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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Taking to the road with a helping hand from emergency services


Think Drive Survive has been running for 13 years in Cheshire and has seen over 17,500 young people attend the course.

A road safety course with a difference, it is aimed at young people and is ideal for first time learner drivers as well as those who are fully licensed but who need some road safety advice. 

The award winning course is presented by the emergency services and is a short, intensive course where young road users are exposed to and asked to discuss the risks associated with being a driver, rider, passenger or pedestrian.  Think Drive Survive seeks to influence driver behaviour and play a part in reducing the amount of deaths and injuries on our roads to promote safer, more responsible attitudes towards road use by young people. 

The courses are coordinated and delivered by Dave Murray - Road Safety Officer for Cheshire Police and Pete Shields − Assistant Road Safety Manager - Cheshire Fire and Rescue Road Safety Unit.

Dave Murray said, "Think Drive Survive is an established initiative aimed at young drivers.  It is well documented that road death is the single biggest killer of young people aged 15 - 24 in this country and that whilst that age group makes up only 12% of licence holders, they account for over a quarter of injury collisions.  The course tries to positively affect these statistics by giving young drivers the information they need to make the right choices when using the roads. 

We want to influence the way they think when out in cars on their own or with friends so that they can enjoy the experience instead of it being something that will end or change their lives forever. The consequences of poor driver and passenger behaviour can be devastating for many people and the course seeks to help young drivers remain safe and gain experience. The feedback we get from students, teachers and group leaders is overwhelmingly positive and the fact that we are still going strong after 13 years is testament to the value of this initiative."

What you will learn from the course

• To raise awareness of the risks present whilst using the roads and to promote responsible behaviour whilst driving

• To learn how a road user can behave in a certain way whilst driving and the life changing consequences of those behaviours

• Gives students the confidence to behave appropriately when pressured, and to challenge others when behaving inappropriately

Pete Shields said that, "Courses are available to all schools, colleges and youth organisations within Cheshire. We can deliver the free course at your school, college or university to accommodate larger groups"

If you would like to enquire about course availability or speak to your teacher about booking a course at your school or college, please contact:

Dave Murray, Road Safety Officer:

Pete Shields, Assistant Road Safety Manager, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Road Safety Unit:

Please visit, or for more information.

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