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Saturday 21 January 2012

Two Generations get Drink-Drive Warning


Police in Cheshire have said they are "seriously concerned" about the number of young and elderly drivers who ignore warnings about drinking.

Figures just released show that during the Christmas campaign to stop drivers drinking or taking drugs, more than a quarter of the people arrested were under 25 years old. Thirty nine per cent were under thirty.

At the other end of the age range, eighteen per cent of the drivers arrested were aged fifty or over.

Assistant Chief Constable Ruth Purdie said, "The figures are very similar to those for the previous year and they are disturbing.

"We consistently highlight the fact that drinking alcohol or drug- taking do not mix with driving. Our enforcement measures are very high profile, especially over Christmas. It seems some younger drivers are still not getting the message and some older drivers have lost sight of lessons they may have learned years ago.

"Over the Christmas and New Year period, some had risked having a couple of drinks and were surprised to find they were over the limit. Others felt they would be O.K. because they had had something to eat as well as a few drinks.

"In fact, just one drink impairs your ability to react quickly and efficiently to situations which develop. The only safe way to approach this issue is not to drink at all if you intend to drive.

"Some drivers felt having a few drinks was all right because they were only travelling a short distance. That is a completely misguided approach. If you are behind the wheel and you have been drinking or taking drugs you are a danger to yourself and everyone else, whatever length your journey may be.

"Over the Christmas period 181 drivers were arrested for drink-drive or drug-drive offences in the Cheshire Police area. They will now face the consequences of what they did.

"The enforcement action is an important part of keeping the roads safe. Drivers should be aware that it will continue throughout 2012."

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