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Saturday 8 December 2018

For Britain' says that all children should be able to attend a school rated at least ‘Good’ by Ofsted.

Cllr. Brian Silvester, Local Government Spokesman for  @ForBritainParty says,

"The For Britain Movement has a full manifesto covering all subjects.

It can be viewed here.

Here are just some of our Local Government policies:-

Keep the Council Tax as low as possible, either not to be increased or to be reduced via the targeting of waste.

Ensure that local people are prioritised in the allocation of social and affordable housing.

Ensure that ALL children can attend a school rated at least ‘good’ by Ofsted

Ensure that all Councils (except for Parish/Town Councils) have elections every year for 25% of the Councillors, ensuring that Councillors are more regularly held to account.

Abandon the first past the post electoral system for the UK Parliament in Westminster, as well as local Councils, in favour of proportional representation and fair voting. In too many Councils the controlling political group of Councillors have less than 50% of the vote but have 100% of the seats. We would put an end to these elected dictatorships in our Town Halls.

Introduce referenda in local areas so that people may vote upon any major construction or other substantial change in their locality." 

Yours faithfully,

Cllr. Brian Silvester

Local Government Spokesman


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