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Sunday 28 May 2017

Green Party launches manifesto - strong standing in North West

While other parties ignore the environment Greens will protect it
Green MPs will protect NHS and roll back privatisation
'Ratification referendum' promised to the British public
Party pledges to fight for bold policies like a basic income and shorter working week

The Green Party today launched its manifesto for the general election - the Green Guarantee(1). It contains ten key pledges that Greens in government will adhere to - on the economy, environment, EU, NHS, education, young people, housing, a safer world, citizens’ democracy and transport.

Caroline Lucas, the party's co-leader, said:
"The Green Party has big, bold ideas to create a confident and caring country we can all be proud of. That means protecting our environment for our children and grandchildren. Saving our NHS from crisis and ridding it of private sector profiteering. It means giving people a proper say on the Brexit deal, not shutting them out of the process. And it means exploring changes to our economy to make it fairer and fit for the future. Green MPs elected on June 8th can be trusted to protect our public services, fight for a close relationship with the EU and truly hold whoever is in Government to account.
"If we do end up with a Tory Government you can be sure that Green MPs will hold Theresa May's feet to the fire."
Jonathan Bartley, the party's co-leader, said:
"By voting Green on June 8th people can elect MPs who will always fight their corner, and push for the major changes we need to make this country a world leader, rather than the little Britain envisioned by the Tories. We are unapologetic in fighting to remain close to Europe, and in defending free movement as a wonderful gift to my generation that is being robbed from the next. We will always defend our public services, stand up for our NHS and push for bold changes so our economy delivers on fairness and on pioneering new technology.”

The Green Party are standing in 55 of the 75 North West Constituencies in the General election - three quarters of the available seats(2). Whilst slightly down on the 2015 election, this is a significantly higher number of seats than the 41 UKIP have been able to muster across the region. In a few marginal seats, Greens have stood down, following discussions with other parties, e,g, City of Chester and Cheadle.

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