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Wednesday 10 May 2017



Not just for the birds…

Knutsford, Cheshire – As part of this year’s “Secret Stories” campaign, the rangers at Tatton Park will be tweeting weekly photos of the parkland’s “secret wildlife.”  Visitors to the 1,000 acre parkland are aware of the more visible residents such as the red and fallow deer, rabbits, and varied birdlife, but less aware of the nocturnal ones such as foxes, badgers, bats and small rodents.

Aside from the rangers’ photographic contributions, “trailcams” are in place in secured areas of the parkland’s periphery to capture both day and night-time wanderers.  Images captured should include field voles, which make their home in the long grass and provide food for the estate’s barn owls, as well as stoats and weasels.  Hiding in the meres are fish species, such as