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Friday 13 January 2012

Magic Anti-Bullying Campaign backed by Cheshire Police


An anti-bullying magic show that toured Cheshire schools in November and December last year, has been hailed a ′wand-erful′ success by Cheshire Police.

The award winning show, that links directly with the National Curriculum, is funded by Cheshire Crimebeat − the High Sheriffs of England and Wales′ charity − and participating schools.

Six schools hosted the events, with the show being performed in front of Year 5 and 6 primary school children.

PC Elizabeth Stanton, the Safer Schools & Young Persons officer for Cheshire Police organised the show to tour the county, revealed that the force have used the anti-bullying magician, Sarah Lewis, for a number of years and that her show has always been well-received by the many children who have seen it.

PC Stanton said: "Anyone can be a bully and anyone can be bullied. It can happen at home, in school, in the community and even at work. Bullying can make you feel lonely, frightened and upset but the Safer Schools Partnership can help. By working together, we can stop people suffering. Speak out − don′t suffer in silence."

Highlighting that bullying is any form of repeated and targeted behaviour that is intended to make someone feel unhappy, Sarah said: "The show is an interactive assembly presentation that teaches children about the important messages of bullying and how everyone′s feelings are special. I was delighted to be asked to perform the shows for Cheshire Police again."

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