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Thursday 5 November 2015

FiRELiNK eNewsletter

Subject: FiRELiNK eNewsletter for November 2015 from Cheshire Fire And Rescue Service

This is a message sent via The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England & Wales). This information has been sent on behalf of Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service

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Message sent by

Ashley Lawton (Cheshire Fire , Administrator, Cheshire Fire)

Welcome to the November edition of the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service e-Newsletter.

Bonfire Night - list of organised bonfires in Cheshire

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service would like to encourage residents to attend an organised bonfire this year, because most injuries throughout the bonfire period occur as a result of people building their own bonfires, and setting off their own fireworks.

Find out more - Bonfire Night - list of organised bonfires in Cheshire

Bonfire Night safety tips from Fireman Sam

Follow Fireman Sam's top 10 safety tips to make sure you have a safe Bonfire night.

Here's a fun way to make sure your family is safe on Bonfire Night - watch this series of videos to take some tips from Fireman Sam.

Watch the Bonfire Night safety tips from Fireman Sam

Are you ready for winter?

Most incidents in the home can be prevented by using common sense and taking precautions.  Winter, particularly, can be a dangerous time with the higher than usual use of candles, electrical appliances and more hazardous roads.

The Service supports national initiatives that help our communities to understand just what precautions they can take to keep them and their loved ones safe.  Here are ones we have been supporting since the last newsletter.

Candle fire safety

With the days growing darker and winter setting in, a few candles scattered round the room can lend a warm glow to an evening. But with candle fires resulting in around 350 casualties each year, we would like you to take extra care with candles this winter - nearly 40% of all fires started by candles result in a death or injury.

Find out more - Candle fire safety

Carbon monoxide awareness

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning can be fatal or cause permanent damage to your health.  CO is produced when carbon fuels don't burn completely. It has no smell or taste and, in large quantities, it can kill very quickly. 

Find out more - Carbon monoxide awareness

Electrical fire safety

Electrical appliances have become a staple of modern life - from fridges and phones to toasters or the TV, it's hard to think of how we would get by without a few electrically-powered essentials.

Find out more - Electrical fire safety

Get your chimney ready for the winter

With the colder, winter months looming, people will begin to start using open fires and their chimneys again.  In order to keep you and your family safe from fire, you need to take necessary steps such as ensuring your chimney is swept regularly, depending upon what fuel you burn and we would urge all householders to have a working smoke alarm in their home.

Find out more - Get your chimney ready for the winter


Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service would like to offer fire safety advice to people celebrating Diwali on 11th November 2015.

Diwali is known as 'Festival of the Lights' and sees an increase in the use of 'divas' or oil lamps. It is believed that light signifies goodness therefore various lamps are burnt throughout the day and into the night to ward off darkness and evil.

Statistics show that there is an increased fire risk during Diwali, because of divas, candles and fireworks - but by taking just a few simple precautions you can  reduce the risks for yourself and your family.

Find out more - Diwali

Road safety week

The focus of this year's Brake Road Safety Week (23rd to 29th November 2015) is 'drive less, live more'.

During Road Safety Week Cheshire firefighters will be working with drivers across the county to share vital road safety messages. They will be encouraging people to think about whether their car journey is necessary - could they swap their car for a walk or a bike ride?

Firefighters will also be targeting parents and children, to encourage them to 'drive less' by cycling, walking or scooting to school.

Find out more - Road safety week

Blog - Fire cadets Nepal school project

A team of Cheshire Fire cadets and leaders have arrived in Nepal to help finish off a much needed, safe school for children in the village of Thulodhunga.

Working with the charity Classrooms in the Clouds (CitC), the team of 15 young people and nine team leaders have been helping children in the Basa region work who often take care of younger siblings or elderly relatives, so generally have no education. The CitC’s mission is to provide affordable, accessible and sustainable education to all the children of Nepal.

Follow the fire cadets' blog to see how they are getting on in Nepal

Firefighters' website wins RNIB approval

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s website has earned an accessibility accreditation from the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB).

The “RNIB Approved” award is particularly welcome as it means that safety messages can be given clearly and concisely to everyone, regardless of disability or technology used. Equal access to information is important at all times but especially at this time of the year, during the bonfire period, to ensure everyone stays safe and understands the measures to take.

Find out more - Firefighters' website wins RNIB approval

Fire engine damaged and firefighters abused at incident

A Macclesfield man appeared in court on 29 October charged with damaging a fire engine and abusing firefighters after they were called to extinguish a fire at a block of flats in the town.

The incident happened on July 26 2015 at 10.22am at Waterside Mill, Macclesfield, following a 999 call to a bin on fire. The crew arrived at the scene and found the premises evacuated and residents already outside awaiting their arrival.

An industrial bin was found smouldering at the front of the block of flats and as firefighters went to extinguish it, Vincent Mark Bradley of Waterside Mill, Macclesfield appeared and became aggressive towards one of the crew. Later stones were thrown which damaged two vehicles, one of which was the fire engine.

Find out more - Fire engine damaged and firefighters abused at incident

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