can.The Council should be doing the same.

Sadly Cheshire East are not alone in increasing the Council Tax.Both the Cheshire Police and Fire Authorities have agreed inflation busting Council Tax Increases. Also many Parish/Town Councils are increasing the Council tax as much as a whopping 30%.

Last year I voted for no Council Tax increase and would do the same this year if I had the opportunity. UKIP believe in keeping the Council Tax down..None of the current Cheshire East Councillors seriously want to keep the Council Tax down. It is about time that Cheshire East slashed the fat cat salaries that go on rising and cut out wasteful spending. For example, they have spent £5 million and an incredible 7 years on the non existent Local Plan.

It is no wonder that residents are cynical about those Conservative politicians who scatter down promises like confetti before an election but  then proceed to do the opposite when the votes  have been safely counted.It is a great shame that there aren't annual elections in Cheshire East.

If there was, the electors  would be able to throw out the Councillors who have so blatantly broken their promises and let down their constituents.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Brian Silvester

UKIP Councillor

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