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Thursday 27 December 2018

Rule Britannia; EU should either agree to a free trade deal or the UK should leave on WTO terms

Rule Britannia; EU should either agree to a free trade deal or the UK should leave on WTO terms
In over a thousand years, Britains have fought off many foreign powers to keep our country free. Now our traitorous PM is proposing to put us under the control of the EU in perpetuity, with no exit door, as well as hiving off Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK. Our PM has hoisted the white flag of surrender. The mystery is why the PM is trying to hand our country over to the control of the EU, for ever more, with no unilateral way out. There is absolutely no need to.
The EU has negotiated free trade deals with Japan and Canada. Japan and Canada have not had to join the EU Single Market or EU Customs Union or be subject to European Court of Justice diktats or pay the EU £39 billion to get a free trade deal. They have not had to put their countries under the control of the EU forever with no way out. If the EU can do a free trade deal, without strings, for Japan & Canada, why not the UK? 
'For Britain' says that if the EU is daft enough not to agree a free trade deal, then the UK should leave the EU on the 29/3/19 on World Trade Organisation 'No deal' terms. The delay and dither has gone on long enough.

Anne Marie Waters, leader of The For Britain Movement (, attended the launch of the 1400 Campaign in the House of Lords on December 17th. Hosted by Lord Pearson of Rannoch, the launch event was chaired by Janice Atkinson MEP. Speakers included the campaign’s founders Shazia Hobbs and “Elizabeth”, a survivor of the Rotherham rape gang atrocity.
The 1400 Campaign, named to reflect the recognized number of girls raped and abused by primarily Muslim gangs in the Yorkshire town of Rotherham, will provide the first national helpline for those suffering the rape and abuse that continues across the country.

Hobbs, an outspoken ex-Muslim and campaigner for women abused by Muslim men, spoke candidly about her experience growing up in a Muslim community in Britain. Herself a survivor of forced marriage and rape, she described the contempt for white girls and women so pervasive in Islamic communities in the UK. “White girls are seen as trash” she told the gathering of activists in a House of Lords committee room.

Shazia is unique in several respects; she is the sole public voice speaking out about the rape and abuse

of Muslim children, and the complete lack of discussion surrounding it. “All children deserve protection from rape and abuse” she said. For Britain agrees and we will fight the political battle to make this a reality.
Attendees also heard from “Elizabeth”, one of the recorded survivors of the Rotherham rape scandal. “Elizabeth” had been groomed at school and suffered years of sexual assault and rape at the hands of Muslim gangs.
The foster-mother of Gemma Roberts, another of the 1400 girls raped in Rotherham, also spoke, alongside Jayne Senior MBE, who told the audience that child sexual exploitation (or CSE) is still just as prevalent today, across the country, as it was prior to the Jay Report. That report by Professor Alexis Jay, released in in 2014, uncovered the terrible truth that at least 1400 girls had been sexually abused by predatory gangs in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013.
Also in attendance were representatives of the National Anti-Grooming Alliance.
For Britain wholly supports the 1400 Campaign and urges others to do the same. It is vital that we speak out against these terrible crimes, and we commend the courage of the women of the 1400 campaign and those who attended Parliament to offer their support. Further information can be found under the Twitter hashtag #the1400campaign.

Anne Marie Waters is the Leader of the British political party; The For Britain Movement and is also the author of Beyond Terror: Islam’s slow erosion of Western Democracy. She is a lead figure and voice within the Patriotic and anti-EU arm of British politics, what might be referred to as the ‘Populist movement.’ She is in favour of a strong Brexit / NO DEAL, now.

Founder of Sharia Watch, Anne Marie Waters has a deep knowledge and understanding of the operational influence of Sharia Law & Sharia Courts within the UK and growing damaging impact that Islam has on British society, culture and its people; specifically the industrialised rape and damage of young white working class and Sikh girls over the past 30 years. To this end she is busy ‘sounding the Alarm’.

Anne Marie Waters is available for television, radio and print media etc., for discussions and interviews of relevant political topics.

My name is Ian Mack, I am the Press Officer here @ The For Britain Movement, and I would be happy to discuss Anne Marie Waters’ availability with you.

Cllr. Brian Silvester
Brexit Spokesman
The For Britain Movement

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