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Wednesday 23 September 2015

Council urges residents to sign up to Fairerpower as ‘Big Six’ tariffs come to end


As many fixed energy tariffs come to an end, Cheshire East Council is urging residents to sign up to Fairerpower and save up to £250 on their energy bills.

As the nights draw in and temperatures plummet both the central heating and  lights will be on for longer, meaning there’s a double hit on our energy consumption. As a result, customers could face a rise of more than £300 on their energy bills.

Up to 24 dual-fuel tariffs from the Big Six energy providers are coming to an end, which means the cost of energy could rise sharply for some people.

The good news though, is that in just 10 minutes you could save yourself around £249 (see note 1) if you pay monthly, or as much as £122 (see note 2) if you are on a pay as you go (PAYG) meter, by switching to Fairerpower.

Fairerpower is an energy initiative launched by the Council in March of this year in partnership with award-winning OVO Energy. It’s already attracted nearly 3,000 customers from across Cheshire East, who have collectively saved more than £600,000.

New Fairerpower customer Gill Barnes, from Crewe, said: “I had been with my previous supplier EON for six years, when I started thinking about changing supplier.

“I received a letter from Cheshire East Council announcing the launch of Fairerpower – I so thought I would give them a call to find out more.

“I always believed switching would be time consuming and difficult. However, it was really simple and straight forward. I was able to complete the switch over the phone and best of all, we are going to save money on our bill! Initial estimates show we should be saving about £140 per year, so I just need to think about how we will spend it now!”

Councillor Rod Menlove, chairman of Cheshire East Energy, said: “Now is the ideal time for people to spend just 10 minutes and check whether they could save themselves a lot of money. 

“Cheshire East Council does not believe people should be forced to choose between heating and eating. So far, 60 per cent of Fairerpower’s customers have never switched before.

“What we are saying is that if you just invest up to 10 minutes to get a quote from Fairerpower, then larger than average energy bills over the winter will be less of a worry.

“With Fairerpower they can be sure they are getting a much fairer price for their energy. For too long, people have been paying more for their energy than they should.”

Fairerpower pay monthly customers get:

● Potential average savings of £249 a year (see note 1);

● Ability to fix contracts for 12 months;

● No exit fees;

● Three per cent interest reward paid on all credit balances up to £1,000 (see note 3); and

● Award-winning customer service

Fairerpower PAYG customers get:

● Potential average savings of £122 a year (see note 2);

● Free energy monitor that shows credit and usage;

● Smart meter as standard; and

● Award-winning customer service

Cheshire East Council is also in discussions with housing associations to extend the benefits of fairer, competitively priced energy to even more residents.

To see how much you could save go to or call 0800 408 6701 (Pay monthly) or 0800 408 6705 (PAYG)

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