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Tuesday 8 September 2015

Cheshire East 'Don't do as I do just do as I say.'



I was shocked to read that the Cheshire East Local Access Forum (Celaf) was threatening households not to put bollards,stones,chain fences etc on grass verges outside their homes.

My view was that Instead of coming all heavy handed and threatening householders with Court action the Council should be encouraging residents  and companies to adopt self help to protect grass verges.

Now it seems that Cheshire East have adopted a policy of 

'Don't do as I do just do as I say.'

Beechcroft Avenue, Rope is next to the Berkeley School. There is a large grassed area that some parents were using to park their cars as they dropped off and picked up their children.Some residents complained and to stop this Cheshire East has erected substantial low railing to prevent the green being parked on.(See attached photo below.) I welcome the fact that this has been done and the grassed area is to be protected from being damaged.

I hope that in light of the U-turn by the Council  will drop their vendetta against residents and companies who try to protect their grass verges from damage.The reason that residents do this is to stop vehicles driving over and parking on the verges.When motorists do this the grass verges are cut to ribbons and damaged. This results in the verges being rutted and unsightly.The ruts fill with water when it rains. When the verges get cut up the Council does not repair them and the poor old residents have to put up with the unsightly grass verges outside their home day in day out, which also has the consequence of devaluing their home. It is no wonder that householders take action to protect the verges in front of their homes.Also sometimes bollards are erected in verges, outside houses, near junctions, to stop vehicles parking too near to the junction and causing a road safety hazard.
The Council have a duty as the highway authority and ensure that grass verges are kept mown and not cut to pieces by vehicles.
I would call on householders to put MORE bollards,stones,chain fences etc in the grass verges outside their homes. They are carrying out a public service in so doing. The Council seems incapable of doing what they are paid to do,
Badly rutted grass verges are very unsightly and bring down the tone of an area..The Council should be trying to eliminate them not trying big brother tactics to stop residents with a bit of initiative and self help.These residents should be congratulated and praised not threatened with legal action.

Cllr. Brian Silvester

UKIP Rope Councillor

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